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DEA Official: Marijuana Will Kill You

Get ready to die, stoners. Via DrugWarRant, DEA Miami Chief Mark R. Trouville has an ominous warning for you:

"This ain't your grandfather's or your father's marijuana," Trouville said. "This will hurt you. This will addict you. This will kill you." [The Ledger]

What can you really say about something like this? I mean he's not even saying it might kill you. He says you're gonna die.

Since marijuana's never killed anyone in history, this is a whopper of a lie even for a DEA official. Still, I'm more annoyed with the newspaper that reported it.

On and on, the discussion of marijuana in the press continues without regard for basic truths. It is only because the media can be counted on to pass along such absurd claims that our government officials continue to make them.

The Ledger accepts letters to the editor here.

United States
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And what was the cause of death on the coroner's report? If I shot myself, the only drug found in my system would be marijuana. That doesn't mean marijuana killed me!

An anonymous comment claiming an anecdotal event that has never been documented that I've seen... wow, compelling stuff.



You're going to need a more

You're going to need a more convincing argument. Maybe he was allergic to Marijuana. In that case, Marijuana should be used only by people who have no allergens to Cannabis.

The drug warriors will never

The drug warriors will never give up untill you, your children and your family are all in jail. If it wasn't Cannabis it would be something else, perhaps a "crackdown" on un-prescribed medications. The federal mafia needs funding and they don't care how many families they destroy to get it. The federal mafia and all branches/organizations of it are parasites that feed on the emotions and wallets of the people they swore to serve.

hes talkin about

hes talkin about a rogue strategy the DEA is using. what they do is they grow killer pot. and sell it to clubs and people covertly. its weed that got special stuff in it that harms you . watch out.

Addict you? Lacing Myth?

I've been smoking cannabis for about 6-7 years straight now, and as a matter of fact I haven't been lucky enough to get a single bag that contained heroin or cocaine in it, Per eighth of marijuana, it would cost the dealer about 180 extra $ just to lace the bag sufficiently, and it wouldnt be properly absorbed in the way that marijuana is inhaled, especially with growing development in alternative methods of ingesting THC without smoking. When my dealer throws in that 180$ of heroin that "is going to kill us all!" then i'll just be sure to use it, thank him, and wonder why in the fuck he would ever waste the money or drugs? Lacing is a myth, no ganja grower or dealer is going to spoil their name or spend 4x the drugs worth just to get you higher.

marijuana will kill you

it is true marijuana will kill you.this is a known fact,it killed my 15 year old brother the first time he took a puff on it,he died instentlly from that deadly thc,It's much more deadlyer than cociane,heroin,meth or any other illegal narcodic.the DEA only said that becouse it's true and you need to accept it becouse you live in the best country in the world the goverment knows whats best.and marijuana has killed millions and billions of people.the goverment should impose the death penlety on you people who try marijuana for the first time or ever.You reefer heads make me sick,your scum,you are the reason there's crime in this world.your the reason kids parents beat them and abandon them .MARIJUANA IS NOT HARMLESS IT CAN AND IT WILL KILL YOU.all you people talking bad about the dea should be locked up for life and get the death pently for treson.people shouldnt be allowed to speak bad about the goverment.i love the goverment and how well they've made us safe.i am pro for murder of druggies.stupid pot heads ya'll are going to hell

u sir are a dumbass

pot does not kill i smoke weed and i have been for 43years it has not killed me and thc is not deadly chemicals are dumbass

This guy has a screw loose.

This guy has a screw loose.




what do u mean this marijuana will kill? thats just another bullshit remark those government guys say just to get us off this marijuana. Well if everyone stopped smokin pot, then u government guys would start losing your jobs. Because since u keep arresting and charging these potheads, thats where u get 75% of ur pay. You see that marijuana is keepin sort of a balance for a lot of u government, and police guys. If nobody smoked marijuana there wouldnt be as much police officers, so the people that lose there jobs what the hell are they gunna do??? they will probably end up being bums on the street or working at a macdonalds restuarant because less people will be needed for the jobs relating to the law.

