The Truth About Driving When You're High on Marijuana

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Concerns about stoned drivers careening across our nation's highways are frequently cited as a justification for the continued criminalization of marijuana. Given the massive casualties associated with drunk driving, it's easy to understand how the specter of increased roadside fatalities can be effective in reinforcing negative attitudes about marijuana. However, a new report reveals that, while stoned driving isn't smart, it's hardly the death sentence some would have us believe.

NORML's Paul Armentano has prepared a scientific review of over a dozen studies evaluating marijuana's effect on psychomotor skills and the risks posed by marijuana intoxication behind the wheel. Armentano finds that marijuana impairment is generally "subtle and short-lived," falling far short of the threats posed by drunk driving.
Although acute cannabis intoxication following smoking has been shown to mildly impair psychomotor skills, this impairment is seldom severe or long lasting. In closed course and driving simulator studies, marijuana’s acute effects on psychomotor performance include minor impairments in tracking (eye movement control) and reaction time, as well as variation in lateral positioning, headway (drivers under the influence of cannabis tend to follow less closely to the vehicle in front of them), and speed (drivers tend to decrease speed following cannabis inhalation). In general, these variations in driving behavior are noticeably less consistent or pronounced than the impairments exhibited by subjects under the influence of alcohol. Also, unlike subjects impaired by alcohol, individuals under the influence of cannabis tend to be aware of their impairment and try to compensate for it accordingly, either by driving more cautiously or by expressing an unwillingness to drive altogether. [see original for citations]
Of course, the point here isn’t that one should get stoned and cruise the strip blasting Led Zeppelin. But this is information one would want if they were trying to create a smart marijuana policy as opposed to the disgraceful mess of legislative lunacy currently passing for marijuana law in America.

Whenever someone claims that marijuana makes you sick or crazy; that it will cause you to crash your car, kill your comrades, or catastrophically co-opt your common sense, just look for the corpses. Where are they? I've looked high and low, but I can't find the disastrous consequences of marijuana use apparent anywhere other than the Drug Czar's predictably propagandized press releases.

But to be fair, there are two horrible things about marijuana that everyone should be mindful of and they are as follows: 1) the smell attracts cops, nosy neighbors, and mooches and 2) the stuff remains detectable in your system for up to a month, thereby enabling various authorities to become needlessly aware of your activities.

If not for these two unfortunate conditions, the marijuana war wouldn't even begin to work, and the blockheads who've been bothering to fight it would've wandered off decades ago.
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Prohibition makes drugs more accessible to teens

Great points well developed. Too bad our resident prohib can't read for comprehension.

Since the people marketing drugs today are amoral addicts and gangsters they are all happy to sell drugs to children. If drugs were sold by licensed and regulated responsible members of the community then the majority of distributors, unlike today, would have far less incentive to sell to children.

As long as the U.S. congress prohibits our nation from democratically regulating and licensing the violent criminal anarchy out of the distribution to the $ 141-billion annual U.S. consumer demand for intoxicant drugs we will continue to suffer with all of the crime, violence and children being enticed into drug use and gangs by the money, popularity and intoxication of the prohibition created black markets. the purpose of regulation and taxation of markets, in a free society, is to minimize and control the natural predatory criminal nature of bad people in our society. Prohibiting regulation, and taxation is a enables and empowers violent predatory criminals.

Since the people marketing

Since the people marketing drugs today are amoral addicts and gangsters they are all happy to sell drugs to children. If drugs were sold by licensed and regulated responsible members of the community then the majority of distributors, unlike today, would have far less incentive to sell to children.

I'm in favor of the legalization of marijuana (and possibly other drugs, but I prefer to analyze things one at a time), but this argument has never seemed right. If we legalized pot, the police could focus their efforts on underage use, but I the demand for pot by the underage wouldn't decrease.

Today, Dealer pays $40 for and ounce of weed. He turns around and sells it to Student, who's willing to pay $100. Dealer gets a profit of $60.

