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The Significance of US Govt Cannabinoid Patent 6,630,507

Brinna Nanda

When I was at the Patients Out of Time Medical Cannabis conference in Asilomar this last April, I overheard a remark that startled me: "The US Government has a patent on cannabis." I couldn't locate the person who made the comment, so I went home and did some online research. Sure enough, patent number 6,630,507 states unequivocally that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson's, Alzeheimer's and HIV dementia. The patent, awarded in 2003, is based on research done by the National Institute of Health, and is assigned to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

So, why is this important? Here is a legal document, in the public domain, which flies in the face of the US Government's stated position with regard to the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance having no "currently accepted medical use". Believe me, citing this patent stops the "medical marijuana is a myth" advocates dead in their tracks. They simply cannot argue with it. The forces that would keep cannabis illegal are vocal and well funded, but they are not impervious to persistent effort. The lynch pin in the War on Drugs is cannabis. Without the suppression and interdiction of this popular and widely used substance, there simply would not be enough "illegal drug use" going on to justify the huge amount of money and resources spent on "fighting drugs."

I believe disseminating information about this patent as widely as possible, and to as many people as possible is a crucial strategy in loosening that lynch pin, and changing public perception about cannabis. I, personally, downloaded the first page of this patent and sent a copy (with the assignee highlighted) to every one of my elected representatives. I have also included information about it in "letters to the editor" referencing any cannabis related news story I come across, I use it as an argument in every State medical cannabis and decriminalization initiative, and have mentioned it in all my comments to online posts and blogs of the same nature. I would be delighted if everyone who believes the War on Drugs is a failed and destructive policy, would do the same, until the existence of this irrefutable patent becomes widely held public knowledge, and government 's rhetoric is shown to be as hollow as a busted drum.

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Morning glory

Well, this is why the morning glory is capable for abuse.  In the early 1960's they found some strains of morning glory had a greater effect than magic mushrooms.  They attempted to GMO a toxin into these and release the GMO strains into the wild to prevent people from using the morning glory seed to get high.  This may have failed as they are still concerned about this.

Other ways to take Cannabis

Someone earlier mentioned juicing the seeds.  But a better way is to juice the leave and the buds.

Dr. William Courtney has been recommending to his patients for years to use RAW Cannabis.  You can see his research at

By using cannabis in it's raw form you can take much more which means you can get more of these beneficial cannabinoids that are mentioned in the patent.

When you heat cannabis, such as in smoking or making butter for edibles, you make the THCa into THC which then is psychoactive. But in it's raw form you can eat or juice it in large quantities without getting high.

I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with using the plant for it's psychoactive properties, only that you can get a much more therapeutic dose by using the raw plant.

Dr. Courtney, besides being the leader in raw cannabis research, is also running for US Congress.  With someone like him in office we can make the government hypocrisy on cannabis more public.  We can have someone in our government that will ask the right questions and speak up for logic and reason.

You can find out more about his campaign and help by making donations (big corporations are certainly not going to back him) at


You can find out more about juicing cannabis by watching the youtube video "Leaf".  Just hit youtube and search for "juicing cannabis leaf".

You can keep complaining or you can actually DO something to forward the cause.  This man is sticking his neck out for what he believes in. He needs our support.  Even a buck or two helps.

Thanks in advance.

Brinna's picture

Great comment!

Just put in a direct link to Leaf. Here it is again:

Thanks for all the extra background info on Dr. Courtney.

The U.S. Patent CAN be overturned and not re-issued!

Firstly- the medical uses of cannabis are widely documented, but still denied by the government.

Also, you cannot 'patent' that which has been in the public domain prior to the patent application date, namely the fact that cannabis is loaded with CBN and CBD compounds which have medical benefits.  Many studies have been undertaken and published prior to the patent application date. This alone is enough to overturn the claims of US Patent #6630507. The  govt did not 'invent' this, but they are certainly trying to control it.  Except for the company they're licensing the patent to, that is.

