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New Study: Marijuana Does Not Cause Psychosis, Lung Damage, or Skin Cancer

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I've performed a meta-analysis of various scare stories about marijuana appearing in major papers this week. The results of my research are as follows:


Alarmist reports about marijuana will turn out to be wildly exaggerated and in some cases completely fictitious. Obvious inconsistencies will be overlooked by the press and widely available contrary evidence will be ignored.


I read various stories about marijuana and used basic logic and reasoning to determine whether their conclusions made any sense. In some cases, I used Google and other sources to search for other information that contradicted seemingly dubious claims.


Marijuana Increases the Risk of Psychosis by 40%
: This one turned out to be totally wrong. Apparently a correlation between marijuana use and psychosis doesn't necessarily mean that marijuana caused the psychosis. Many of the researchers made this clear in their findings, but reporters left it out. Furthermore, none of the stories on this topic explained that the risk of psychosis is small, so a 40% increase isn't that significant to begin with. Reporters also failed to observe that massive increases in marijuana use over the past century have not corresponded with increased rates of psychosis.

Smoking a Joint is as Bad For Your Lungs as 5 Cigarettes: This report also turned out to be almost entirely bogus. Shockingly, "air flow" was the only category (of several) in which marijuana was determined to be more harmful. Researchers stated that marijuana was 2.5 to 5 times more harmful than tobacco in this category, which reporters simply rounded up to 5 for the headline (behold the lofty journalistic standards of Reuters). Reporters also failed to mention conclusive research proving that marijuana does not cause lung cancer; a notable omission since "bad for your lungs" likely implies cancer for many readers. Finally, media reports failed to explain that marijuana users consume far less per day, and do not continue using for nearly as many years as tobacco smokers.

Marijuana May Cause Skin Cancer: I don't know anything about skin cancer, so I won't attempt to refute the findings of this Harvard study. The manner in which it was reported, however, leaves much to be desired. The FOX News headline reads "Study: Marijuana Use May Cause Skin Cancer." Only upon reading the article does the reader discover that only one extremely rare form of skin cancer has been associated with marijuana, and that the researchers claim that more research is needed. Furthermore, only people with weakened immune systems are even susceptible to this infection. A more appropriate headline would have been "Study: Marijuana May Cause Skin Cancer Under Very Rare Circumstances."


Reading coverage of marijuana research in the mainstream press increases the risk of becoming misinformed by 50-300%. More research is clearly needed to identify further sources of flawed marijuana reporting. The risk of bad reporting remains stable despite concerted efforts to inform the media that hysterical claims about marijuana frequently lack scientific merit. Exposure to poorly researched news about marijuana is correlated with support for costly, ineffective, highly punitive marijuana laws.

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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RE: Cigaretts VS Marijuana

My Drummer quit smoking cigarettes and kept smoking pot. His stamina improved dramatically, as well as his sense of smell and taste.

marijuana and lung damage

First I want to say I don't believe marijuana should illegal. It's kind of like alcohol. Occasional use probably won't harm you. But.. like alcohol it can absolutely be abused and cause health problems.. including lung damage. I don't care what you're smoking.. it could be any plant or grass.. leaf.. etc that you can think of. Putting smoke in your lungs on a daily basis long term will absolutely harm them. It's only common sense. Also.. any drug that stimulates your neurotransmitters will cause depletion of them in the long run.. including marijuana. In the long run causing low grade depression. There's still much we don't know about how pot effects our body.. including our lungs. Again.. i don't believe it should be illegal.. and have many friends that smoke it. But to think it's harmless shows a lack of common sense my friends..

People with Alzheimers have

People with Alzheimers have ben found to contain high levels of aluminum in their blood. In order for marijuana to be linked with this, your pipe has to be made with aluminum (Which no factory pipe is as it can increase your chance for alzheimers) or you are smoking out of cans and are too poor to buy a pipe, rolling papers, or a blunt wrap. And even so, marijuana is not the cause for alzheimers, aluminum is, so it is not right to accuse marijuana as the cause.

harvid researcher on man-boobs

I was an Olympic level long distance runner, who never used any drugs, including marijuana.

After 20 years of heavy mileage, I developed an excruciating case of shin splints. I tried to continue to train, but eventually, I had to stop running altogether. But that wasn't the worst thing: the pain became so bad and was so resistant to other medications that my doc recommended I try using marijuana.