The day after legalization, Student is still willing to pay $100 for his weed. Dealer walks into a 7-11 and buys an ounce for $10. He walks outside and sells it to Student for $100. Dealer gets a profit of $90. If anything, those who currently deal drugs would have more incentive to deal to minors.

A respose to this argument is that Student would no longer be willing to pay $100 after legalization. But the only way that Student would offer Dealer less is if he had alternate, cheaper sources of weed. Student still likes weed as much as he ever did, and if he has to pay $100, he will. But Otherdealer can undercut Dealer by selling for $80, and still make more profit than Dealer ever did.

I don't think this is a good reason not to legalize marijuana. If kids are going to get high, I'd rather have them use weed than alcohol. And ultimately it comes down to parents. If your kid smells like a Phish concert all the time, perhaps it's time to improve your parenting skills. If you're really concerned about your kid doing drugs, buy a home test kid. They're cheap, and THC stays in Junior for a long time.

what about alcohol?

The same thing still happens with alcohol, yet the people giving alcohol to minors get in BIG TROUBLE, when they are caught. No, all illegal consumption, by children, will not stop. But, as with alcohol, common sense tells us that the illegal consumption by kids CAN NEVER BE completely eliminated. Anyone selling to kids like that could be subject to long prison terms. And who would argue that the student swould no longer pay the price to get it illegally? The idea behind legalization and regulated control is that the price would go down so low that the dealers would be out of business, except for those underage (children). With lack of profit, the scenario you present could happen. But, with fewer dealers and good laws against the sales to our youth, the problem would likely be much smaller. Otherwise, right now, they a can get it at school, any time!

And, by the way, your price estimates are way off base. An ounce of good THC content stuff is about $250, right now.

More kids will smoke legal weed

And, by the way, your price estimates are way off base. An ounce of good THC content stuff is about $250, right now.

I didn't say anything about quality. I'm using round numbers because it's easy. If it makes you feel better, imagine that that the weed in question is some blend of brickweed and sinsemilla that averages out to $100/oz.

Anyway, if you make marijuana legal, it's going to be easier for kids to get it, just as it's easier for them to get alcohol today than it would be if we banned all alcohol. Perhaps we can toughen laws against marijuana sales to minors, or devote more police resources to stopping underage sales. I hope you appreciate the irony of simultaneously arguing that (1) prohibition has failed and (2) increased law enforcement and criminal penalties will be effective at curbing underage marijuana use. The War on Drugs isn't working on adults. We shouldn't expect it to be much more successful with kids.

As long as there is a financial incentive to sell weed to kids, weed will get sold to kids. If no one can make a profit selling weed to kids after legalization, that's because kids will be getting it from the same place they get their liquor: stealing it from their parents or having an older brother/friend buy it for them and sell it at or near cost. Great, the professional dealers are out of business, but kids are higher than ever.

If we're going to argue persuasively for marijuana legalization, we have to be intellectually honest. Although marijuana is not as unhealthy as alcohol or tobacco, it's not completely benign. Although marijuana isn't physically addictive, it's possible to become psychologically dependent on it the same way that it's possible to become dependent on any other pleasurable activity. And marijuana legalization will lead to more minors using it, unless we can somehow come up with a law enforcement plan that's more successful than the War on Drugs (good luck).

The reason that marijuana should be legal is not that it's harmless, because it's not. Marijuana should be legal because prohibition creates more problems than it solves. Yes, more kids will smoke marijuana when it's legal. But if I have a choice between kids smoking up or drinking, I'll go with smoking up. And the fact that children will get ahold of marijuana is no more reason to ban it than the fact that children can get ahold of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or pornography are reasons to ban those.

No they won't

“Anyway, if you make marijuana legal, it's going to be easier for kids to get it, just as it's easier for them to get alcohol today than it would be if we banned all alcohol.”

