Drug Testing Pregnant Women Produces False Positives (And Kills Babies)

A major and underappreciated problem with drug testing is that the stupid tests don’t even work. They say people took drugs when they didn’t. The problem is particularly apparent in the case of pregnant women who are frequently targeted for drug screening, but whose changing body chemistry throws off the results:

Hospitals' initial urine- screening drug tests on pregnant women can produce a high rate of false positives - particularly for methamphetamine and opiates - because they are technically complex and interpretation of the results can be difficult, some experts say.

Tests for methamphetamine are wrong an average of 26 percent - and possibly up to 70 percent - of the time, according to studies by the University of Kansas Medical Center, U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. [DailyNews]

Of course, drug policy and science cannot coexist harmoniously, thus babies are taken from mothers who test positive, even though the tests are constantly wrong. In one tragic case, a child died in foster care after being wrongly separated from her mother:

Growing up in Los Angeles County's foster care system, Elizabeth Espinoza is sure of one thing: A baby needs its mother.

Espinoza, who was separated from her own mother when she was young because of neglect, also had her newborn baby taken by the foster-care system when she tested positive for marijuana and cocaine at the hospital after giving birth.

Just three months later, the baby, Gerardo, died when his foster mother strapped him into a car seat, took him to a neighbor's home and left him in the car seat on a bed, according to a lawsuit filed against the county's Department of Children and Family Services seeking unspecified damages. [DailyNews]

I hope I'm not being generous, but I really think almost anyone would agree that this is just sickening and horrible. The press coverage will hopefully initiate progress towards cleaning up the procedures that contributed to this travesty. I will hold out hope that common sense can prevail over the mindlessness of taking children from their parents based on evidence that is proven to be wrong up to 70% of the time, particularly now that the alternatives we have available for those children have been demonstrated to be fatally inadequate.

But there is also a larger lesson here that must not escape our attention. Think for a moment about how many women have already been falsely accused under this wildly unjust policy. Think about the social consequences of tearing families apart based on deeply flawed science in a criminal justice system that strikes without hesitation but drags its heels when it comes to righting such ubiquitous wrongs. Ask yourself, also, how such a policy was ever implemented in the first place, doomed as it was to destroy innocent families so capriciously.

Once again, we are faced with a monumental travesty, grand in scope, yet remarkably simple in origin; we should protect unborn children from drug-using mothers. We've wreaked unimaginable and undue suffering upon innocent parents and children in pursuit of the noblest of ideals. That, unfortunately, is the story of most aspects of our drug policy when they receive appropriate scrutiny. The totality of such repeated travesties forms a terrifying mosaic, the true, yet largely untold story of how our drug policies destroy innocent lives each and every day in ways we might never expect.

It is precisely because the idea to protect babies from drugs is such a no-brainer that a plan was drafted with no brains.
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in response....

In response to the comment above in Texas, I never lost custody of my son. I was only threatened with it. To the woman who wrote above from Georgia, did you have your baby? Were there any problems for you with drug testing?

Hello... 6 months preg took just a few hits.

Hi, at 6 months I was in a house where there were tons of people smoking marijuanna, and I feel really bad because I took a couple hits. Now I didn't touch the stuff before that, and I never will again. I am wondering, does anyone think it will be out of my system soon? and out of the baby's before she is born?

To: 6 mos preg, just took a few hits

With my 1st child-I took a few hits, as well & felt HORRIBLE bcuz I knew that if I was high-then my baby was too, so I was 7 mos along & when I had him-it didnt show up bcuz I wasnt a heavy smoker & it usually takes 30 days to get outta ur system-IF ur a heavy-everyday-smoker-so trust me-as long as u stay away from it from here on out-u should be fine & so will ur baby! Mine was perfect-no health problems, breathing problems, born at almost 9 lbs & is an advanced & gifted child now-in 1st grade; he's about 2 yrs ahead of his peers-so u & ur baby will be fine!! :) Hope this helps 2 ease ur mind!! 

i dont want to lose my baby!!!

I am 9 months preggers today and i have smoked 3 time in the last month but before that i was a regular smoker about a bowl a day but no more, i have been to the doctors but i dont think that they have tested me because they havent said anything, i am on medicade... my question is what makes the hospital drug test you? is it an automatic thing or if they suspect drug use? i am so scared i live in texas and the law is unclear i cannot find a straight answer to my question someone please help me!!!!! i just want to know so i can prepare myself for what my come... thxs!

In Texas it's against the law

In Texas it's against the law to smoke while pregnant, you can face anywhere from 2-20 years in prison if found in the baby's system..

3 months for the unborn child to get clean?

I don't think there is anything wrong with smoking pot, and I've done it throughout my pregnancy. I'm now 6 weeks away and I'm scared they will take my baby. Does anyone understand NV law? They have me urinate in a cup everytime I go to the doctors and no one says anything about it... Are they testing me, or not?