So, reluctantly I started to use marijuana regularly, and it did help my pain; but within a few weeks, I started to notice my very tiny MAN-chest seemed like it was swollen AND TENDER.

I attributed this strange physical change to not being able to exercise, and I tried to shrug it off.

But when one of my former running mates declared that I had grown "man boobs" in a small amount of time, I was terrified. He knew that I was trying marijuana for my pain; and he told me about the man boob/marijuana connection.

When this friend "intervened" by forcing me to measure my chest, I realized my chest/breast size had increased by 46 percent, IN JUST 3 MONTHS!!! I knew then my addiction to marijuana had turned my chest into something not too far from Dolly Parton's breasts (on a small, long distance-running frame).

I stopped using the cursed substance immediately and my breasts have shrunk back to close to normal.

Boy, was that close!

Man-boobs are one of the worst things that can happen to a man. And marijuana (not food) causes 98 Percent of all man-boobs, according to Dr. Speather, Harvard researcher of man-boobs.

Don't let your friends get Man-Boobs. If you know they are using marijuana, turn them in to the police. In the end, they will thank you; no one wants MAN-BOOBS!

i want man boobs!!! so i

i want man boobs!!! so i will continue to puff


Comedians getting kicked off reality tv shows everyday and here we still endure the last comic standing. I am almost crying from laughter.
I say B.S. "Harvid"

One Day maybe soon than u think

Hey man its not if its legal u going to have to do it, its very easy to make another law for use in only home uses and weed coffee shops, ect ect. I mean come on they can set it up where people that dont smoke dont have to be around it they working on the cigarette issue already. We are still free right let make people make own choice to do or not. But in reality its up to the non-smoke to make up there mind they out number bud smokers 15 to 1 at least, when ya'll want ot be have another freedom and stop letting someone tell u how bad it is and dont even care enough to reseacher it on your own they got some studys just be u may not want to dont mean we dont.
Hell look at beer they trying to lower the age of drinking to at 18 would government appove of that more money its not goign to take the bingy drinking away by no means just alot more deaths will happen look at the side affects on drinking i mean come on Bud at least can walk and talk normal and dont run somone over Bud smokers slow and casual i have full control over body unlike drinkin dont got to throw backup that poison and drink affect memory short term to and ton of other side affects and long term condtions. Legalize pot death pently the other really controling drugs or life term. Pot u can quit any time any where.It is very relaxing before time to go to bed and no depends. Hell almost every fluid that is sold in bulk has got addictive properties Dp is a big give away hell they use to put coke in coke to get people hooked i mean come on. By outlook theres no reason why it should be legalized peoples going to do it one way or another God put it on this planet so we could enjoy it if the people that dont want to use it dont see the medical benefits of it sooner or late they will just take some longer to catch on to what been in your back yard all along hell it could happen i have seen alot of stuff i never tho i would see nothing never stays the same.

"Harvid"... BWAHAHAHAHA!

krokker, i'm with you, man... i've just read a mountain of comments on this thread, and this "anonymous" guy has been cracking me up every time. what a crock of shit, posted by some dude who doesn't even have enough of a dangling pair to put his own freakin' NAME to his uninformed woe-begone comments.
hey, "anonymous"... i went to uvinersity too!
(do some real research, ya lazy tool...)


Cant u think of anything better to come up with man, hell goverment can lie better than that. If u would have got off your but and stop stuffing your maybe u wouldnt look like a girl. U are so full of it. Got 10years under the belt and still weight a buck 145 LoL.


MAn thats just extreme bullshit,,al of my friends smoke weed,some of them since they were 13,,now they r 19,smoke weed every day at least a few time ,,and gueeeeeeeessss what,,,NONE OF THEM HAS BOOBS!!!! WHAT OTHER STUPID EXCUSE DO U HAVE TO MAKE TO KEEP IT ILLEGAL? first it was cancers,than psychosis,and NOW ITS MAN BOOOOBS HAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHA

Lol that had to be the

Lol that had to be the stupidest shit I ever heard in my life. I don't know what the fuck you were smoking to make you think you grownin boobs but it wasn't weed. Either that or you smoked yourself retarded and forgot your a fagit tranny taking estrogen. In that case Maybe its best if you smoke the "cursed substance" either way your a dumbass!!!!