I am so tired of the

I am so tired of the government trying to hide, and refusing to admit that they were wrong. Man if we legalized cannabis our country would prosper so much! In the late 1800's and early 1900's before Harry J Anslenger was the drug Czar, hemp was americas number one export. In fact it was mandatory to grow it to provide for the countries well being. We made everything out of it. It is the most useful plant in the world, that is why God put it on our planet. It is a fact that one stalk of hemp will produce 5 times more ethanol than one stock of corn. 5 times more! That is a significant difference. Also Hemp grows so much faster than trees do, so we can stop destroying our forests and start making hemp paper to satisfy our needs. For Christ sake our Declaration of Independace was written on hemp paper. Our fore fathers would be so pissed off at us if they only knew how corrupt our country has become. The government lies to our faces everyday because they think its good for our well being. Im sorry but the only person who knows what is good for me is me! Cannabis opens your mind to new and inovative ideas. At least it does that to me. It makes you question athority and that is exactly what scares the government. Man the government tells us that they are looking out for our best interest, mother fucker ciggarettes kill 400,000 people a year! Alcohol kills 30,000 just in diseases alone, that doesnt acount for the 20,000 that get killed in alcohol related accidents, and also there is no telling how many women and children get abused by a man who is drunk every night. Legalize pot please. It is a much safer alternitve than alcohol, and it doesnt give you throat and lung cancer like ciggarettes. We are in tough times America, our government has its head so far up its ass that for some reason they cant see the truth. They would rather give money to bail out huge corporations so that their ceos can still pay on there condos in mexico and what have you, rather than stop this ridiculous war on drugs wich is a huge failure. There is about 800,000 people in prison due to marijuana possesion. Its costs the government 30,000 dollars to keep one inmate in prison, so every year our government spends 24,000,000,000 dollars a year just to contain marijuana smokers alone. BULL SHIT so much BULL SHIT. Wake up America its time to end the prohibition on pot!

Agreed, if marijuana was not

Agreed, if marijuana was not meant to be smoked, then it wouldn't register in your brain receptors now would it. Theres a reason that food can be digested by the body because its meant to happen

The truth and insite

Ok everybody, heres the facts. marijuana can kill you. it has happened before.

***BUT... the facts are that its not likely at all. there is a small(about 1%) percentage of people that are allergic to the plant
in the same way some are allergic to chocolate, which what it does is it sticks inside you, causing a "permanent high"
so to speak. and it fries your brain cells at a fast accelleration, and eventually you die.
this is where the GOV and everybody gets there info from sayin it is bad.

No it wont heal cancer either, back in the day, yes. now no, the weed now is not pure like it was, so it doesnt do the same thing
thats why we get alot higher now.

No weed isnt bad, as far as physically, unless you are allergic to it, yes i myself smoke bud, both for medical reasons, and just to
get fuccin toasted. i think it should be legalized, for the fact that honestly, how many people do you hear about dying that anything to do
with marijuana? not many, people dont hurt people when they are high on weed, its usually controllable when your driving, which is still not a great idea, and overall, you just dont hear about it much, aside from the laws bout it. alcohol is legal and it kills way more people.
its completely unfathomable why they made it illegal.
but now yall know the truth. it aint bad, it dont hurt people, unless your allergic to it in a deathly way, and it feels so good

so smoke a blunt and say screw the gov, cuz we gon do it anyways.


QUOTE: "it sticks inside you, causing a "permanent high" so to speak. and it fries your brain cells at a fast accelleration, and eventually you die." ... BULL FUCKING SHIT! You are an asshole....


QUOTE: "it sticks inside you, causing a "permanent high" so to speak. and it fries your brain cells at a fast accelleration, and eventually you die." ... BULL FUCKING SHIT! You are an asshole....


LISTEN HERE all you people who have posted comments hating on the DEA have been reported and will be kept a close eye on.YOU PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES do not understand how you need to be arrested for marijuana,#1 it's illegal! #2 it's for crimials and terrorist,if u smoke marijuana YOU SUPPORT TERRORISM.YOU have no right to speak bad about the dea they are trying to keep this country clean of pushers and dope fiends.if' i became priesident which i plan too i will make sure THE bill of rights is BANNISHED for there is no need for it people need to be controled should not have the right to privicey nor freedom of do not deserve to have the right tell the police and goverment not to come in ur home without warrent or search u without perimisson .THE GOVERMENT NEEDS COMPLETE CONTROL IN ORDER TO KEEP YOU SAFE they KNOW WHATS BEST FOR YOU and they will not legalize marijuana becouse it's simple unlike tabacco it doesnt kill people so if it has no way the goverment can make money and kill most of the population by charging them taxes whats the point the best thing is to kill someone with possision of pot even if its less than a gram on sight becouse they are what cause these stupid ridulice dreams of peace when PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE

Dude if you want to be a

Dude if you want to be a successful troll, at least use spell check...