I am currently doing a project for my nursing school and researching the effects of drugs on unborn babies, and i just happened to stumble upon this disgraceful website. You mothers-to-be need to WAKE Up and get off of the drugs that are controlling you and start putting your baby before yourself. GET HELP, Please!























right. cuz approaching women

right. cuz approaching women this way is gonna "help" them...jeez.


anonymous..those in here are at least being honest. I doubt any wish to be taking drug's. But to take a child away and place him/her in fostercare is an atrocity and abuse of power. It cripples the entire family and greatly harm's the child.The fact that it is a KNOWN RESULT AMONG FOSTER KID'S with absolutely no action fro those meant to protect them.If your going to get angry GET ANGRY AND DO SOMETHING OVER THIS! I knew a women whose newborn was taken from her at the hospital because of false positive. A month in a fosterhome..this infant developed a herpes.GET MAD AT THIS! If a women is drug addicted then for heavens sake get help for her BUT DON'T PLACE HER CHILD WITH MONSTER'S.Leave them together. Also dear get mad at the pharmaceutical companies who are killing million's with their statin drug's and their celebrex and their viox .Get mad at all the vaccinations children are being given that has MERCURY IN THEM DAMAGING YOUNG BRAIN'S.If you don't have a good answer other than hideouly taking away children at birth than your part of the problem.

don't judge!

I am not a pot smoker, but I am definetly for it. If mothers to be will benifit more than not from smoking pot! I am a mother that was addicted to heroin badly and my child was also born addicted, but when you're using opiates you cannot just quit "cold turkey" because you can put the baby through such severe withdrawls that it will kill the baby.We did everything we needed to do to get our son back and we did as of AUG 9th 10'and he is a very smart lil' man and doesn't have any problems that we are concerned about,but I believe if a mother is using marijuanato help her eat, not feel so nauseaous, or stressed then this is the best decision so all you other people that JUDGE  will have your day w/KARMA  some day and it won't be pretty. Drugs are bad for babies,but I truely haven't seen enough evidence that pot is in the same category as all the other hard drugs.The worst part is alcohol is legal, but look at how many deaths there are due to DUI'S, domestic violence,alcohol poisoning, and babies that are born w/FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME,and so many unplanned pregnancies, there is nothing good that comes from booze, but we say its ok cause its LEGAL and the proof of marijuana is just as harmful?!NO WAY,if you feel i am wrong about my facts please post your facts!! My true point was yes if any mother feels she needs help w/addiction please try to cut down as much as possible and do what you need to do for yourself to get well and then FIGHT  for your child. Good Luck to all expecting mothers and remember stay strong and do what's best for your baby!!!!!!!


Why are you all smoking pot while you're pregnant? I understand that drug testing without consent i san invasion of privacy, but you're still completely irresposible and bunch of hopeless idiots. Every single one of you should be ashamed of yourselves for putting your child in such a dangerous position. I don't think your children should be taken from you. You should be able to raise your child yourselves and experience firsthand all of the complications caused by your lack of concern for your children's health and safety.

I have no problem with marijuana. But if cigarette smokers and alcoholics can quit long enough to give birth to a healthy kid, then someone who can't quit a supposedly non-addictive substance for 9 months to protect the livelihood of your own child does not deserve sympathy from society.

Uh... people go their entire

Uh... people go their entire pregnancy drinking and smoking. They don't quit long enough.. and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome causes more deaths and complications then smoking marijuana once or twice during pregnancy. Do your research before you condem.

who says marijuana is not

who says marijuana is not addictive? PLENTY of women have trouble or can't stop smoking cigarettes and/or drinking alcohol..? do you even know what you're talking about?



and who are you to say who deserves sympathy and who doesn't? you're just another judgmental jerk that likes to verbally abuse people on the internet.

well, alot of educated and

well, alot of educated and credible people say marijuana is not addictive.

There are some, not many, but

There are some, not many, but some reasons to smoke pot during pregnancy, such as, morning sickness- which causes low pregnancy weight gain and fatigue which harm your unborn baby, and to calm your nerves- getting extremely upset or anxious can cause loss of sleep etc. which is worse for the baby than THC, considering numerous studies have shown there are little to NO effects on an unborn baby caused by Marijuana use. I know personally at least ten children that their mothers smoked weed during pregnancy, and they are fine, I am one of these children, I have no learning disability nor emotional issues. So, your attempt at being clever and saying "they shouldn't have the easy way out and their children taken away, they should be punished by having to suffer through raising their children with "complications" is flat out stupid. I want you to read what you just said, and use your brain and not your ass.

"I have no problem with marijuana. But if cigarette smokers and alcoholics can quit long enough to give birth to a healthy kid, then someone who can't quit a supposedly non-addictive substance for 9 months to protect the livelihood of your own child does not deserve sympathy from society."

 #1: most doctors tell cigarette smokers not to quit because it can shock the baby from nicotine withdrawal, or to quit eventually.

#2: Alchoholics may be able to quit long enough to stop during pregnancy, but what about after?! Alcohol is extremely addictive, impairs your ability to do just about anything, and no alcoholic should be allowed to raise children. If this is truley about the children and their "livelihood" lets think about the entire situation.