Because alcohol is so entrenched in our culture than all illicit and prescription drugs combined, there is nothing that could cripple our government more than another round of alcohol prohibition, much less make it more capable of deterring youth alcohol use. We learned that lesson relatively quick after only 13 years of experiment with out-of-control youth drinking and crime lords becoming powerful enough to control whole cities and their law enforcement. There's not much difference between an uncontrolled legal drug market and an uncontrolled illegal drug market, except that Al Capone used lead and silver. We have never seriously regulated alcohol. Even the weak regulations over the tobacco market protects kids better than the $7 billion "war" on the marijuana industry. Pretty sad.

i can honestly say that weed

i can honestly say that weed is wayyy easier for me to get than alcohol. by prohibiting it, it's created an entire substructure of drug exchange in the schools, all schools. the thing is, i don't go to a public school either, i go to a private school, yet there's dozens of kids there that smoke. the thing that most people don't seem to get is that by legalizing a drug, you make it less accessible than if it was illegal.

The goal of legal regulation

Without a prescription, I'm against allowing people to possess or sale small personal quantities of marijuana more than an 1/8th of an ounce. These quantities should sell at prices that eliminate any opportunity ofr resale profit. I also don't believe it should be sold in residential areas like alcohol and tobacco and advertised to encourage its use. Marijuana should be legally regulated and low profile for the purpose of discouraging use by teens, where right now they can buy as much as they want whenever they want on school campuses and residential areas from dealers trying to also sell them crack and heroin.

"A drug is a drug"

In the context of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, prohibitionists frequently use the following faulty reasoning:

(1) Alcohol intoxication greatly diminishes the ability to drive while making the drinker think that he is still capable of driving;
(2) Alcohol is a drug;
(3) Marijuana is a drug;
(4) Therefore marijuana intoxication greatly diminishes the ability to drive while making the drinker think that he is still capable of driving.

Anyone who has ever been stoned knows that that's not how marijuana works, as several people have explained in these comments. But there are additional arguments you can used when a prohibitionist tells you that legalized marijuana will lead to additional highway death:

(1) Alcohol consumption, and thus drunk driving, will go down when marijuana is legalized. Right now there's only one legal way to get high: ethyl alcohol. Like many other people, I drink because it's my only way to get a buzz. I don't like the taste of booze, and I don't get that much out of being drunk, but I don't have regular access to a trusted pot dealer and I can't afford to get pinched, so I drink rum. Millions of regular, hardworking professionals are the same way. If marijuana was legal, I would smoke pot instead of drinking. There would be one more stoned driver on the road, but one less drunk driver. If marijuana and alcohol were equally dangerous (they're not), this would be a wash.

(2) People don't use weed the way they use alcohol. Want a drink? Go to a bar or restaurant. Now that you're done, you've got to get home somehow. That means that there's probably going to be some driving under the influence. That's not how people use weed. People sit around their houses and get baked, and if they have friends with them they usually don't leave until they can find their keys, which is a long, long time if they've got some kind bud. Marijuana simply doesn't have the public consumption aspect that alcohol does. The response to this argument is that marijuana is only smoked in homes because it's illegal, and thus must be consumed in secret. That's true. But I don't advocate the Netherlands model of legalization. I would be fine with a ban on all public marijuana consumption. Hell, you can't smoke a cigarette in bars and restaurants anymore, so you wouldn't be able to smoke a fatty.

(3) Do you people even watch your own anti-marijuana commercials? Ever seen the one where we're told that when you smoke weed you become lazy and sit on the couch all day? There's some truth to that. But when you're sitting on the couch, you're not out running red lights. So which is it: does weed make you a terrible driver, or does it make you sit at home and not drive?

(4) The biggest risk-takers already smoke weed. Consider the risks that pot smokers take: They risk being arrested. They risk testing positive for drugs in a workplace drug test. They risk being robbed by an unscrupulous dealer. If you want to smoke weed today, you really have to like weed, and you have to be a risk-taker. Risk-takers are the ones who drive while stoned. People who don't smoke weed today avoid it because they don't want to take the risks. If weed was legal, people who are more risk-averse would try it. These are people who are more responsible than the people who smoke illegal weed. They're not going to take chances with their lives any more than they currently take chances with their freedom.