.man boobs.

first i wanna state that marijuana does not cause MAN BOOBS . who ever the hell said that it did is a dumb ass. for one weed makes you hungry... and when you eat you gain weight ... with weight other body parts EXPAND. ... duh.. second if you noticed a significant change due to your use of marijuana that doesnt seem normal then its most likely not the marijuana its you.

"Harvid" Researchers

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Dumb ass

More drug lies?!?

Don't believe you. Never happened to anyone I know. If anything, it increased your appetite and you ate a lot!

It must be in your head

Gynecomastia is irreversible.  I don't know what happened to you, but if you had grown real man boobs, you'd be screwed.  The only way to reduce it is surgery, as this can happen in rare cases to people who try steroids for their first time.  There's no such thing as "temporary gynecomastia".  On a side note, I've blazed daily for seven years...  No boobs yet, but a nice set of muscular pectorals from weightlifting, if I do say so myself.

Marijuana does not in itself cause breast development!

If it did cause breast growth, then half the men I know would have breasts. Every chronic pot head I know has a firm semi ripped chest. Maybe you just got the munchies and ate too much and grew fat in your chest dumb ass! If it really grew boobs in men Then trans women would all do it to grow boobs. But they don't because it does not. Poor diet and lack of exercise can cause fat build up but not breast tissue development. If you had real breasts then you would be stuck with them and they would not just go away because you quit. Trust me I see an endocrinologist so I can grow boobs and pot is not on the agenda. You sir are blaming your your poor diet and exercise problems on the wrong thing.real breast tissue does not go away. You are stuck with it!! SCORE ONE FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY!!!

Don't get me wrong being a

Don't get me wrong being a runner is good for you however for a healthy lifestyle you need a mixture of cardio and weight lifting. If you lifted weights you would not have gotten man boobs. If you would have varied your activity and not only ran you also probably would not have got joint problems causing you pain. My husband loves to run but also power lifts. He smokes a lot of weed and has never had "man boobs". Lift some weights build your chest muscles up.


The thing that I find the funniest out of this whole article is the fact that all anyone can say is marijuana causes man boobs lol. That is the issue is that people everywhere are just digging for a reason not to legalize pot. It is so pathetic. Studies are done that are not controlled, just to try to prove a point. 


What about beer, it is legal and it can give you a "beer belly". However there are many people out there who can drink in moderation and others obsessively and not get this "beer belly". Should alcohol be illegal because someone can twist facts around to show that it causes one to get a beer belly?


I challenge anyone to conduct a controlled study on marijuana and prove that it is harmful..... the thing is if it was we would have seen a study of this nature done already. I guarantee you the government have already done controlled studies that they have not released to the public for the only reason that they want it to be bad.


There are so many controlled studies out there showing the benefits of marijuana, a lot of well known and looked up to educators and scientist have done these studies.


i have one question for anyone who is against marijuana because of all the "studies" that are done? Have you ever watched any one the documentaries on marijuana? If not you really should.  go to you tube and look up one or all of these videos. I understand everyone has a right to their own thoughts however before you say you don't like something you should have all of the facts, not only half of them. Don't think or feel something because someone tells you to. Educate yourself, knowledge is power! Make your own decisions allow yourself to set aside the fact that pot is horrible, pot is bad cause anyone only feels this way because of what they have been told. Watch these videos then come tell me why you think pot is bad and should be illegal. Don't come on marijuana boards talking about how you can get man boobs, seriously come on here with some facts and know how the studies are conducted before you use any studies to back up your own thoughts and feelings. same goes for pro pot, watch the videos look up the actual studies and data that was used and compare it to the studies of data that was used to say pot is bad. look past pot being a drug and learn about other purposes or marijuana. Learn why if they did legalize pot what industries would lose for example

-Legalization would threaten the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

-The Drug War provides a distraction from the failure of the U.S. government to solve the real problems facing U.S. society (poverty, unemployment, poor health and educational systems, etc.)


 Find out   through these videos where YOUR tax money is going to fight the war on drugs and how little the money is being used to stop the coke, heroine estacy etc drugs. Find out how many marijuana users are in jail when they let the child molesters and rapists out because there is no room for them. Trust me the facts WILL make you sick to your stomach!!!!!