Drug Testing pregnant women without telling them:

Drug testing a pregnant woman without her knowledge is a violation of the 4th Amendment: unreasonable search and seizure. There was a case: Ferguson v. the city of Charleston, where the mother won because she was drug tested without her knowledge. If you are in this type of situation, and the hospital calls DFACS on you, tell them you will file suit against them for violating your 4th Amendment rights. They most likely will not mess with you after that.(If they're smart). Because it truely is illegal to drug test someone without their consent. The comment before mine, stating that smoking pot while pregnant is stupid, is just your opinion, as well as judgemental attitude. There has been a study done on specifically pregnant women smoking pot. the woman who did this study is named Melanie Dreher, she's the head of nursing at the Univ. of Iowa. The problem with the studies conducted in the United States is: there were other variables that affected the outcome of the results. They studied women who not only smoked marijuana, but drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes as well. This can definately make marijuana look harmful, when it truely isn't.

Drug Testing Pregnant Women Produces False Positives (And Kills

I'm looking for outcomes from the women who smoked during their pregnancy and have already given birth. I used for 10+ years before I got pg and I will be 5 months in a week and a half. I will now be getting MJ tested from my doc from this point on. I know my next test I will be postitive because I was around it but not smoking it. So now I'm scared. My friend who is an MA told me to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. My friend told me to stay away from anyother drinks like orange juice and sugary drinks. Even now my OB is treating me like a criminal and now I cringe at the thought of going to my checkup next month.....
This just makes me wish I wasnt so honest during my initial interview a few months ago with my OBGYN Nurse.

why couldn't you have just

why couldn't you have just changed doctors?

That's a lie...u have to b

That's a lie...u have to b smoking it..cause I never ever smoked pot when I was pregnant my babbys daddy did heavy heavy...and I never tested positive


I agree when the comment was made that all of you women doing illegal drugs while pregnant should be ashamed!! IT"S called a drug addiction and I would suggest yall get help. THe first step is admitting you have a problem. I believe you women are selfish and ignorant. your babies have the right to a better life!!

I believe that YOU are

I believe that YOU are selfish and ignorant; do your research before you descend upon these women from your judgemental cloud of hatred and condemnation weilding self-righteous lightning bolts. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SAY THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD REGRET!!!

I would say that you are

I would say that you are being ignorant. Have you ever smoked marijuana? Did you consider the prejudices against it when alcohol and cigarettes are legal and cause far more problems than marijuana does? There is no conclusive evidence that marijuana does harm to any person or fetus in any situation. My doctor offered to prescribe me narcotics while I was pregnant with my daughter because I burned my foot with oil while cooking. Do you think that is better than puffing a little pot? If you do, you are truly uneducated.


Can someone PLEASE tell me how smoking pot is good for your health?!!! There have been a few posts that say that they HAVE to smoke pot for the sake of their health?! What is this exactly called? Is it called withdrawls? ARe you afraid of what that will be like? Imagine what your baby will go through!!! Or do you blow it in your baby's face so that their health is optimal too!!? I don't think that anyone who has commented on this has said that drinking or smoking is ok while you are pregnant either, it's like you are all defening your poor choices by stating things that you feel are worse for a baby, but the truth is they are all horrible to do while you are pregnant!! Why don't you at least quit while you are pregnant for your baby's sake!!!!

you're an idiot, quitting

you're an idiot, quitting marijuana does not induce any type of withdrawal.

Fact: Studies of newborns,

Fact: Studies of newborns, infants, and children show no consistent physical, developmental, or cognitive deficits related to prenatal marijuana exposure. Marijuana had no reliable impact on birth size, length of gestation, neurological development, or the occurrence of physical abnormalities. The administration of hundreds of tests to older children has revealed only minor differences between offspring of marijuana users and nonusers, and some are positive rather than negative. Two unconfirmed case-control studies identified prenatal marijuana exposure as one of many factors statistically associated with childhood cancer. Given other available evidence, it is highly unlikely that marijuana causes cancer in children.

Mann, Peggy. The Sad Story of Mary Wanna. NY: Woodmere Press, 1988. 30.
Fried, Peter. Quoted in “Marijuana: Its Use and Effects.” Prevention Pipeline. 8:5 (1995): 4.
American Council for Drug Education. Drugs and Pregnancy. Rockville: Phoenix House, 1994.
Swan, Neil. “A Look at Marijuana’s Harmful Effects.” NIDA Notes. 9. 2 (1994): 16.
Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education. Marijuana – Effects on the Female. Atlanta, GA: PRIDE, 1996..

thank you.

thank you.

Grow Up And Care About the Life That You Brought to the World!

Wow, for all the mothers who are DEFENDING the idea that smoking pot or other drugs other than ones that are perscribed by a doctor and have no risk for the baby, you are are truely pathetic.

Yes, it is your choice to smoke pot if you want to, but for now it is also illegal in the United States. So how could you think that it would be alright to do it especially when you are pregnant?? I actually agree that pregnant women should be drug tested. And except under certain circumstances, such as the women who wrote about her granddaughter being taken because of a medical problem that was obviously necessary, some action should be taken toward helping the child, and the mother. I think every women who becomes pregnant should be aware of the test and expect it because although you may argue that it violates your right by the Fourth Amendment, it also violates your baby's right to life, and what should be their right to a good and NONADDICTED life. You risk the chance of "miscarriage, low birth-weight, premature births, developmental delays, and behavioral and learning problems" (http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/illegaldrugs.html). SO to those of you who think there is no side effects, there is a risk of harming the health of your baby.