Blow me

Fuck you and the dea

Marijuana is bad NEWS

LOOK man all you reeferheads out there need to PUT THE JOINT DOWN seriouslly you wanna enjoy urself go to a park and DROP ACID it's much more fun than pot TRUST ME


The main reason marijuana is illegal is to keep "HEMP" illegal. The main reason there is a war on drugs is help the alcohol and tobbacco companies making money, while they make money from fines for possession and distribution charges, and to imprison lower class citizens(the ones that are on wellfare and don't pay much into taxes). In the Netherlands where pretty much every drug is legal along with prostitution they have less crime, less drug addiction, and less std's. Now back to hemp. Hemp produces less than 1% THC (YOU COULD SMOKE A WHOLE OUNCE AND GET MORE OF A HEAD ACHE THAN A HIGH) and yet it is illegal to grow hemp in the U.S. The fiber can be imported but it can't legally be grown. Why? because it would completely wipe out the cotton and logging industry. These are huge corparations with alot of push and pull within our government. Most people don't even know the difference between hemp and marijuana, and the only ones that do a reporters from high times or stoners that put on events like hemp fest where they talk more about medical marijuana than hemp. I suggest anyone who reads this to check out Jack Herer's The Emporer Wears No Clothes and read or get the video which is a slimmed down version with lessinfo but still gets the point accross. We need more people that don't smoke pot to support the legalization of Hemp. I also believe marijuana should be legal but I am way more passionate about the legalization of hemp. Hemp is one of the most benificial plants on the planet, you can't get high on hemp yet UNCLE SAM says no no no when it comes to hemp production in America. HEMP COULD SAVE THE WORLD (thats a bold statement, but if you do just a little research you will see the truth) Everyone has it backwords they think hemp is illegal to keep pot illegal. It's the complete opposite Hemp would wipe out big dinasaur corparation so the government keeps marijuana illegal so they can keep blinding the people from the true benifits of hemp.

Wow I am shocked

First off I don't think that anyone who can't spell properly is able to make claims about the consequences of marijuana use especially when the comment box has spell check. Second the fact of the matter is that whether marijuana is harmful or not it shouldn't be illegal unless it is harming someone other than yourself. Just as laws against drinking and driving and no smoking in public places don't allow you to harm others. Marijuana, like every drug, has many effects both good and bad. None as bad as alcohol, which is well known for killing those who take too much. Those of you saying that the government should control everything are the only anti-america people here. If you are truly patriotic then you would believe in the constitution which states that we are free and the government should not control us. You are just too weak to think for yourselves and need someone else to tell you what to think. Check out this cool video and you'll see that the cops are doing it too.


I hate the DEA -- they're turning themselves into the bad guys for prosecuting people that use marijuana. I hope God forgives these criminals for the lives they destroy.

I have a few questions about

I have a few questions about marijuana and the war on drugs. Actually I think they are questions everyone should be asking. And to you anti-cannabis, pro-DEA people out there, if you attempt to answer them, actually try to come up with something that's original and (more importantly) true/factual. Don't BS me.

1. The DEA classifies marijuana as a schedule I drug. This class is reserved for drugs which have no medicinal value. However, today 13 states recognize it as having medicinal value, and many scientific studies have shown it to be beneficial for Alzheimer's disease, neuron growth, lung cancer (ironic huh?), breast cancer, AIDS/HIV, brain cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis..., the list is quiet extensive. Why does the DEA refuse to reclassify it?

2. This question goes in hand with number one in a way. Again, we all know marijuana is a schedule I drug. Its synthetic counterpart, Marinol, is a schedule III drug. Why is the natural substance in a more strict classification? Shouldn't they be the same? Someone on the DEA classification committee dropped the ball on that one.