If anything at all these videos are enlightening. Whether you walk away from watching these thinking you still personally do not believe in smoking weed that is your choice I have no problem with that. However when you learn how the government spends your tax money and everything that marijuana and hemp can do to the well being of our society then you might not end up being on anyones side, however you might see that the government is going overboard on its attack on marijuana.


Again youtube these videos,

“The Union”-- one of the most educational ones


1. Grass: The History of Marijuana (1999) Narrated by Woody Harrelson

2. The Union (2007)

3. In Pot We Trust (2007)

4. Marijuana Inc. Inside America’s Pot Industry (2009)

5. Run From the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story (2008)

6. Reefer Madness (1936) – A great look at the scare tactics used against marijuana.

7. Hemp for Victory (1942)

8. Waiting to Inhale: Marijuana, Medicine, and the Law (2005)

9. High: The True Tale of American Marijuana (2008)

the man boobs thing seems a little far-fetched


i use to smoke weed a lot.. and now i develop schizophrenia ! :(

One thing I can be sure of.

Dude ...We can't be sure you have schizophrenia. We can be sure it is NOT marijuana induced. Maybe your schizophrenia makes you think that marijuana caused it. Hey, my fucking toenails are growing and i used pot.

Stupid Feeling

I had a friend, (sort of) once that got hooked on pot. He extolled the wonders of pot and wanted me to try it so badly that I accommodated him.

I started to drive home and started spacing out, so I let my girlfriend drive. It gave me a really "stupid" feeling, and I never wanted to feel that way again.

Another friend was in the Air Force and smoked a LOT of pot. One day he went to the PX to buy something and when he went to sign... he couldn't remember his own NAME !

That's when he quit.

Objectivity is the key to finding the truth in any situation. But if you observe others with addiction to other drugs, I think you may be able to detect the fact that the addiction sort of "harnesses" their brains. That is, they concentrate a LOT on finding ways NOT to blame their addiction for their problems, and to "prove" that it is harmless.

Don't let anything take away your objectivity, (if you can help it).
BTW, the use of self refrences like "pothead" doesn't inspire other people to trust your judgment.

Stupid feeling

Refer madness propaganda gives me a stupid feeling. Good grief.

Gess Ya'll

Well there are side effects dont get me wrong. Couldnt remeber his own name u sure his wants on some pills or drinking LoL. Well any how it does cause short term memory lost, something u couldnt give a rats as about but what do ya'll later bit later u can recall even the dumb stuff u could care less about its all short term tho. Oyea and by the way man u know that first time u smoke should have smoke so much first very mind blowing :P Be like u drink for the first time and say u drank a case and a half of beer hell u would have killed someone i bet, in any case u build a immune to it just like drinking! Dont just jump right into things find out whats the side effects are and how much u should take. Like pills be doc give u some pill with no label on it and u just take a handful gess come on i had better sence than that at 15.

Got to put a little effort

Got to put a little effort out man its not addictive. Sure it take away your objectivity name a depressant that dont . U just did to much u and it scared this shit out of u cuz it illegal saying u do to much drinking same thing dont happen lol o hell u can even recall last night u just remember going to the bar and u ask the jailer i didnt kill anyone did i? Like u could ever go that far with pot heh

man boobs

According to, alcohol is also a drug that will induce man boobs. You don't think the Coors boys keep that part of the story from evening news do you?

I don't think I ever saw a beer drinker with man boobs. Oh wait a minute, every hops lovin mother's son of them have man-boobs!

My favorite attack on the masculinity of pot smoker's came from
the military which showed me a film insisting that smoking pot would make you uninterested in sex. They might have as well told me I would starve to death due to loss of appetite.

The Real Reason and Only its not Legal

Is that goverment couldnt tax it be could everyone and anyone could grow it for them selfs , if normal people could grow tobacco right out of ther back yard it would be legal to. its all about the money plus they loose all that cash from cotton to wouldnt be a need for cotton be hemp :P Just seen this today Cotton Incorporated helps companies manufacture, market and sell cotton cloths more efficiently and more profitably. U know they would slide a little cash under the table to make sure they dont go out of business. But iam sure they wouldnt beable to control the market any long. Hell anyone could make some money making shirts cloths and supply there own materials but of course goverment would get taxes once that happened but say shirts $10 dollars to $20 now Hemp one could be $5 to $10 would have to compete goverment wants higher cost so they get more money they benefit when some thing cost more hell they 56,000,000.000 in the hole are already they cant get much worst gess they spenting way more than they getting already normally all they will do will be another tax . Or can they! They like getting all that free money to just by bashing weed dealers houses in and saying stickem up give all your cash and weed hell that pretty easy money its to bad real people cant get money so easy. Hell u did that at a bank u wouldnt see the light of day for 15 to 20. Well see how they doing so far we are getting closer and closer Brink of economic collapse

