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How many patients you say??…well here is their names, addresses, and card numbers

    In another sloppy example of government errors made in the war on drugs, Hawaii’s Department of Public Safety amazingly emailed the entire list of state authorized medical marijuana patients to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. The paper ran a front page story mentioning how the state had provided the names, addresses, card numbers, and recommending physicians of all Hawaii’s registered patients.

    Needless to say the over 4,200 people who find marijuana helpful with a doctors recommendation were not impressed with the breach.  
"Nobody here was a very happy camper," said James Propotnick, the department's deputy director for law enforcement. "People started calling. ... We were notified immediately. I don't think the paper was hot off the press 15 minutes and we started getting calls."

    From what the editor is saying it looks like this all arose because of someone being lazy with very secure information.
"We just wanted to know the number of people in Hawai'i County who were currently receiving medical marijuana, and they erroneously sent us the list with the actual names."
So from this perspective it seems the Department of Public Safety just sent the whole list out instead of actually counting the number of patients. The information requested clearly was not that complex and rather then taking ten minutes to answer a media inquiry, they have threatened the security of Hawaii’s patients and their medicine.
Thankfully Hawaii’s best and brightest are on the case.

"It has to do with safety," Propotnick said. "Let's say that there's a whole lot of people who want to steal marijuana and you publish the list with the names and addresses. Now what have we done?”

Thank you Captain obvious.
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Execute them for their deliberate and dangerous stupidity!

Once again the dangerous criminal element within every aspect of government comes glaring through.

All this bodes well for the amerikan judao/christian ideal of killing or incarcarating those that dare to disagree!

Remember, the current drug war (prohibition II) follows the first religiously motivated drug war, the temperance movement, against the original 'gateway drug' alcohol (prohibition I).

The deadly drug Alcohol, since the repeal of the 1st drug war, has been spared the drug label, hence, 'drugs and alcohol' instead of 'drugs especially alcohol', for which it certainly is, and now benefits from a cloak of social acceptability, despite the fact it is killer supreme in the drug world.

Hard not to be embarrased by my country... the stupidity and hippocracy seems to know no bounds.

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

P.S. Thanks to, Brinna, I've learned, adding insult to injury, that the U.S. Gov't holds, since 2003, a U.S. Patent on Marijuana.
"Sure enough, patent number 6,630,507 states unequivocally that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson's, Alzeheimer's and HIV dementia."

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