3. These laws are 72 years old and the constitution was never amended to give the federal government any power over cannabis (or any other drugs for that matter). It was amended for the prohibition of alcohol. Why are we still enforcing outdated and unconstitutional laws? A good link for a little more on this: (sorry, don't know how to hyperlink).

4. The decriminalization of MJ would save us $7.7 billion a year if we didn't have to prosecute non-violent people and put them in state penitentiaries. Then we could rake in another $6.2 billion if it was taxed and regulated like alcohol and tobacco. The US is $11.4 trillion in debt. You do the math. And don't get me started on the value of industrial hemp. For those out there that think its the same as weed, its not. No one tries to get high from smoking their hemp bracelet, at least not twice. Why do we make working America suffer? Why do we keep the economy in a rut?

5. Why do anti-marijuana activists always bring up addiction? We have far more addictive substances that are legal and easily obtainable. I've even heard pornography is more addicting than crack and its everywhere (do you think your kids really click the "no thanks' button?). To some TV is addicting, or potato chips, or the computer. For more on addiction and its rankings, Google "Henningfield ratings".

6. This one really gets me upset. Picture, if you will, two scenarios. Scenario 1: Police raid the wrong house, shoot and kill an innocent victim. The officers involved are acquitted of any crime. Scenario 2: Police raid wrong house again, this time an officer gets shot and killed by a homeowner protecting his family from what he thinks are intruders. Homeowner receives life in prison or death penalty. Both are scenarios of mistaken identity, but it seems the public is held accountable while the police are exempt. Innocent men, women, and children are dead! Why do we not hold those officers accountable for what they did? If you really wanna get worked up, Google "drug war victims"

7. Prohibition didn't work with alcohol. What makes it different for cannabis and other drugs? All prohibition does is make the wrong people very rich. Does Al Capone ring a bell? I'm not really for legalizing the hard stuff, but who am I to tell someone what they can or cannot ingest, inject, snort, or lather all over their body? As long as they don't violate the rights of others I'm ok with it. If you want to slam Drano, go ahead. If you want to drink alcohol, its your right. But if you want to smoke pot and drive, you get punished (hey just like alcohol!). If you want to tweak and steal copper, you go to jail (I could really care less if your teeth fall out as a result, that's your problem). Oh, and if you decide drugs are more important than work and you are physically and mentally able to work, you don't eat and you get kicked out of your income based housing. Screw the welfare people who don't really need it...lazy bastards. With that said I think people who really do need help because they are unable to work should get it.

8. Science has been unable to reproduce absurd claims against marijuana and has actually shown it to be beneficial as we saw in question one. Why are we still lying to our children and the rest of the world?

9. Who thinks we should all send a letter to President Obama and urge him to stop the persecution of those who use cannabis for ANY reason at all? Let's make our voices heard!

Enough questions now, although I'm sure there are plenty more. Now I'd like to bring to your attention, jury nullification. It's a powerful thing and should be used wisely. I'm NOT saying every marijuana case or drug case should be nullified, but lets be reasonable. I think the jury should nullify every case on medical marijuana if the patient was following the laws of his/her state. I would personally nullify any case where the person was selling marijuana as long as it wasn't to children. We let our kids smoke cigarettes when they are 18. Weed is far less harmful than cigarettes so i suppose the age of the child would be relevant. I'd say 17 as long as the young adult was responsible.

"It is not only his right but also his duty... to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court."
—The Works of John Adams

Well that's all from me for now. I hope I got a few people thinking. If you care to learn more about cannabis I recommend "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". It's easily found and is a great read for those who are anti-cannabis and pro-cannabis alike. Chapter two is especially for you "anti" people.

look guys.