Wake up Goverment Wants control of everything and Anything If u make money they demand for a slice or throw in a Cage Like A Dog

It is really sad that this the best thing they can think of, look like there could a much better job of running a country, hell it keeps going way its going will be working for 3rd world countries these rich money hungry dont really see whats happening or just dont care they got enough to go around no matter what not everyone got it so easy or i should say iam not so not so greedy. I have never been the type to kick a man when they down or to just start a fight cuz i can beat him up. If it goes as far as money dont mean a thing we going to see some crazy stuff. Guess we will see how it turns out

Goverment or this non smokers No Pot Y?

Dont understand legalize this and not Pot They have no room to talk!!!!!

Nicotine and alcohol. Two simple organic molecules that share similar attributes: they produce a high, and they are highly addictive. In addition, both exact an enormous toll in human suffering, mortality and medical costs.

Last July, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimated that alcohol is implicated in as many as 44 percent of the more than 40,000 annual traffic crash fatalities. Liver cirrhosis, although on the decline since 1973, remains the 11th leading cause of death. And tobacco use, the number one preventable cause of death in the United States, claims more than 400,000 lives and $50 billion in direct medical costs each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lung and heart diseases are the principal killers, but smoking contributes to a broad range of other maladies.

The good news is that scientists may be able to take advantage of another trait these "everyday" drugs share to render them less harmful. Research shows that alcohol and nicotine--as well as coffee and sweets, for that matter--become habit-forming in like ways. All overstimulate the brain's so-called reward system, as do the major drugs of abuse, such as cocaine and heroin.

This network of neurons, a circuit running through the ventral tegmental area (VTA), the nucleus accumbens and the prefrontal cortex, is normally activated when an animal does things--such as eating or sex--that help it to survive. This activity increases levels of sundry neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and seratonin, inducing pleasurable feelings. Most drugs overactivate the circuit, so that addicts in danger will often turn to one or several subtances instead of self-preservation.

Numerous studies have suggested a common link in addiction by showing that people addicted to one substance are more likely to be addicted to others. The strongest connection is between tobacco and alcohol. Smokers drink twice as much alcohol as non-smokers--and their risk of drinking too heavily is also twice that of non-smokers. One study found that alcoholism is 10 to 14 times more prevalent among smokers. And, while the percentage of smokers has dropped to 30 percent of American adults, it is unchanged among alcoholics. In addition, smokers are more likely to take illicit drugs than non-smokers are. In 1995, 13.6 percent of smokers were illicit drug users, compared with only 3.0 percent of non-smokers.

In fact, alcoholics are more likely to die from the effects of smoking than from those of alcohol. The Mayo Medical Center in Rochester, Minn. examined the 197 traceable deaths out of 845 patients admitted to its addiction treatment program between 1972 and 1983. The researchers found tobacco-related causes in 85 deaths (43 percent) and alcohol-related causes in 55 deaths (28 percent).

To be sure, beating either habit is hard, let alone both--and many people replace one for the other. The National Treatment Improvement Evaluation Study (NTIES), a Congressionally-mandated five-year study, found that whereas many clients served by federally-funded programs cut their drug use in half up to a year after treatment, many eventually relapsed. And although there is now one non-smoker for every smoker in the U.S., most treatment programs report success rates of less than 10 percent after one year.

But new medications for both nicotine addiction and alcoholism are on the way, now that scientists realize that addictions stem from much more than "an addictive personality" or weak will. The remedies being tested actually target the cascade of neurochemical events at the root of addicts' cravings. Isradipine, a drug recently shown to reduce the desire for alcohol, is a calcium-channel blocker normally used to treat high blood pressure. The compound also appears to affect levels of dopamine in the brain's reward center. Similarly, a prescription antidepressant called bupropion seems to block smokers cravings by mimicking nicotine's ability to increase the amount of dopamine in the brain.