Is it that much of a sacrifice to stop smoking or using any drugs while your pregnant, which is less than a year of your life, for the sake of your baby? How would you feel if your baby was born addicted or with a birth defect? Even if the baby was unharmed because you were lucky, when you smoke pot you have less oxygen flowing to your brain. Because the drug crosses through the placenta to your baby, your baby feels the same effect that you do when you are high, only it takes two months longer to get out of the baby's system than it does yours.

Last, is it worth risking that your child may be taken away from you just so you can smoke pot while you are pregnant? If so, you need to help your addiction. And Marijuana is, by the way, addicting because of the THC in it, even though most people think it's a safe and nonaddictive drug. I don't think that poeple should have their children taken away from them for a few bad choices, but if you are going to smoke around your baby and children and possibly even encourage or allow them to do it, too, then maybe it is best for your children to be with someone who will give a damn enough to take care of them.

Therefore, if you are smoking or doing any drugs while you are pregnant, you need to grow up and start thinking about your baby and not just yourself. No child deserves to be in this situation becaue a parent's selfish choices.

testing positive while pregnant

hi,i am going through a very hard situation right now, I am currently a patient on amethadone clinic. i was a herion addict for almost 4 years. currently i have been clean for over 2 1/2 years! i am doing very well i go to counseling and groups and meetings. i just had my beautiful daughter last week, she is a week and a day old. back in january my OB doc. tried to tell me that i tested positive for PCP. i have never done that in my life and barely knew what it was until they told me about it. So on may 3, 2010 i went into labor and had my daughter., the next day the social worker came to talk to me which was expected, they talk to all the mothers on methadone. but i had brought the positive urine up to her and aksed her about it., she came back the nezt day and said that i came up positive in jan, feb, march and april and then again at birth. there is no way this could happen. i have been reading alot about false positives and stuff like that. well dyfs came to speak with me and told me that if her myconeium(poop/stool) comes back positive with PCP that they were going to place her with someone else. i am very devistated! i dont want to lose my daughter. she is my first child and she is beautiful.so dyfs came out to the house the day that i got discharged from the hospital and talked to her father and looked around the house and checked everything out. she said that she was mainly waiting on her poop to come back after it was testd.so all week i just kept praying and praying and hoping that somehow God would fix this. Ijust dont understand how someone that had been clean for so long and had done nothing but the right thing could come up positive for so long for something that they have never done and let me lose my child. So today i talked to the nurse and she said that it had come back., her pooop was clean. it only came up for the methadone like it was suppposed to. and today is my bday. im 23 and that was the best bday present ever. cuz im almost 100% sure that they cant remove her from us now. I am on the clinic and she is going to talk to my counslor and stuff. I have been coming up clean the whole time there and just coming up positive at the doctors and hospital. I dont know why. and the baby was clean so she said if that comes up clean and then she gets nothing but positive info. from the clinic that would be great. so i dont know whats going to happent know if anyone has gone thro something like this. or if they know the system well do they know whats going to happen to me? i know i called her today to tell her and she said that she hasnt talked to the nurse yet to know that it came back negitive. i guess she didnt believe me. and said that me n my man which is her father have to go tommareow before 3pm to submit a urine drug screening.which is fine bcuz i have nothing to hide but i thought that my hole pregnancy bcuz i dont do any drugs! so im praying that it doesnt stil come up in my urines. and what if it does? i need help. i cant stop stressing about it.please write me bak or email me some info. thanks! Jae

OMG Your Story About tested positive for PCP is exact as mine!!!

I Just had my baby on July 10th... a beautiful baby girl... ive been going to the methadone clinic for a few years now and havent done anything other then my methadone for 3 years.. I havent failed one drug test at the clinic and have had my privaleges/take homes for some time... My OB is tryin to say that I failed 4 diffrent time for PCP... and like you I didnt even know what PCP was... I am so scared right now on what will happen.. It didnt come up in the babys system so i dont know what if anything is going to happen... Like u said the social worker from the hospital comes no matter what if your on methadone to check on everything but she said that she would have to contact CYS because of the PCP...  and ive been looking it up on the internet for awhile and it says PCP only stays in your system a day or so... so I wouldve had to been messed up at the hospital for it to be in my system... Id so freakin irritating cause im finally doing good with my life and raisin my children sober.. and i have to deal with this bullcrap!!!

It's so sad

I am 7 months pregnant with my second child, and have smoked marijuana most of the pregnancy. I also did with my first child, and she is a bright, healthy 3 year-old. She was born in Michigan and If I was drug tested, nothing ever happened. I am now living in Louisiana and I am nervous about giving birth here. I have heard many things about the Hospital I will be using, and can't belive I have to worry about losing my child over smoking pot. If CPS can take a child from its MOTHER for marijuana use, then why don't they just take the children who are exposed to nicotine in utero? That has been proven to cause disasterous effects on children. We live in an ignorant society, the only reason marijuana is looked down on is because the states deem it ILLEGAL. There are no known health risk to babies born to mothers who smoke marijuana. I agree with drug testing, with consent, for women who do harsh drugs. Such as Meth, Heroine, Barbituates...and so on. I still disagree on taking the child from the mother, they should focus more on getting the mother help, and teaching her to be a good mom.