While searching for 'cannabis related grants' I find-

Which is a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

grant that specifically points to cannabis use as a 'illness or disorder'!



The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is seeking grant

applications focusing on the identification, evaluation and development

of safe and effective pharmacological treatments for cannabis-related

disorders (CRDs), such as cannabis abuse or dependence, and cannabis-

induced disorders (e.g., intoxication, delirium, psychotic disorder,

and anxiety disorder), and their comorbidity with other medical and

psychiatric disorders (e.g., depression), with special interest in the

treatment of children and adolescents. Cannabis use includes marijuana,

hashish, and other tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) containing substances.


Now please pay close attention to the dates (specifically, the release date):

Also, the AGENCIES participating in the grant!


 RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2003

RFA NUMBER: RFA-DA-04-014 - (Reissued as RFA-DA-09-001)


Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)



National Institutes of Health (NIH)




National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)








The very SAME US Gov agency that calls out marijuana use as BAD, gets granted U.S Patent Oct 2003!

Just check out US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” which is assigned to The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services.


Now if one agency of the government (there are more) is denying that cannabis has "Any medical benefit"...and the Department of Health and Human Services gets issued a U.S. PATENT ON ITS MOST BASIC MEDICAL BENEFITS...HOW on earth can the gov keep trying to push that same old lie to everyone?

How blatantly does our gov need to lie to us before we finally call them on it? Seriously.

 So how do you do this?

Use the system against them- It's called the "Freedom of Information Act".

If some genius were to file a 'Freedom of Information Act' regarding the memos or letters between these 2 gov agencies discussing the medical benefits (or lack thereof) you would not only have the smoking gun, but would catch them lying about it as well.  

 Every one has been arguing for YEARS on how to get the gov. to finally admit they were either wrong, or lying about it WHOLE TIME!

 You only have to call them a liar...and make them prove what they mean, once and for all.

 So, in the big picture of things-

 1. The Freedom of Information Act request is filed

2. The Gov. only has so many days to act on the request, and they have to acknowledge it

3. Gov comes back with request results stating that no coordination between agencies ever occurred, so requested documents do not exist. (even though both are named on grant)

4. Gov now realizes that they look stupid for granting themselves a patent based on the research or findings of at least 2 other Gov. agencies (both NAMED on the same grant above)which totally disagree with each other on the issue..

5. Cat is out of the bag and the news and media get ahold of it. They just *love* a Gov. scandal!

6. People finally realize their Gov. has been lying to them about this (and many other things)

7. Gov can no longer hide the mistake 'hiding in plain sight'.

8. REAL change happens and MMJ and its benefits become widely accepted.

9. We wake up from this dream and realize that it will never happen if we cannot get someone to file the request first!

10. What are you waiting for? DO IT TODAY!

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Great Idea!

I like the way you think, War on Thugs. I will take your idea to a lawyer friend of mine, and see what we can cook up.

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What Davis said in his letter.


"Shadow of the Swastika" is a follow-up to my earlier work, "Cannabis Hemp: the Invisible Prohibition Revealed," which I wrote and published in support of the Galbraith Campaign. Since publication of that booklet, there has been growing public acceptance of the evidence that Marijuana Prohibition was created in 1937, not to protect society from the "evils of the drug Marijuana," as the Federal government claimed, but as an act of deliberate economic and industrial sabotage against the re-emerging Industrial Hemp Industry.