Although a drug that would treat all addictions is still a long way off, the new research is already having an impact on the way addiction is medically managed. Many treatment centers, such as the one at the University of Texas Medical School, are now taking a holistic approach. Alcoholics entering inpatient programs don't just give up alcohol--they part with their cigarettes and coffee as well.

Treating multiple addictions at once does not seem to make recovery any more difficult. The Texas center reports that since it became "smoke free" in 1991, it has observed no change in the rate of premature discharge, in the percentage of people who completed the program and in patient stress or unusual incidents. "It turns out it's not that hard to wean people from nicotine when it becomes the expectation of the program," say Terry Rustin, who heads the unit.

Even so, some researchers question whether treatment can ever overcome behaviors heavily reinforced by evolution. Randolph Nesse and Kent Berridge, psychiatric investigators with the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, reported in Science that medicine may never win the war against drug addiction because "it is rooted in the fundamental design of the human nervous system."

Until proven otherwise, many scientists hold out hope

Pot on Lungs

Study: Marijuana Causes Lung Damage

New research finds that smoking three or four marijuana cigarettes a week for six years could harm lung function and destroy antioxidants that protect cells against heart disease and cancer, Reuters reported Dec. 5.

"Smoking cannabis on a regular basis actually depletes your lung of protective antioxidant substances and this may have chronic long-term implications for young individuals," said Dr Sarah Nuttall of the University of Birmingham in England.

The study involved a group of 20 people ages 19 to 30 who were either nonsmokers, cigarette smokers, and/or marijuana users. Researchers took blood samples, conducted lung function measurements, and tested for antioxidant markers.

"We found that smokers, compared to nonsmokers, had impaired lung function," Nuttall said.

Nuttall said that when compared to nonsmokers, marijuana smokers had substantially lower levels of a protective antioxidant and nitric oxide, which is linked to lung function.

"These findings are important in young individuals in which the use of cannabis is increasing and may have serious long-term implications for what is currently regarded as a relatively harmless recreational habit," she said.

The study's findings were presented at a meeting of the British Thoracic Society held recently in London, England.

But still hard to say the studyed people only had smoke that up until they did the test but like any thing legal that gives u a high depends how much u do and the manner u do it depend one out come or another. Everyone is didnt and some have birth defects and stuff alot of didnt issues to a count for and loads more testing need to be done.

Well it is very likely pot

Well it is very likely pot smoker/smoking cigarettes 2xtimes as bad for u


None of you have done enough research to decide anything. Smoking pot IS bad for you because burnning anything produces carbon. Second pot is a heluisenigien meaning it makes you heluisinate that within it's self is a pyhsicotic symptom, along with the acute paranoia. This effect is not permanent but if you are predisposed to a mental illness it can be the catalist for a pshicotic breakdown. Also if you are already crazy it will make it worse, so don't use it. Ther is alot more to state that wrong about all comments and the original text but I have already wasted my time enough, but just so that there are no misconseptions pot boes not directly kill.

add to what I stated

The "magic smoke" statements are reatarded. There is no one substance that causes cancer. In fact no substance directly causes cancer because cancer is the body attacking it's self. There is no anti-cancer because we still cannot pinpoint the cause of cancer to nutraulize it. If there such a thing cancer would have a cure. What we can see is that the same substance in joint-smoke, the same substance in all smoke, is the substance that causes black lung.

Pot is not a HALLUCINOGEN, it

Pot is not a HALLUCINOGEN, it is somewhat related to them, however both pot and hallucinogens (which do not cause hallucinations even remotely like ones brought on by madness, that rumour was started out of/to breed fear) are physically harmless and only mental harmful to those predisposed to such conditions. And studies BY THE GUY WHO ORIGINALLY SAID POT COULD CAUSE CANCER recently have showed no link between marijuana and cancer. So what, smoking isn't healthy, but neither is MOST food you can get these days.

Puff Daddy

Research ? I'm walking proof marijuana don't do shit to your body. I smoke a quarter ounce a day or more for the past 25 years and i also smoke a pack of cigarettes a day too. I'm very healthy and just a little underweight ,( i work hard), people that grow boobs sit around and don't do shit , except for women of course :o) I never get sick , flu's or colds , and only have to visit a doctor when a new job requires a medical exam.