HONEST Education

The best advice I ever got was when my kids were small and I saw a spot on the news about how to educate your kids about drugs. The idea was to have two talks with them. In the first, everything is poison and they should never touch any of it. The second is (hopefully) before their friends start experimenting; I think they said around 12 years old but that is certainly not early enough these days, with all the parents working and so many kids home alone. In the second talk, you rationally explain which drugs ARE poison and which will get you arrested. If you miss the mark and their friends begin experimenting, you lose all credibility when the friends don't die and you'd better start damage control.

When my son hit middle school and they began pushing drug education, they sent people into the classrooms to lie to the kids. My son liked to skate so he had already been exposed to marijuana by that time. We'd already had the second talk with him as well and he would come home questioning the stories of marijuana overdose resulting in death. I was furious. If we can't honestly educate our kids, how can we expect them to listen to anything we say?!

In our town, our public schools have lost all credibility and they could care less. If the kids exibit any real individuality, they are being stalked to the point of dropping out or, if they don't, they are eventually expelled because they become so rebellious. Our dropout and expulsion rates are soaring. I pulled my son out and put him in online high school and he's still in school at least. Most of his friends were expelled and never went back.

Now, admittedly, we've made mistakes with my now 17-year-old son because it's difficult to be hardnosed about something you did when you were his age (and would do today, if it were legal). But the one thing we still have is an influence on him. I'd rather influence him than be raising a robot.

I would like to send a message to President Bush: As a parting gesture, legalize marijuana. That is probably the only real legacy you could achieve at this point but what a legacy it would be. Ending modern day prohibition could offset some of the negatives when you are written about in the history books. "He made mistake after mistake and was widely despised BUT..."

i've known this for a long time

I don't even smoke pot, and I could have told you that marijuana, if anything, makes drivers MORE cautious. Not that I condone driving while stoned, but it's a lot less dangerous than, say, driving while angry, driving while sleepy or driving while trying to eat a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell.

The function of government should be to protect the public; the policy of labeling a driver "impaired" simply because of the presence of an illegal substance in his/her system is just one more example of how our elected leaders thumb their noses at us.


"Not that I condone driving while stoned, but it's a lot less dangerous than, say, driving while angry, driving while sleepy or driving while trying to eat a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell."

And if it results in reckless driving you should be ticketed or perhaps even arrested in some cases. Like alcohol and many other drugs, it depends how much you use and how strong the marijuana.

njweedman's picture is

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I have been a marijuana user for about 2 years. I smoke on a daily basis and can function while driving and all other activities just as good - if not better when I am high. It definetly has made my life better. I can get all my work done take care of any family buisness, and then be able to relax after a long day, or if I have nothing to do on a particular day I can just smoke some weed, and be perfectly fine with being bored - and I dont go out, do somthing stupid or get drunk (and do something even more stupid). The reason I write this though is to reveal to people the sad, unjustified, moronic truth -Marijuana will never be legal in this country (USA)- -because we live in a country full of people like the nice first commenter, trying to play on peoples emotions, and insecurities. I live in this country a proud citizen, but when I speak to people say from Amsterdam, or Canada, I am ashamed and almost emmbarassed at how much we have criminalized Marijuana use in this country. I feel that our government thinks we are all ignorant about pot, and that it is going to stay illegal for the remainder of this country's life span, because of who controls the laws, and how much the everyday man doesnt actually have a true say in what is right for a resident of the US to ingest, at least in there own damn home.

Sadly, but truly we will have ridiculous laws about pot in America forever. . .


you buy youre drugs off a dealer so you are funding crime

Legalize it and we won't have

Legalize it and we won't have that problem now will we?

stoner idiots and how to keep the car keys away from them

Any person who tells you that you can safely drive a car while stoned is out of their mind, literally. Marijuana impairs you far more than any prescriptoin drugs or alcohol. Try telling your buddy to not smoke weed then drive a car. What I am seeing is the more these guys smoke to the point where they can't walk because they are so high and can't find the keys, the safer I am.