its bad when the government lies to us. thats called treason. its worse that they lie about it and create monsters in society that believe that anybody that smokes pot should be murdered, beaten, tortured, or locked away. yes. i actually HAVE heard people threaten with ALL of those things. i got the highest grade in all my teacher's students on my standardized test (thank you Bush) with a whopping 88%. and i wasnt in the retard class. i passed all his tests with 100% on every one, i know my government and how it works. im not letting the DEA get to me cuz i know my basic rights as a citizen of the United States. i know that i can sit here and say whatever the fuck i want and the government cant do shit to me. i know i can smoke in my own home because they legally cant raid my house without a warrent and SOLID EVIDENCE that i do it. for all they know i could just be rambling at 4 in the morning and dont really smoke pot. unless they physically catch me with it they cant touch me. all you people trying to say that you've had family die from weed in one hit. you're retarted. he was probably slipped heroin, cocaine, or another hard drug as well. marijuana DOES NOT kill you. if anything it benefits. hell, if i have kids that wanna smoke pot. im gunna make sure they know the concequences, im gunna make sure they know how to be responsible with it, and im going to teach them how to properly inhale this magic grass. as a person stated ahead of me, cannabis is even in the bible. now im gunna get a shit load of replies such as "your horrible and id never let you have children" and all that bullshit but lemme tell ya. i have friends parents that are pill popping whores that dont give a rats ass about their kids. so before you start ragging me imagine having parents like that.


here is how you will die from smoking weed:
the cops raid house u have big bong in hand and freind has gun freind accidently shoot gun cops shoot you for trying to hide the bong under your shirt

cops defense: our team is highly trained and will not shoot unless shot at. the deceased man/woman was obviously hiding a gun under his/her shirt and he/her is obviously the one who shot at police so my team in defense of their lives fired 44 rounds into the person

Ignorace is your main enemy!

As you all remember in 1920-1937 we live a period of extreme violence, main cause: prohibition of alcohol. A recent study in UK show that cannabis is A LOT less addictive than tobacco and alcohol and even caffeine. INVESTIGATE AND INFORM

Message to the DEA

Go Fuck yourselves.

Nobody has died from weed

Unless if you get strangled by a hemp rope

Fucking pothead morons..

I agree, weed can't directly kill you. You can smoke weed 'till you pass out, and it won't kill you.

However, what you fucking morons don't understand is that weed indirectly kills.

As a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force and former spec. ops. operator, I've had several men under my command who got high off of Marijuana. Sadly, the military lets a lot of trashy people enlist.

You know what I've learned from those under my command who get high? Well, if I don't catch them in time, they usually either don't show up for PT or to inspect their vehicles, or they don't pay attention while driving and end up running down four year-old little girls playing on the sidewalk.

If you people really chose to ignore this fact, and use "uhhhmygawd weed cont kill yu durectly" as your only defense, then you should really get out into the world and try and make something of yourself.

I'm not afraid of dying, nor am I afraid of heaven or hell. I'm only afraid of leaving behind an unfinished life, which is what happens when you get high and waste it away in your house, or run down a child and get locked up for the next fifty years.

As for that Corporal in the Marines who posted back in 2008... You should really be ashamed of yourself, moron.

I'll support smoking Marijuana when it's law to stay at home or at a friends house when high. I don't need more people on the road endangering my life or making my Humvee smell like shit.

Ur the moron

If someone were to be drunk they would've done the same exact things, if not worse. Plus marijuana doesn't nearly have as much harmful effects as alcohol does. Really the only difference between the two is that one is legal and one is not, and I'll bet that you drink alcohol all the time. Asshole

Second lieutenant you say?

Second lieutenant you say? Well you sir need to get out of command then. I am a specialist in the united states army and i take great offense to everything you said. I smoke regularly and out perform most of ky sergeants and definitely ALL of my officers. So sir, shut the fuck up and get educated. Pussy ass airforce bitch.

It's quite funny how you take

It's quite funny how you take pride in being in the Airforce, not that it's a bad thing, I'd like to join myself, but think of this. You could shoot your own self in the foot and would probably be thrown into a prison. What a nice reward for serving your country, eh?

To all the people saying the

To all the people saying the gov/medical weed is not to be trusted. That shit is the most potient and well developed and you can taste if they use different cems or has tobacco in it.

Haters gonna hate.

Pretty much everyone I know smokes pot. And guess what? They range from retired Navy chiefs to firefighters, nurses, and engineers. They are good, hardworking Americans with no criminal records and they certainly aren't evil people that deserve to be locked up or killed. I'm pretty sure preaching murder on so-called "druggies" is a much more serious threat to the nation. Close-mindedness is a disease.