So... I thought it was unhealthy to smoke mj when pregnant. I quit. This was in 2006. At my 4 month appt I was asking my OB about second hand cigarrette smoke because of my mother in law... and she brought up MJ. I assume because I had tested positive before this time. Well she said "studies show it's about the equivelant risk as cigarrettes". Low birth weight etc. I listened to her and started smoking again. My son has learning disabilities, not to say that it is totally related because vaccinattions did some damage... a whole different subject. I smoked very little for about 3 months and couldn't stand the guilt so I stopped again and yes I was on medicaid. Now I am resentful my dr brought it up in the first place. She made assumptions based on tests I didn't know I took. Oh, and BTW the military hospitals can test you w/o consent also. At least they did to me... I am just saying it really isn't worth it. Not a fair thing to gamble with...

ummm ok....


Does anyone REALLY know if they are getting a drug test or not?? If your doctor doesnt say anything to you then will they at the hospital?? In Texas..

i am under the impression

i am under the impression they don't and don't have to. at least with military hospitals.

Expecting Mother :)

I'm a 16 year old expecting mother. Of course, like most teens these days, have tried pot atleast once. I haven't been having sex for long, & I wasn't expecting to get pregnant. I wasn't much of a drinker, but when I did drink, I was t-total shit faced. & I used to smoke pot all the time (judge me, but drug test me & you'll be proved wrong.) I'm very aware that the rest of my life is going to be nothing like it was before I became pregnant. I'm also very aware that my baby is my top priority. I'm not beating around the bush about anything here or any mother's here who can't pass a drug test while pregnant. For some not-so-odd reason, I seriously doubt there can be a false-positive drug test. If you've had to take any medications during pregnancy or however many days before labor for it to show up in a drug test, the doctor's should know about it. But like it's been pointed out, blood doesn't lie. If you can't stop doing whatever it is you're doing for the sake of keeping your baby, you probably shouldn't have it anyways. If you weren't ready for a baby, use a condom. Can't buy one because you need the money for 'something else'? Keep your damn legs closed. I didn't, but I'm also accepting what's happened & I'm going to be a mother to my child. That doesn't mean just giving birth, by the way. You can either step up or step away. There is NO perfect parent, but I'd be damned if I ever let someone take away what is MINE if there's something I can do about it. The worst place to be is between a mother & her child, but if you can't pass a drug test, you apparently haven't gotten that concept.

Even Seinfeld knows: poppy seeds --> false positives

Abrah it's a known phenomenon that poppy seeds can trigger false-positive results on a drug test for opiate-type (pain) medications, there's even a Seinfeld episode about it.  Some government jobs requiring random drug testing even mandate that employees refrain from eating poppy seeds so they can accurately be tested for opiate drug usage

who is more credible a 16 year old or the FDA

You my friend are wrong it is possible to produce a false positive i'm in a battle with DCFS about it and an uncooperative doctor who doesn't want to be sued now due to his ignorance and saying its impossible so he was advised by his attorney to keep his mouth shut on the matter from here on out. I was taking Zantac 150 OTC which my doctor was aware of. I came up positive for amphetamines though I'm not a user and never was so I researched the 3 medications I was taking  since it couldn't be anything else Zantac, Tums, and Tylenol I found that ranitidine the active ingredient in Zantac is what caused it. Interference is what causes a false positive result and prescription and otc medications can cause it and the list of possible causes is too long for every doctor to know about they usually know only the most common like pseudoephedrine and dextromethorphan . Have you ever taken ibuprofen? Well don't take it before a drug screen because although it doesn't always happen it can come up positive for marajuana. I have taken Zantac daily since 2009 and have passed many drug tests for employment and also at obgyn appointments while pregnant with my other children but my test while in labor with my last son produced a false positive and although it is unlikely to produce a false positive twice in a row have stopped taking it till my dcfs investigation is over after i show them the government documentation proof and my past medical records to back me up. Not everyone is innocent and I do agree taking anything harmful while pregnant is wrong but my Zantac was perfectly safe and even with my doctor knowing i take it his lack of knowledge about the medication or the device used to screen for drugs is what got me where i am today. I also agree that the doctor should know about it and the possibilities but the fact is most don't and many lives, and reputations can be ruined by them not knowing, drug screens are not fool proof like you think. Being a child yourself when you wrote this i do not condemn you for your ignorance but instead ask that next time before you make an assumption based on your personal opinion which you are entitled to make sure there are facts to back it up. How would you feel if you found out my doctor based his opinion on my case based on the fact that he seen your statement saying you think it isn't possible and decided not to look further into it? Well he didn't but that should just be your thought next time you post your opinion on a site where people go to try to get facts. As for my statement here are my references: Section III Letter C Number 3 Interference


and there is my supporting evidence straight from the federal government. Hope you learned something today.