Here is a test, get someone high on pot, put them in the car (without the keys, of course) turn on some stoner music. See them laugh and repeat "God...I am so f***king stoned right now."

You're dumb

I'm sayin' you put a high kid in the car without keys and put on music, that high kid would unlock it go get the keys and drive. You don't get retarded man. I challenge you to lock me in the car with an L and see what happens. I'll come back safe and sound with some money.

How do you play music in car

How do you play music in car without keys? Unless its a crappy boom box; who uses those nowadays?

Pot is great. Guns kill, not

Pot is great. Guns kill, not cannabis. 

Ever smoked?? Excuse me but I

Ever smoked?? Excuse me but I had 100% on my fucking driving exam while high, I have a good grades at school while I'm high. And yes you're right, turn on some music and i'll be more than happy to hear it. But that does not make me a danger or a fuckin stoner-idiot. Oh and by the way I am consired as a good drivers by all friends / friend's parents I know, I probably have more reflexes high then you when you're not, so continue living youre boring life.

It's angry people like you that shouldn't drive, honestly when I see people pissed off on the roads I noticied they are soooo worst. Once a guy shifted me from the right lane while I was going 20km over the limit (120) (kmh not mph) and I didin't let him pass, he followed me all over the city until I finally got out of the car to ask him what was his fucking problem. The angry 40-years old fucker went back in his car when he noticed that the 2 boys who got out of the car stood 6'3 and 6'4 and were looking at him like Are you nuts?

High people on the road are just normal drivers, and as soon as we do a mistake of any king some fuckers get angry and follow us


Have a nice day, fucker.

You have to actually try to be this uninformed

WOW, you are the most uninformed person I've ever seen (and you've clearly never been high before.) Marijuana impairs you more than alcohol? Having driven high more times than I can count, I can legitimately say that weed has little effect on ability behind the wheel. If anything, it actually makes me drive slower and follow EVERY rule on the road. I've never missed a stop sign or run a stop light when I've been high. Seriously, until you've experienced it, don't try to have an intelligent conversation about it.


Me gusta la mala hierba mucha.

tisk tisk

i drive like an angel when im high, no matter how high. i drive like a maniac when im sober .
if im having a bad trip and need to calm down when im high i go for a drive, nothing makes u more alert.

its great!

now boozed up man, that my friend is not a good idea. if u for one fucking second thinkg weed impairs u more then alcohol ur a goddamn idiot who needs to get there shit straight.

if i had to choose between a friend who just smoked two blunts to the brain to drive me home or a friend whos had 6 beers, betta believe im going with the
blazed one.

ya fuckin idiot

dealers Comment posted by

Comment posted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/05/2008 - 4:33pm

you buy youre drugs off a dealer so you are funding crime

my dealer is a girl who sits in her room with frogs and who likes to paint, who gets her weed from a dare i fuel her love for blood and violence!


i drove high all the time. the only time i got in accident is when i ran into road conditions i was not familiar with. I still drive high and have had no more accidents

dude driving high aint shit

im 18 and still in high school. i smoke buds all the time and wenever im drivin high im a good driver... funny thing is the only time ive crashed was wen i was sober =)

... I'm a better driver when


I'm a better driver when I'm high. The fact that this drug is illegal and alcohol isn't is so horribly moronic. Humans are beyond retarded.


here's a scenario.