I'm diagnosed with scoliosis ( curvature of the spine) from an accident when i was a kid. I also have nerve damage in both my hands and can get a medical prescription for marijuana if i wanted to. I don't need some "practitioner" "dr." that "practices" on people to tell me that man made chemicals they fed me , that made me bleed internally are safer than marijuana. I threw the pills back at him and told him i was gonna smoke it and have ever since :o)

Now ok you think i'm a whacked out stoner that walks around fucked up all day ! lol . I wish. I'm pretty much immune to the stone so i function normally like anyone else would ( depends what you define as normal ) When i'm not stoned people ask me what's wrong. I run heavy machinery and part of my job requires me to do search and rescue , marijuana also helps me to relax and keep my concentration when i have to do very dangerous things. People trust me with their lives in a lot of situations and i'm proud to say i've never fucked up and don't ever plan to either. sorry about my language :o)

On the contrary i don't do any other drugs ( have tried most, not my thing ) and rarely drink alcohol ( i'm allergic and get twisted from one drink ) cheap date :o)

Solution to the war on drugs ! Everyone grows it wherever they can , they can't put everyone in jail , spread seeds like johnny apple seed did and grow it on government land , then we throw the government in jail and start new laws that make sense !

Sigh ,but seriously the rich elite that control our governments and the laws they make are the ones that need to be persuaded to change the laws.

The bottom line is until they are educated better about it legalization will take time to happen. Government studies have been done on marijuana but funding was stopped because the only evidence found was for the favor of the drug,that's why fictitious things were made up about it back in the olden days :o) those closed minded old rich dumb fuckers just want it all huh ? Well i never seen a u-haul behind a hurse yet and they are all gonna die one day then we can take over the world ( pinky and the brain )

Can tell when i stop and smoke one huh ? puff puff passs !

I want that blunt.

Hey pass it here. btw very educated and agreed to the full extent. and dont down on the idea of growing plants everywhere..i have a few seeds...wanna get started? ;)

none of you will ever know the truth..

unless you seek the truth...

we could argue all day about the pros and cons of marijuana.
but you need to shut the fuck up and see the big picture.

marijuana is more then any of you will ever understand untill you do the research.

so do the research, then bitch.

PS. thank you to all the honest people out there fighting for legalization, and to inform the public of the lies we have been forcefed over the years.




a. "anyways" is not a word. anyway.
b. thc does in fact lead to excess tissue in breasts bc it has hormones. the same way chicken gives men titties. sorry but its true.
c. "fucking idiots" is never a good approach if you want people to take you seriously. ever.
d. i love smoking pot. everyday. but that doesnt mean i am going to disregard the long term results/consequences. not like the consequences are that of smoking crack- but there are consequences none the less. memory loss, lung cancer (if smoked), man tits (hah), and demotivation etc. by the way, the whole man tit thing is totally exaggerated, but its true to a degree.

i mean think about it, with everything in this world having some sort of effect on you (sugar and sun both are the worsts things for your body and people think theyre great!) you cant go and rule out something that to some is considered a drug. of course its going to effect you. smoke it up, but dont live in denial.


My friend and I are doing a project on Marijuana for school, you guys are all dumb.
Go to McDonalds and make some real money!

My friends are doing a

My friends are doing a project on marijuana for school, but not doing real research.

Go to McDonalds and see something truly bad for you!




To the Olympian

An Olympian sits on his couch and smokes pot for 3 months, while simultaneously stopping his workout regiment and claims that the cannabis is the reason for the swift gluttony.

Idiot by definition - a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.

I'm not one for personal attacks, but to the person who said what I stated above, you're an idiot.

in response to Rick from Texas

There is a study out by UCLA pulmonologists that was conducted for thirty years on about 700 regular cannabis smokers and no increased risk of lung cancer was observed than in nonusers. Those that participated in the study smoked between 11,000 and 22,000 joints over the course of 30 years. This is a lot of joints. Thatd be about 4 joints a day, or what the government claims, 4 packs of cigarettes. This would equate to about 60 years of cigarette smoking if that analogy were true, but its not. Cannabinoids, the active ingredients in marijuana, were also found to be anti tumoral and anti cancerous in their effects on malignant or cancer cells.