An antiemetic pharmaceutical composition for use in conjunction with oncoical chemitherapy. The composition is of special value in pediatric oncological medicine. The active ingredient is Δ-8-tetrahydro-cannabinol, Δ-8-THC. Average unit dosage forms for use in pediatric medicine contain from about 4 mg/m2 to about 20 mg/m2 of the active compound.

sited from An antiemetic pharmaceutical composition for use in c

An antiemetic pharmaceutical composition for use in conjunction with oncoical chemitherapy. The composition is of special value in pediatric oncological medicine. The active ingredient is Δ-8-tetrahydro-cannabinol, Δ-8-THC. Average unit dosage forms for use in pediatric medicine contain from about 4 mg/m2 to about 20 mg/m2 of the active compound.

hoding that so no one eslse will use it

the U.S. Gov. asked for a synthetic form of thc knowing it would be bad for and deadly, any reasonable form is being blocked 

 In other words, everybody

 In other words, everybody already knew marijuana protects the brain, but in 1998 the inventors discovered that Cannabidiol, without the stuff that gets you really high, also protects your brain.

Some of the research on these antagonists has focused on cannabinoids, a subset of which have been found to be NMDA receptor antagonists.
...  the teaching in this field has clearly been that a cannabinoid must at least be an antagonist at the NMDA receptor to have neuroprotective effect. Hence cannabidiol ..., a cannabinoid devoid of psychoactive effect..., has not been considered useful as a neuroprotectant.
It has surprisingly been found that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids can function as neuroprotectants, even though they lack NMDA receptor antagonist activity."


This article

You have read this all wrong. The US government and HHS hold nothing here. 

This is a privately owned patent. I can find you all kinds of BS patents.

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Game Over!!! for the Fed

Finally, after 6 years of activists pushing this information on blogs and comments, mainstream media FINALLY picks it up. People, like N.Y. Post journalist, John Crudele, whose wife suffered and died from multiple sclerosis, whilst being denied access to this medicine, reached out from their bully pulpits about their pain and anger and disbelief at this revelation [see ]. Many more will follow. The hypocrisy of our federal government with regard to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, demonstrated by the existence of this patent is totally obvious, and now that CNN has shoved it right in the government's face, on Prime Time TV, there is no going back!


Patent 6630507

Theoretically, if the patent is for a derivative from the cannabis plant, and the derivative is proven to have medicinal value, and the plant is necessary in order to gain said derivative, then the plant has medicinal value. RIGHT ? If this derivative is only found in Cannabis and this patent gives them some type ownership of the derivative and they also control the plants use. Then isn't that a monopoly . I find it Shameful !!!!  Keeping the status quo of watch my right hand while my left hand is picking your pocket. Depriving people of a natural remedy that one could make themselves without any assistance from the pharmaceutical companies or the despicable entity we call "The Federal Government" The old Marijuana laws are archaic and need to be changed

Israeli research is leading the way...

In Israel research has discovered that the cbd's and cbn's are not as effective without the thc. Somehow they interact together to make the medicine work. I'm not a chemist or a botanist so I can't explain it; but the Israeli's have been/and practically the only ones researching this as medicine for decades. We should follow their lead and expand on their research, but then we'd have to stop putting patients in prison for using it and stop criminalizing people who use it like many others use beer to unwind after a long hard day. Second problem... BIG PHARMA can't patent a plant and control the growth and distribution from your backyard or garage. Actually, that's the real problem that scares them to death. If I can treat myself for cancer, pain, nausea, Parkinson's, croin's, altheimers, epilepsy, and the list goes on and on and on....what do we need them for? It scares the heck out of the lobbyists and politicians that depend on their money. They can't effectively patent "the" plant itself. There are too many varieties. Just like you can't patent zucchini or Rosemary because They are plants. There is no way to control the use of the patent. The patent here is an attempt to control the potential for a drug made from it, but as you see, it hasn't happened because they can't do it with the plant alone. Other drugs/man-made chemicals will have to be added to do what they are trying to do. So if you criminalize the plant and make it illegal then they can effectively wage war on the use of it! And don't forget...marinol is synthetic!

Follow up

As you can see it hasn't happened because they they need the thc just as the israeli's discovered.... That's why they are sitting on the patent. Cbd's alone are not as effective. Don't trust me...,check Israeli research.

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