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Marijuana: UK’s Police and Drug Policy Experts Object to PM’s Reefer Madness

Finally making good on his proposal nearly a year ago, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s reclassification of marijuana as a class B drug is so obtuse and such poor public policy that the police are refusing their newly-given power:
Nearly six out of 10 cases of cannabis possession used to be dealt with by arrest and formal caution before it was downgraded. But police chiefs are not expected to return to such a practice, blamed for wasting thousands of officers' hours that could be spent on other crime-fighting duties. The Association of Chief Police Officers told the Guardian: "The key will be the discretion for officers to strike the right balance. We do not want to criminalise young people who are experimenting."
When police go so far as to reject an increase in their power, especially when it comes to drugs, it should be clear that your policies are laughable. Adding to his obtuseness, PM Brown rejected the recommendation of his own panel of 23 highly-qualified drug policy experts when they ruled harsher reclassification was the wrong thing to do. It’s doubtful, but hopefully the combination of objections by UK law enforcement and drug policy experts will finally make him realize, and admit, that the policy is flawed. Making this reclassification even more ridiculous, the government is having major problems keeping drugs out of the hands of prisoners:
DRUGS worth more than £100million are being traded in prisons every year, it was revealed yesterday. The claim was made by a former drugs treatment chief who said half of all prisoners are addicts. As much as 44lb (20kg) of narcotics, mainly heroin, were smuggled into jails every week said the former official, Hussain Djemil.
It seems there should be more pressing concerns for British drug policy officials. If they can’t keep hard drugs out of the prisons (which come complete with strip and body cavity searches, drug dogs, prison guards, constant surveillance, etc.), what’s the point of increasing sentences for a soft drug like marijuana? Of the millions of cannabis users, some of those who will be caught will go to jail for even longer where they will be exposed to a 100 million dollar industry that will provide them cheaper drugs! Once again, how and why is reclassification going to be an effective deterrent? Police refusing to adhere to the reclassification policy is a wonderful sign. It sets a good precedent of dissonance toward misinformed or abusive authority that is rarely seen directed toward elected officials over drug policy matters. If more police chiefs would follow this example, drug prohibition would be in greater jeopardy. Hopefully this will lead to more reasonable people standing up in civil disobedience against drug policies that they know to be immoral and ineffective.
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Reefer Madness Sucks

The world has gone backwards. According to what I' ve read about the issue, minors will be free of criminal status, and given a 'second chance' by the police; but adults can now expect jail time.

I hope they arrest Pink Floyd and Oasis; and England loses the music business!

crooked politician

this new elected crook works for big pharma his carcus shopuld be in a land fill

He thinks its lethal, LOL

This British PM thinks that skunk is lethal and that is why he has insisted on reclassifing cannabis to class B. This guy has no idea that pot is pot and is baseing his policy on bull shit. I say he should read more about it and pull his head out of his ass. Beware that dreaded skunk, or in my case seek the wonders of skunk, which is not easy to find sometimes, LOL.


"Skunk" is used colloquially over there to mean any strong, indoor grown bud. It's not even a type of cannabis they way they use it (though it also is a specific indica-sativa hybrid strain developed decades ago).

Crappy, huh

America always gets the rep for drug overeaction but I reckon here in the UK we've got it covered. Another interesting statistic -- since weed was declassified (down to C), uptake amongst young people has dropped 8%. And yet apparently this reclassification is all about 'sending a message to young people'. Another element of the travesty is that the Advisory Panel were told that the message to the public sent by reclassification was not part of the panel's remit -- the single element which Brown then used to disregard their advice.

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