I suppose I can go ahead &

I suppose I can go ahead & add, you may think pot isn't bad. Hell, I didn't before I got pregnant, BUT if you already know it's ILLEGAL in the US, why the f*** risk losing your child over it? It makes no sense at all if you truly cared.


I am pregnant in Oregon and on OHP with Kaiser Permanente. I have smoked marijuana throughout my pregnancy. Go ahead and condemn me but there are no proven health risks, it is used in other countries frequently during the gestational period with little or no difference shown in children (and the difference was almost always positive), it is prescribed as a medicine and is natural and grows from the ground. The moment that I see any proven negative effects of marijuana, I will stop. I don't want to put my baby in danger at all, ever, in the slightest. I think Oregon should perform a test for hard drugs. Drugs that are known to kill people. Drugs that have proven again and again to be harmful to health. Man-made drugs. Marijuana isn't a drug, it's a natural herb with pleasant side effects when ingested or smoked. Yes, however it is illegal for the moment. I don't think that mothers that abuse harmful substances should have their children. However, children are not taken from mothers who ingest alcohol, which is another type of substance known to cause harmful side effects but is used recreationally. If one type of mother loses her children for abusing harmful substances, then all should be. The point being harmful. Marijuana is not harmful to babies. That is a myth. I have spoken to many people that used marijuana while pregnant and have happy, healthy babies. I know some of the adult children whose mothers smoked marijuana while pregnant and are completely fine with no health problems to speak of. All the hate on marijuana is simply prejudice stemming from lack of understanding and a lack of knowledge.

My question is: does Oregon perform a drug screening to mothers when they deliver their babies? And if so, is it a screening for all mothers or just those that appear to be on drugs at the time of birth?







Experiencing like this is

Experiencing like this is very devastating. Did your children ever experienced hang over side effects of those drug you took? Actually there are cases such as Zoloft birth defects wherein a pregnant woman takes antidepressant such as Zoloft and resulted to birth defects.

smoking pot is just as

smoking pot is just as harmful as cigs and most states do drug test babies at birth in which they do not need permission to do so they must have your consent to test you but not ur baby any drugs you use from your 2nd trimester on will show up in the babys first bowel movement (meconium test). i dont have a personal opinion about any one that is on here but i do know from personal experiance about the meconium testing i had a baby test positive the state took him and i lost him forever iam pregnant again and i wouldnt risk my baby no matter how sick or anxious i felt theres other ways to get through it the end results for doing it your way is devastating right or wrong iam not to judge but if the cost of a high is your child i would say getting high isnt worth it i know from going through it who cares if you agree with it or not cause in the end your opinion doesnt matter if society says its wrong the its wrong why trade your baby for the sake of making a point or a high i did and it hurts everyday i would never ever touch another drug again i dont even take tylenol if iam sick or feeling bad i deal with it suffer through it because i love my baby and wouldnt risk no being able to be her mom

Mad and it seems to be hopeless!!!!

Well i was unaware of them drug testing or even what they are able to do. i was handed today my chart by one of the docters at my woman health center today. well of course i'm gonna look right? and what i found was a up tight doctors personal opinion stated as pure fact. it starts this way. the same as most moms when they get pregnet there teeth go south. well i became ill and went to see my dentist who mind you is every bit of 80 and really forgetful, but he is quick and i like him either way. it truely is hard to find a good dentist now a days. Well he told me i was sick and needed to lose some teeth, okay sucks but stop the pain right!?  so he takes out one a week, but the first one he took he said okay i'll give you some pain meds and be back in a week. well i was not really cool with that cuz he is old school and i didn't want to hurt the baby so i told his staff hold of i have an appt. tomorrow with ob/gyn so i will get something from there office. they said okay no big deal. i go home and go to bed. well my husband left to go to run some arrons for me and went to pick up our childrens meds. from the drug store he went ahead and grabed any refills i mite have etc. trying to be sweet! right? he place stuff on table and i just didn't think to look the kids had not ran out of there stuff quit yets so no rush. i go to doctoer next day and tell her all about my teeth and pain and maybe i mite need some antibyotics too. well she said okay asked me who my dentist was and i told her so she leaves comes back and says he filled you some already and here is your antibyotics. i said okay no biggy i thought. well the note said i was a liar (no joke) a liar trying to get some dope i guess. i am hurt and do not want to see her again. that means every soul that picked up my file looked at me like i was loser doper, no offence. i don't trust her she has it out for me. she could have said some thing any thing. we could have worked this out but no she puts a note in my file that says i'm a liar. i was so upset i ripped it out! hope that is legal but i was so hurt. now relizeing thats all those remarks she made where really her makeing fun of me. Girls pull your records and ask what they are takeing your fulids for, ask to see papers you have the right to know what is going on. or  forget them all together and just wait till you go into labor then go. i'm about to go old school if we can't work past this mess.

Common Sense ladies, DON'T RISK IT

Hi everyone. I am from Texas with a CPS case because I smoked marijuana three days before I delivered. It was the only time I did it through out my pregnancy because of terrible contractions. I delivered at a military hospital by emergency C section. I was informed the next day by the social worker I tested positive for marijuana and that she had informed CPS.

