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Marijuana Evolves Faster Than Human Beings

Explaining the failure of marijuana prohibition is easy. Sociology, economics, history, and psychology can all help to explain why a safe and popular drug cannot be removed from the market by force. Still, there is another important reason why marijuana is here to stay: it evolves at an incredibly rapid pace, becoming stronger and more profitable every day.

The vigorous growth and adaptability of the marijuana plant has long frustrated efforts by law-enforcement to thwart its production. Specific strains are easily cross-bred, producing offspring that emphasize certain qualities, thus growers in Oregon can develop a strain that grows well in Oregon's climate with minimal effort. Hybridization not only improves potency, but can also shorten flowering time and increase yield, thereby enabling growers to produce more in less time.

We're witnessing a situation in which the biological vigor of the plant itself has far outpaced law-enforcement efforts that were never effective to begin with. Indoor-grown strains can advance through 3-4 generations in a year's time, with the best specimens from each batch selected for cloning or crossbreeding. Each successive generation carries on the best traits of the former, which explains why growers can now accomplish in a basement what used to require an acre or more in the woods.

The great irony of all this is that drug warriors still think increased marijuana potency is an argument for their side. In reality, nothing could better illustrate the failure of their efforts to reduce the drug's production. Harsh marijuana laws have incentivized growers to produce a stronger product, which carries the same penalties by weight, while commanding higher prices on the street.

As the bitter debate over marijuana legalization rages on, the plants will grow ever faster, bigger, and stronger. Marijuana is one of nature's most remarkable creations, and it is unbelievable that so many people still haven't figured out that this plant is here to help us. From healthy foods to a promising cancer cure, we should be grateful that cannabis sativa grows and evolves as vigorously as it does.

With every forward step in marijuana's evolution, the war against this resilient plant becomes less and less effective.

Note: Thanks to court-qualified cannabis expert Chris Conrad for answering growing questions, and to pot-paparazzi Steve Bloom for turning me on to the government's awesome 2008 cultivation assessment, which got me thinking about this.
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i do not think marijuana or drug use should be considered a crime and nobody should be incarcerated over natural resources consumed or sold. If a drug user commits a crime then a justifiable cause would be for that crime. marijuana can be abused like all drugs and that is the only negative fact derived but to go as far as to put that person in jail because of that one negative fact is hindering that person far worse then the silly pot smoking. the prison system reminds me of slavery being held captive just for a natural resource!!!!!!!!! SHIT NEED TO CHANGE VOTE REPUBLICAN _ BE FOR STATES RIGHTS fuck the church IT IS EVIL

Cotton of the 21 century

its a cash crop

I just want to point out...

It's not like the plant itself is naturally evolving this fast, this is just how fast people are breeding new varieties. Artificial selection always happens faster than natural selection.

And marijuana isn't exactly nature's creation. What nature originally created is something like ditchweed; it was humans who domesticated it and made it into marijuana as we know it today.

Thanks Julia

Yeah, you're right. I just framed it this way to get people's attention, which worked quite well.

Of course, as I pointed out in the post, marijuana prohibition has played a major role in influencing the behavior of marijuana breeders.

In a regulated market, factors other than potency would get more attention than they do now.

Ganja Marijuana 4 Lyfe One Love

ganja marijuana for life, screw the haters. nobody knows what the f*ck they're talking about on here.


Put down the THC and get your head together. The statement makes absolutely no sense. Against the DPA and those that blog in support on this site? "Everybody" and "nobody" generalizations make the person, making those comments, the one that, (almost) no one, will want to listen to.

Other cannabinoids evolving

The FEDS only care about delta9THC. The other 60 or so cannabinoids ,known available, have hardly been explored. Dr. Candice Pert knows something of this subject. SOMEBODY

Government is wrong

I use to drink alcohol which caused me many problems (health and problems with the law)

Since sticking to weed, i have a home, great job, and a wife and am a contributing member of society

Tobacco and alcohol are MAJOR problems of society and are some of the biggest incomes of government ... it would only cost the governments money (which is all tied up in killing middle easterners and the so call "drug war") and weed being so easy to grow, people would be growing themselves. Bottom line, the government would not profit enough. They need the employment of the drug war agents.

Hey, they could start actually fighting, maybe, CRIME with victims.

Ever heard of someone blacking out, fighting, raging out on weed? Not I.

Know The Truth !!

I've been reading a lot of the comments and what SOME people fail to realize is that this is something that grows from the earth. It is not a "chemical". It is a "plant". I am Native American and my grandmother who was a healer and lived to be 98 years old along with my great grandfather who was a "shaman" and lived to be 99 and ran over by a car...always...always..told me...For everything that ails you, the Great Spirit made sure that you were provided a "PLANT" that will cure you. That makes PERFECT sense to me. How about you. Both of them used only herbs and plants for their healing. I remember them calling it rabbit tobacco and rubbing the leaves for the oil it produced. Since this was legal until the late 30's, why shouldn't be legal now. This product used to have a tax stamp..why not now. I have a college education and am pursuing my second career in nursing. I fully support the legalization of marijuana. If someone wants or needs it for pain therapy, to help with nausea during chemo or other medical should be made available NOW. I have experienced nuclear medicine because of cancer..believe me this stuff works. Why should there even be a debate about it? In my opinion..this is just something for the government to stick their noses in. Alcohol is legal and I have seen first hand what that can do to families. I have never known anybody to do stupid shit and kill somebody because of POT!!

Interesting perspective~~~ Evolutionism

HEADS should check this out:

Timothy Tipton
court-appointed cannabis expert

moderator, North Denver Medical Marijuana Discussion Group
202+ members (
~~~Denver Chapter of the Compassionate Coalition
~~~affiliate of the Americans for Safe Access

founder, Rocky Mountain Caregivers Cooperative
NRAD North Reasonable Access Denver
[email protected]

why not spread to the love?

How about people throw their seeds out anywheres, in effort to make the plant grow all over the place. People new to marijuana are going to be curious and want to try it. Plus it would drive down the cost of the product and lower crime rates because less money is involved.

The price of the seeds is

The price of the seeds is quite expensive and most people dont like throwing their money away.

the truth

there is so much distribution of drugs the government cant keep track of it all.hince why it is all still illigal. if the gov got control of the drugs before before we did it would all hav been bagged and taxed.


So if we believe all them creationalists that god made the earth and every life on it, god made marijuana and this would make the plant a spiritual plant intented to bring you closer to god.

So if i was a christian i should have the god given right to use marijuana as i saw fit because its in my religion.

By keeping it illigal it supports acts which defies god such as murder.

Btw im not a christian this is just a imaginary situation.

i clean every time i get

i clean every time i get stoned. not every smoker is lazy.


Selling marijuana is a crime itself.

It highly effects poeple mentally and physically, i can be writng all day telling you all the negatives about marijuana. Hardly any positives things about it, exept the munchies and in a way that wares off and eventually causes a bad appitite.

I think marikuana is just a test in life, whether it will be smoked or rejected, as i believe in God [Allah (The only one God)], and that he tests poeple, towards there will power and faith :D

Who ever does smoke, its best to stop, every second its getting later and later, eventualy you will die, thats when you get your results from the exam! lol

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