It is impossible to get

It is impossible to get hooked on marijuana. Not only will it not only kill you, but they D.E.A. is posting useless propaganda articles, to 'inform' the people that marijuana kills people. "You might of thought that nigga was dead, he ain't dead, he'll wake up in a couple... ...and be hungry enough to eat up everything in your house." - Katt Williams . That joke was not only a joke but fact! If the government can get their head out of their ass they can realized that they can legalize cannabis and tax it. Not to the extreme either, it seems like the most understanding government is Portugal's. They legalized every drug but with certain limits to the drug/s. 


I'm from Amsterdam,

drugs is part of my culture, and we do way more then marijuana alone...


Weed won't kill you, drugs won't kill you..

it's humans who will kill you. In other words.. with drugs.. it's your own fault if you die.. you over did it.

Another example:
Like being obese, is it mcDonalds fault? or is it the fat person who kept on eating, while he knew that he shouldn't?

Drugs is the same thing, most people just can't handle it.

i love weed because

it make me feel better than i ever were

DEA Scum must pay

The DEA is filth. Pure filth. Their organization was founded by a shocking racist criminal by the name of Harry S Anslinger. All leaders of DEA are the same category of filthy scum. They wish to impose their morally criminal selves upon, and flat out destroy, if possible, innocent citizens. This crap must end NOW. Stand up to DEA filth. If we ALL stand together, we CAN beat the filthy scum. DEA is a money sucking waste of space. The low forms of life who work within the DEA are morally bad people. They deserve NOTHING but shame & ridicule. It's way past time to bring DEA criminals to REAL justice.

Any DEA Filth who reads this & gets mad. Good. Wanna Fight Me?

I'm ready for you.

Let's go.

Lowlife Filth.

Government eats cock for living

Wow this guy's a straight up dumbass. I smoke weed all the time, im 20 years old, I lift weights 3 times a week, im extremely healthy, and I work 5 days a week. Weeds not fucking addicting I just went like 4 days where I would think to myself "Hmm I wish I had some weed" Oh well Ill go ride my fucking bike. And the "weed is a gateway drug" excuse is so fucking bullshit. I drank alcohol, took roxis, did coke, before I even smoked weed, and my opinion? Im no worse of a person or any less "healthy" from doing that. Man if I was in the same room with the head of the DEA I fuckin GUARANTEE you I'd eat that motherfuckers face off like the Miami cannibal.

Marijuana is harmless (ish)

Marijuana is probably the best plant to ever grow from the ground, but it has a downside. Just a couple. There's about 3X as much tar in marijuana as cigarettes. For any idiots who think I'm stupid for saying that are quite ignorant. Ever notice resin buildup in your pieces? I have. That shit is tar or the equivalent of tar. It's black, thick, and sticky (giggity). The reason its not a problem is because tobacco is smoked a hell of a lot more. The other thing is impaired judgement and reaction time. Its there. Anyone who thinks they're a better driver under the influence is a retard, but it doesn't affect that much. Those are really the only downsides. When people talk about addiction, they need to figure out that the only addiction marijuana can cause is psychological. Then again, anything on earth can cause psychological addiction. It doesn't tear families apart, you literally can't OD, it doesn't drive you to insanity, and it doesn't cause disease. I think marijuana should be as legal and easily accessible as alcohol. In conclusion, weed is basically the balls.

Let's bring out the big guns

No more lies! Anti-weed? Let's dispel those false notions shall we?