I was incredibly lucky. I still have custody of my daughter, because my brother, both of my families and two family friends spoke to CPS on my behalf. My husband and I are not allowed unsupervised contact with her, but my case worker is looking to close the case very soon, as we have both tested negative for every drug test, are taking parenting classes, and seeking both individual and marriage counseling. By unsupervised contact, we are not to be alone with her at any time. We alternate between living with my parents and my husbands parents and our mothers supervise us. We can't have family days like we wanted and take her anywhere alone.

My case could be so much worse, I'm lucky it isn't. I have learned many things with my case. I don't smoke marijuana anymore, my husband does not either and we both just recently made the decision to not even drink. The biggest thing I want to communicate to all you expectant mothers out there is DON'T RISK IT like I did. Forget researching your rights, it does not matter to some people unfortunately, and when it comes to a child, they will put the child's safety before your rights. Forget that smoking marijuana up to a few times during your pregnancy will not harm your baby and relieves the pain, is it worth the hassle of a CPS case where they don't care? THEY DON'T CARE what your rationalization is. Additionally, I regret having made such a poor decision pregnant, I should've put that part of my life behind me sooner. Being a mother is not the time to be smoking pot ladies. You need to be alert at all times, especially with an infant! Don't see it as a hassle to give up because it ISN'T.

Additionally, I was not informed at the hospital I was being screened for drugs. Because it is a military hospital, I cannot pursue a law suit for a violation of rights. Further more, I discovered several weeks ago through my caseworker that the social worker said some vicious lies about me to CPS. She said I alluded to using many drugs during my pregnancy and drinking, which I did not. She said my husband was a frequent drug user, when he tested negative for every drug test during his probation and when CPS drug tested him, he tested negative. He is not allowed unsupervised contact with my daughter also however because he admitted to smoking pot before being put on probation for Obstruction of a Highway. She additionally said that I did not see my daughter for 15 hours after delivery, complete crap. I saw my daughter as soon as I got out of recovery SIX hours after she was born. The worst, she said I wanted to place my daughter up for adoption, no no no not at all. She abused her power, and lied to CPS when all she had to do was tell them was I tested positive for pot.


So moral of the long story? Don't do drugs while you're pregnant at all, it's just not worth it at all. Dealing with CPS is humiliating and a pain in the ass.

I work in a hospital in labor

I work in a hospital in labor and delivery and I deal with this situation every day.  So here is some perspective from "the enemy".  First of all, most hospitals have you fill out and sign several papers upon admission.  If anybody took the time to actually read what they were signing they would know that they do consent to drug testing or any other lab test deemed necessary by their physician.  If you have a history of drug abuse, have admitted to using drugs during your pregnancy you will automatically be tested.  If you have little to no prenatal care or if you are a drop in to a hospital that your doctor does deliver at you will be tested.  If you come in tweaking your ass off or reaking of pot or acting suspicious or ridiculous, you will be tested.  Like someone else has said, everyone should expect to be tested when they have a baby.  It is not a violation of your rights, it is the people you chose to be your health care providers doing what they feel is necessary for the health of you and your unborn baby.  And honestly who the hell would consent to a drug test if they know they are using drugs? So anyone who thinks you should always ask permission before testing doesn't really understand the whole purpose of drug testing. So basically, don't drink, smoke, or do drugs while you are pregnant.  There are reasons and plenty of research to support the reasons these things are frowned upon during pregnancy and no matter how you try to justify yourself it will not matter once the state is involved.  Personally there is not a drug or substance out there that is more important to me than my kids.  And I would gladly take 9 months of being miserable to ensure the health of my kids and to ensure that my birth experience is everything it is meant to be which is the greatest moment of my life and not the worst experience ever.  Just say no kids.  Babies don't get taken from you for not doing drugs.

False positive pregnant women

The problem with pregnant women being tested is the high rate of false positives. Why would you even worry about them testing you when you haven't done anything wrong? Who would think you could be tormented by the social worker and CPS when you didnt do drugs but he test said you did? In my case I took a second test an hour later after the nurse told the social worker to let me take another test if I want to and it was negative. Didn't matter. My water broke at 34 weeks so it was an already stressful situation. Add to that my baby had breathing issues and was taken to a different hospital. I had a c-section so was notable to see my new baby for that time. Add to that I was not getting information on my baby's condition. I would have to call the hospital to find out and discovered they had to put a chest tube in him. He was in the nicu for 17 days. This was a horrible, heart wrenching situation as it was. Of course during all this CPS was interviewing me and my husband who voluntarily took a drug test. It was also negative. Something has To be done to stop this. Innocent people are being tormented oftentimes during an already horrific situation. Even though I received a call from the social worker 5 days later saying it was a false positive, it took 3 months to get me cleared with CPS and multiple phone calls to various people. Insane!!