There are two teenagers enjoying a blunt and driving, and a pregnant mom gets on her cell phone, swerves off the road to dial (or pick up the phone) and kills the poor teenagers. Now, shame on the pregnant woman, cell phones should be banned, anyone caught using a cell phone should become a criminal and go to jail. factor that into your little creative imagination. people like you, using argument like yours are the dumbest and worse things to happen to our politics. it's sad

stoned driving

Straight up BS. I've driven both stoned and drunk. Driving drunk is probably more dangerous because one can act like a crazy, arrogant psycopath, but driving stoned is either sometimes 'safe' because you're so paranoid, but often you're just straight up oblivious. While I could've gotten into worse accidents at higher speeds drunk, I never did, yet I actually DID get into three accidents at lower speed stoned just doing plain old stupid not paying attention nonsense. Driving stoned should be vigorously enforced. That said, I totally support worldwide legalization because its high time we cut off the backdoor funding for arms dealers, drug-dealing murderous psycopaths and the slush funds of mafias and the CIA.

NORML is a worthless organization if it fights enforcement of driving while stoned. Of course, there are grades of being stoned, and it's a lot worse in the first half hour than after three hours. I dont know how to quanitfy that, but it makes a big difference. I quit smoking four years ago. WIsh I had done it ten years earlier. The worst thing about pot is that you actually think it's cool when you're smoking it. If you're one of the few stoners that does it socially, cool. Eventually, though, when you become the stoner that can't leave your home or other stoner's homes, then it's time to quit.


I am a right wing conservative. I also love me some good herb. To all you liberals supporting legalization i secretly thank you. While our politics don't mix and i just don't get you guys i would be happy to light up a big blunt and forget all about politics and go for a blunt run. I smoke i drive i love GWB and i have never seen, been in, nor heard of a stoner getting in an accident because he is blazed. And to the fuck who said its worse drinking...... ill wear a full body protective suit and get swasted and you can sit in the passenger seat (with no protection) or i'll smoke 2 j's and wear no protection and give you the protective suit...your choice.

Don't drink and drive

Don't drink and drive.













Smoke and fly.


Marijuana and Alcohol

I don't see why you can drink legally, but when it comes to marijuana everyone has to make sure the wrong person isn't watching you do it.  I just recently turned 21, but have been drinking for about 2 or 3 years and smoking since i was 16.  I'm like your average stoner at some points, but when it comes down to it I'm smarter and more driven than anyone I know.  Now when i drink i always feel like I'm going to throw up and it makes me a violent person, but when i smoke it does the exact opposite.  I feel that it should be legalized, but it should be sold the same as alcohol.  I thought i would note down some thoughts before i write my 10 page report for legalizing cannabis.    STONERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!


All of you guys are just victims of a troll.

Time To Marijuana Prohibition

I never believed in the laws prohibiting the use of marijuana, but once I found out the truth behind the laws that originally were put in effect regarding the taxation and eventual prohibition, I was more than just in disagreement, I was angry that our government would stoop to such measures to push a personal agenda through the legislative process that is "supposedly" there to ensure that these tactics aren't used by our elected officials!!

IF there ever was any scientific evidence that marijuana is harmful, so much so that it should be illegal, then now is the time to produce it, have it judged and verified, or discounted as the case may be, by PROFESSIONALS in the SCIENTIFIC and MEDICAL FIELDS, not by some group of power hungry crooked politicians on capital hill - otherwise, it's time to put an end to the countless millions of dollars this country has spent on a farce that was obviously fabricated on the floors our own congress, end the lies and LEGALIZE THE WEED! 

Because, scientific evidence is mounting on a dailly basis to the contrary, proving that not only does marijuana have many legitimate medical uses and benefits for the patients that are allowed to use it, but it's clearly not as harmful as other legal substances, #1 being alcohol - the real killer drug that has led to more deaths over the past 10 years for instance, than marijuana ever has over the thousands of years of use by many cultures. 

So lets stop the farce, and let's face the truth of the matter... and put an end to the decades of lies -  End Marijuana Prohibition, giving us all some CHANGE THAT WE THE PEOPLE CAN BELIEVE IN.

After reading THE TRUTH BEHIND MARIJUANA PROHIBITION, I can only wonder what other lies, just in my lifetime, have been fabricated in the halls of congress and pushed out on the public with other devious agendas being the real truth behind those laws as well - thank god for the Freedom of Information Act, you can only lie to us for so long before the truth in known!