And the only legitimate study I can find out about marijuana and alzheimers disease is that using marijuana can delay the onset or slow the progress of the disease, not speed it up. So that is also debunked rather easily.

If you have any other questions regarding the truth of marijuana and its effects, ill gladly show you more studies. Search for marijuana and lung cancer on google, you'll find the right answer right away. And also the study about alzheimers.

redo your math please

nope thats actually only one or two joints per day...

marijuana is a drug and always will be

it is bad for your lungs and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. havent you ever looked in your bong or bowl after packing one up? it turns black just like your lungs will if you smoke too much

mr. olympian that grew manboobs should have put a little focus in school so you wouldnt have said something so stupid. of course youre going to get moobs if you all of a sudden stop exercising and start smoking weed. your body is used to getting a lot of exercise and the munchies prob didnt help

"there is a sick little suicide in all that we do. you decide which ones for you"

how the FUCK could mj cause

how the FUCK could mj cause 98% of man boobs? what about all the fatasses that dont smoke weed? they have man boobs. there isnt much research out there about weed that is actually good but some of it is actually true and can be proven. but weed causing 98% of all manboobs is just complete bs.

Thought I would throw my 2 cents in

I have been a pot smoker for 33 years now and have suffered no ill effect for doing so. My personality can be pretty intense when I am angry and have been considered an asshole to some, which I can't argue the fact too much to tell the truth. now being high strung as I am, (these days especially) I can be fighting mad and smoke one joint. Before the joint has burned completely down to a roach, I am
feeling better and more calm and collected and as a result able to think in more rational terms.
I also have a long time friend that has what they call a nervous stomach. If he is upset about something and if by coincidence he is hungry and tries to eat he will have to go to the restroom to get sick, but If he smokes one joint and then eats, he can keep the whole meal down and as a result he feels better and is able to enjoy what is left of the day.
And before I wrap this segment up, I would like to say to the brain dead idiots who calls marijuana a stair-step drug to shut the fuck up and smoke a joint.
As for the booby guys over there, are they sure they didn't pick up some roofi-wielding demented plastic surgeon? just a thought..........

Peace, Love , Smoke dope

Marijuana does not in itself cause breast development!

If it did cause breast growth, then half the men I know would have breasts. Every chronic pot head I know has a firm semi ripped chest. Maybe you just got the munchies and ate too much and grew fat in your chest dumb ass! If it really grew boobs in men Then trans women would all do it to grow boobs. But they don't because it does not. Poor diet and lack of exercise can cause fat build up but not breast tissue development. If you had real breasts then you would be stuck with them and they would not just go away because you quit. Trust me I see an endocrinologist so I can grow boobs and pot is not on the agenda. You sir are blaming your your poor diet and exercise problems on the wrong thing.real breast tissue does not go away. You are stuck with it!! SCORE ONE FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY!!!

"New Study". Really?

This article does not constitute a "New Study" on anything. All the author did was take articles *about* marijuana research and write an essay about them being inadequate. There are a few problems with this approach:

1. An essay is not a "New Study". It's an essay.

2. The author does not establish what his own biology credentials are. Chances are that he is a lot less qualified to criticize the research than the people who performed the research.

3. The author apparently did not even read the actual studies. All he did was read articles *about* the studies.  That's worse than citing Wikipedia as a credible research source.  If you're going to criticize studies, you need to have read the studies you're criticizing.

If you choose to believe that marijuana is safe and healthy, you are entitled to that opinion - but it is only an opinion.  If you want to factually dispute peer-reviewed scientific studies, then what you need to do is get a degree in Biology, design and perform experiments that satisfy the demands of scientific rigor, and get them published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Playing armchair biologist is not going to convince anybody of anything other than the fact that you're too lazy to do actual structured research.

Not Afraid

Ill stand with anyone willing to. Some smokers are too much of pussies to walk the streets. im on probation and im sick of people "wanting to legalize it" and dont do shit. So lets rally. take to the streets. stick it to the motherfucking man. i mean come on its not hard and the constitution gives us the right to do it. and if the government flips and tries to gun us down then believe me itll be another Revolution and the people will rise and kick the governments assess. they cant control us and illegalizing marijuana is just one way they try to prove they can. stop letting them think they can!


Why not just use a vap? Just like an e-cig, when used properly they do not involve combustion. 

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