i agree with most of what you

i agree with most of what you say except that "babies dont get taken if your not doing drugs" I had a positive amphetamine test and upon research found it was from the zantac 150 i was taking with my doctors consent. He did not have the knowledge that it could produce a positive result and neither did the nurse who conducted the test and after i told dcfs/cps about what i found and upon them asking him he told them it was impossible. my babys screens were all negative but dcfs/cps decided to put my kids in a "safety plan" anyway placing them with relatives we can not spend the night with them or have any unsupervised contact. I'm not against the "enemy" as you call yourself but do wish people in your field who conduct these tests had a more vast knowledge of the possibilities and the regulations and guidelines of the the devices used to conduct these tests it would have saved me an immense amount of hurt and suffering in my matter especially since they had noted the medication all over the counter and doctor approved that i as taking upon arriving at the hospital. Please look into Section III Letter C Number 3 of this article from the link i'm about to post to prevent future patients of yours the pain i went through. Interference although not common and not consistent can happen with many otc and prescription drugs. I must mention when i was told my results immediately after the test was taken i was denied my request for a retest because they said it would already be out of my system (within an hour?) sounds like in my case they were trying to cover their butts because right away they reported it to dcfs as drug use.


I have a friend who is 22

I have a friend who is 22 weeks pregnant and has recently used meth. Will it show up when she goes in to habe the baby?

I would think it would come

I would think it would come up.. How did it go?

i guess i must be just another pot head.

Hi all... I am writing because for 1 obviously I am indeed a pothead... happy to be one too. However.. me and my husband of 12 years have decided we would love to have another baby. I'm 30, he is 32 and we would like to have some time with just me and him not to sound too selfish so ,ya know, we need to get hoppin so we have that whole closeness and just being a man and a woman when they leave the nest... Now... calm the hell down lol... I am not at this time pregnant but hope to be soon. I can't help it if you don't like me, my lifestyle, my choices or the name I chose just to throw it in there in advance for any stupidity that may follow this post... I believe that Mary can't hurt me..... or my children. I have never exposed them to one itty bit of  that part of my "personality" shall we say. Quit as soon as my first was a gleam in his eye and didn't start again until about 6-7 years after both my kids were born.  I have always and will continue to be their mother to the fullest of my capabilities for as long as I draw air into my lungs. I could not hurt them for any reason. I also have to say this. I quit smoking cigarettes almost 3 years ago because I wanted to live longer and I believe (sorry smokers I still love y'all!) that everyone has the right to choose what they draw into their lungs. I also have already stopped drinking (which by the way before you haters get your hopes up... teehee... would probably only average around maybe 1 mixed drink a month... maybe more if my husband were to take me out... err ya know.. wanted to stay in ;o)...calm down lol.. my limit is 2.. yeah I'm a weakling with alcohol... oh well, I know my limit and don't go over it. Learned my lesson. I have however always quit drinking / mary j well before I became pregnant. Also with smoking tobacco which was a lot harder ,let me tell you, to quit and I will admit to breakdowns where i did smoke a cigarette from time to time during my pregnancies but then again I never said i was perfect. I have my own sins like every other poster here. I also have to say that I have never done any dangerous drug that was not an Rx. as in tylenol 3 which i was prescribed with my first and second pregnancies. I asked the Lord for a healthy child and He gave me 2. I have never done anything except pot / smoking tobacco/ caffeine/ drinking and ty 3..... and not because i wasn't given the opportunity believe me! I was even forced at one point to "try" coke... they never saw the cloud come at them when I blew all their shit in the air... got hit but i didn't do it....so...how can you hate me or other responsible ( yeah I said it...) pot smokers... aka in a safe environment with no children anywhere on the property where i can de-stress and just relax... Also I get what the woman was saying about it being a medical need and I have to say our situations are diff and I hold no judgement but if this is causing so much anxiety in you it is harmful to you. not the pot but the worry. my 2 cents for what it's worth? ...even if it is a little late... Please find some other methods to help stay calm.. healthy alternatives.. I am not telling you to quit or slow down or anything else so please do not misunderstand why I am saying this. It is your choice and your right. I just have issues with anxiety/panic etc. and Even if you don't quit having the knowledge will hopefully help you.. just knowing its in your arsenal for when you need it. It helps me.. maybe it will you too. I will pray for you and yours. To some of the others I am sorry you have been put through this no matter the situation. I hope all of you find some peace. I do have my own opinions about harsher drugs. I truly think the government should not impose on us like this. If it were mine to decide women who were forced or chose to do whatever drugs be given the opportunity when they find they are pregnant that they should maybe be able to go into voluntary counseling etc to help wean them off in a safe and stable environment where they won't be judged or punished but given knowledge to help them prepare for this new blessing in their lives and then praised for having the courage to better themselves and their child's life while it is in their body's care. I believe in asking for help and really hate when I am forced to wade through bs to learn or be able to make a choice because I am being judged. It just makes life that much more difficult. I do hope to have a blessing soon and will cherish this child or children for as long as God allows. I am currently smoking but as soon as I get a confirmed preggers test i will be quitting. My only worry is that I will turn out to be one of those women that didn't know they were pregnant and go into labor. or get a false neg preg test and truly be pregnant. i don't even know if thats possible as a side effect..unfortunately that makes me worry about even going to my gyno to make sure for my own peace of mind. Explains why I found this. Maybe if it weren't so scary I would be able to face her and ask. Oh well. I hope and pray for the best. Thanks for reading this and I am sorry if it was too long... but then again.. I did say I was a pothead!!!

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