Old Old Article, I Know

I'm sure people still come across it though, as I have from google. Just wanted to say I grew up with the same propaganda as the usual detractors of pot; thought it was awful, stupid and would totally fuck up your mind. I finally kicked myself in the ass and tried it anyway and can happily say that even after some really good pot, drinking is far worse as far as driving and general daily operations go. I know for a fact I should not be driving in either case and don't, but there's no denying the effects of alcohol on your motor skills being the worst.

I don't really see how alcohol is legal and pot isn't, though. If it were legalized, everybody would grow it and it'd be nearly worthless since you could just grow YOUR own anyplace you want with the right settings. I'm all for the legalization of it even though I'm not into it much, I have seen the other side of the coin personally. It was pretty cool.

I just blazed up yesterday, got high in the car and drove

I just blazed up yesterday, got high in the car and drove. Never had i seen the road clearer, wider (peripheral vision widened) and my senses heightened to 9 times more sensitive. I swear, drivers who are high, are the most safest driver Around! cos we would probably not speed up on the highway. Our minds is relaxed, so what's the chase?  If you panic and drive fast, unlike alcohol it fucks your mind up. Makes you more paranoid and messed up. 

Nonetheless, if you are already a bad driver, no matter what you do, high or not high, fiddling with things during driving, Will still cause an accident . However, if you Are a good driver, whatever you do, your natural reflexes are more flexible therefore you can avoid accidents quicker. I don't know if you realise this, There are so many idiots behind the wheels anyway. 

Either way it's all retarded... a mother I have to worry about my child first. Bull on the fact that it's harmless...My fiance couldn't even ride his bike and fell off in the middle of the street and near the curb when he got high. He was blessed that no cars were coming at that particular time. And he acts like an idiot in the car. I would never condone ANYONE using drugs or alcohol, no matter how different their affects are. Both are pointless to your life. When you get high...what you laugh like idiots for no reason and then go get somethig to eat afterwards cause you have the "munchies"?! Yeah that sounds like fun...I could laugh like an idiot from watching a comedy or talking with my friends and get food after cause I'm don't need a drug in your life to have fun. Same goes for alcohol. And people use medical marijuana as a crutch anyway. For the terribly ill..go ahead and give it to them. They can't do much with it anyway if they are TRULY ill. I will never alter my beliefs about any drug or alcohol because both indeed are pointless to the human life.

What god are you that your

What god are you that your beliefs should be mine?

Not to mention..

Everyone who proudly exclaims all the great they do when high look foolish! You don't need any drug no matter how good or bad it is! They are do stupid and do nothing for you at the end of the day. YOU do something productive...not the drug. Its just a waste of your life. Period.

        There are traffic


       There are traffic laws like ‘reckless and negligent driving’ that allow you to get prosecuted for acting unreasonably when one of your passengers farts, more so if on weed or alcohol and driving erratically.

Unfortunately prohibitionists are the more passionate. 

A drunken driving ticket purchased at your liquor outlet that allows you to drive drunk for an amount of time would do more to stem drunk driving and its effects.

Legalising marihuana is a mute obsession. How legalised is the rest of the stuff, manufacturing and distribution of sweets, coffee, coke, skateboards, play station. Sleeping with two pillows and every other thing we get up to.