Okay.... I'm a freaking 18

Okay.... I'm a freaking 18 year old girl. And I grew up in a home full of abusive of ALL SORTS my parents were crack heads!!!! I grew up with FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE ON DRUGS. ESPECIALLY CRWCK COCAINE. But lemme tell all y'all this!!! I smoke weed. So what. People will get over it people gonna hate. No matter what happens. Yo I love weed. And my experiences with my childhood having two parents who did higher level drugs made me never want to touch crack because I see how it destroys family's. However weed has never made me want to "try other drugs the bigger and badder ones" just because people, against weed legalization, say it's a "gateway drug" and all the other officials not just cops , but the military, or the , courts, and basically the LAW ITSSELF and the people making the laws and enforcing it THEYRE STUPID. because if one individual has knowledge of how other drugs like krockodile or meth, cocaine, zanex , AND herioin they they won't be dumb and do that shit and stick strickly to WEED THE ONLY "DRUG" THAT HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO HELP WITH MEDICAL PROBLEMS !!!! And yes, I know my comment has been nothing but my opinion. I've noticed most of these comments mainly withheld facts which I know. But sometimes it's better if we go by experience and apply it to facts. Because as I said earlier, I grew up in a drug infested home and lifestyle with my parents. My father was a felon and a woman beater. And he also beat me. But my mom wouldn't leave bc of the drugs she was tooooooo damn addicted. And bc of that I had to watch with the eyes of a toddler growing up and teaching and learning on my own what is ok and what is not. Basically teaching myself right from wrong. And the authorities they are wrong. All of us STONERS WE WILL HAVE OUR DAY. OUR DAY WILL COME. JUST GOTTA FIGHT FOR THE THINGS WE BELIEVE IN. AND MAY I SAY I BELIEVE IN WEED AND HOW IT CAN HEAL BUT ALSO BE A GREAT TIME ON. Weed is great especially if you're on that loud shit and always be getting it. It's a great time. A good time for me will always involve the loud. It's the perfect ingredient for the perfect recipe. As wiz khalifa and snoop double O g living young and wild and free. And it's true. So let's bring the Champaign classes roll the jays faster cause it ain't over til I say so!!! (Wiz khalifa, say so)

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Drug War Issues

Criminal JusticeAsset Forfeiture, Collateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Court Rulings, Drug Courts, Due Process, Felony Disenfranchisement, Incarceration, Policing (2011 Drug War Killings, 2012 Drug War Killings, 2013 Drug War Killings, 2014 Drug War Killings, 2015 Drug War Killings, 2016 Drug War Killings, 2017 Drug War Killings, Arrests, Eradication, Informants, Interdiction, Lowest Priority Policies, Police Corruption, Police Raids, Profiling, Search and Seizure, SWAT/Paramilitarization, Task Forces, Undercover Work), Probation or Parole, Prosecution, Reentry/Rehabilitation, Sentencing (Alternatives to Incarceration, Clemency and Pardon, Crack/Powder Cocaine Disparity, Death Penalty, Decriminalization, Defelonization, Drug Free Zones, Mandatory Minimums, Rockefeller Drug Laws, Sentencing Guidelines)CultureArt, Celebrities, Counter-Culture, Music, Poetry/Literature, Television, TheaterDrug UseParaphernalia, Vaping, ViolenceIntersecting IssuesCollateral Sanctions (College Aid, Drug Taxes, Housing, Welfare), Violence, Border, Budgets/Taxes/Economics, Business, Civil Rights, Driving, Economics, Education (College Aid), Employment, Environment, Families, Free Speech, Gun Policy, Human Rights, Immigration, Militarization, Money Laundering, Pregnancy, Privacy (Search and Seizure, Drug Testing), Race, Religion, Science, Sports, Women's IssuesMarijuana PolicyGateway Theory, Hemp, Marijuana -- Personal Use, Marijuana Industry, Medical MarijuanaMedicineMedical Marijuana, Science of Drugs, Under-treatment of PainPublic HealthAddiction, Addiction Treatment (Science of Drugs), Drug Education, Drug Prevention, Drug-Related AIDS/HIV or Hepatitis C, Harm Reduction (Methadone & Other Opiate Maintenance, Needle Exchange, Overdose Prevention, Pill Testing, Safer Injection Sites)Source and Transit CountriesAndean Drug War, Coca, Hashish, Mexican Drug War, Opium ProductionSpecific DrugsAlcohol, Ayahuasca, Cocaine (Crack Cocaine), Ecstasy, Heroin, Ibogaine, ketamine, Khat, Kratom, Marijuana (Gateway Theory, Marijuana -- Personal Use, Medical Marijuana, Hashish), Methamphetamine, New Synthetic Drugs (Synthetic Cannabinoids, Synthetic Stimulants), Nicotine, Prescription Opiates (Fentanyl, Oxycontin), Psilocybin / Magic Mushrooms, Psychedelics (LSD, Mescaline, Peyote, Salvia Divinorum)YouthGrade School, Post-Secondary School, Raves, Secondary School