British Prime Minister Claims Marijuana Can Kill You

As British PM Gordon Browne prepares to ignore the recommendation of his own Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and increase penalties for marijuana, he reveals once again how little he actually knows about the subject:
"I don't think that the previous studies took into account that so much of the cannabis on the streets is now of a lethal quality and we really have got to send out a message to young people -- this is not acceptable," Brown said. [Reuters]
Any way you look at it, this is just a total lie. The word "lethal" as defined by means the following:
1. of, pertaining to, or causing death; deadly; fatal: a lethal weapon; a lethal dose.
2. made to cause death: a lethal chamber; a lethal attack.
3. causing great harm or destruction: The disclosures were lethal to his candidacy.

Even the 3rd definition, which may be the one Browne intends, is essentially figurative and is only used to describe non-living things, in this case a political campaign. The word is derived from the latin letalis, meaning death. It's just an incredibly poor adjective to describe a substance that has never killed anyone in human history. He says he wants to "send out a message to young people," but his message is just a big lie.

Thus, Browne is now expected to move forward with a plan to upgrade the criminal status of marijuana based on his own ignorant and wrong understanding of what the drug does, while disregarding the contrary advice of a whole council of experts who might actually know something about this.

This, my friends, is precisely how bad public policy gets made.

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did anybody see that headline on the front page of all the newspapers 1 - 1.5 years ago? 3 paragraphs down or so (they research which article sections people READ and SKIM) a sentence clearly states: "There is no evidence proving that marijuana use leads to psychosis."

can i get a "huh?"

on cannabis use dropping sharply over 30

First of all, if I had kids, or had a job to worry about, I wouldn't admit to smoking pot on a form or to someone I don't know. Older people have more to lose and they may be underreporting their use, or complying with their employer's orders to only use alcohol, or too busy raising children, or too broke after supporting a family, or no longer in contact with anyone to smoke weed with or supply them with it, or trying to be 'respectable' by only using alcohol, or more afraid to break the law as they get older.
But I do accept the point of 6:18PM post that marijuana use can be a negative and that painting too positive a picture of it's effects hurts the credibility of reformers with the people they are trying to convince.

here's ya huh?

"There is no evidence proving that marijuana use leads to psychosis."

that's because it doesn't, never has, never will do.

This mainly came about from young black men self medicating schizophrenia with cannabis. The obvious conclusion? "it must be the weed!"


White people with problems also self medicate you dumbass. Everyone race gets intoxicated to make em selves feel better.

I don't think the effects of

I don't think the effects of cannabis can be described as least in the same sense as it would apply to alchohol. Yes it does alter your mood, no doubt. But it does not make you stupid in the way alcohol does. Drinking makes people shout, fight, vomit, fall down in a stupor, and these symptoms are the result of brain poisoning from the neurotoxin drug known as Alcohol.
Now...high quality marijuana..makes one laugh..yes..giggle..yes.. quiet..yes...reflective..yes..enjoy food and music..oh making...never been better...cannabis also can be used as an ingredient in food to make medical baked goods and "cannabutter". You see how different marijuana is from Alcohol and Tobacco? And it is free when you grow it in a pot on your balcony or in the backyard. now what more could a human ask for?

gordon clown

tobacco when added and smoked with cannabis is where the biggest health problem is ,the nicotine masks the effect and increase use by ten fold, /////// ( government trails show those who smoke neat cannabis including variety such as skunk ,regulate their intake to such low levels there is no reason for concern !! )///////, second is pusher- dealers offering heroin and crack to those experimenting without the right facts and cannabis / drug education, these are the people in the risk category that's why regulating cannabis will stub this link out

gordon brown egnored 20/23 experts, what sort of message does that send out to the young
it seems that gordon brown is a saboteur of the brittish goverment

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