Btw, kids don’t do marihuana anymore,

Please, keep off the grass. In the grand scheme of things, poisoning plantations and criminalisation will cause more harm than this little old man smoking a ‘green tobacco’ cigarette


As far as comparing marijuana to alcohol, there is no comparison. I would say coffee or cigarettes would be a closer comparison, but since neither has ever been legal I will stick to comparing it to alcohol (it gives pot a much better argument anyway) But i can tell you from experience, if i am driving and seeing four yellow lines in the middle of the road, one going left one going right, and i am probably driving 10-20 mph over the limit without realizing it (being drunk) i am, as well as anyone else driving the same road as me at that point, in very high risk of getting into an accident, as opposed to thinking about that sammich i had stuck in the fridge and doing 5mph UNDER the limit thinking i am driving too fast (being high on marijuana) the only risk there is road rage from the sober 25yr old douchebag riding my ass all pissed off because i'm going too slow (though that is my risk because he may follow me and cause me to body slam him to the pavement when he get's out of his car to try and start shit with me.) Pot calms me down and sure it makes me less aware of my surroundings, but only to a small degree, no more than say trying to listen to someone give me directions. As far as driving stoned, i would put it at the bottom of risks, below alcohol, texting, even changing the radio station. Not condoning driving stoned, but the point of this article is: would you prefer someone on the road with you driving drunk, or stoned? If you say drunk then i will point out the fact that you are horribly misinformed.

People are against legalizing pot either because the are misinformed by the shady government funded media or because they think it'll be easier to access for children and cause a loss in profits from other substances like alcohol and prescription medications. Either way the reasoning is anything but intelligible.

Looking back to the alcohol prohibition years we see many of the same things happening, private illegal organizations profiting from the everyday pot smoker while govt. loses out on what could be some extra funds, and looking back we could expect many positive outcomes and very little negative outcomes that came from legalization, like large amounts of revenue on the positive side but more violence and traffic accidents from legalization  of alcohol which happened but wouldn't happen from legalizing pot. So why is it even a question? Taxing weed would not be a problem like so many seem to think. The govt. would be able to have their own groweries, and people could still make money off the production and sales of marijuana legally, while still paying taxes on everything they sold.. Just like with alcohol as well you would have your qualities, dirt weed like beer, 5% alcohol or 10 proof, better weed like mid grade just like harder beers with a longer brewing time listed between 5.5-10% or 11-20 proof, and much higher grade weed like your "kush" or "kyne bud" just like harder alcohol like vodka or tequila at 40%+ or 80 proof + and you would obviously charge more for this stuff which would mean higher taxes on the product.

One big argument that is constantly observed is that people could just grow it themselves and the govt. would lose out on large profits. Let me ask how many alcoholics or even casual drinkers are there out there in the world that grow their own hops and brew their own beer? Marijuana is a much more complicated plant to grow than people think, it's not like tossing a tomato seed in the ground and picking a fresh tasty tomato several months later. If not grown with the proper conditions you could and without experience most likely will end up with a plant covered in green leaves that would do absolutely nothing to you. I would daresay brewing yourself a gallon hard alcohol is a much easier and extremely less time consuming task than coming up with a half pound of smokable marijuana, and that's for the dirt-mid grade weed with like 5% thc, that is nothing in comparison to the much harder to grow headies that would have 22% + thc. Basically any and every argument about legalization is just bullshit propaganda and misinformation, and i really want to know the true agenda behind these politicians who think legalization would have a negative impact.




Pot legalization would honestly be one of the best things for this country, and i am not even slightly exaggerating. Look at what legalizing something as bad as alcohol did for this country, it actually took us out a depression and caused tens of thousands of jobs across the country, and this was just because they took a poison that had no other use but fucking someone up and make it a commercial trade product. Imagine if they did that to a product that actually had beneficial properties for many people, as well as producing a biproduct that could be used for many things including decreasing deforestation.


It is this governments duty to decriminalize such a useful substance, especially if they think they can put something like alcohol, an unmonitored substance that causes death and drama everywhere it goes, as a lower risk substance than something that eases peoples pain and stress, in a non destructive way aside from a sore throat.

Omfg this is stupid

I have smoked weed plenty in my time and everytime I have drove afterward and I ain't been in NO accidents the weed makes me freakin a lot more alert and shit on the road still though this article is stupid as fuck, and I agree with some of the above posters, texting or talking on a cell phone or doing any other shit in your car that takes your eyes off the road causes accidents! NOT BEING high on marijuana... Enough said

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