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False Positives: The Dark Secret of the Drug Testing Regime

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The New Scientist has an excellent story on student drug testing which reveals, among other things, that the stupid tests don't even work:

What's more, such tests can flag kids who are "clean" and miss genuine users. A study led by [director of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program at Children's Hospital Boston, Sharon] Levy and published this month in Pediatrics (DOI: 01.1542/peds.2006-2278) examined recent drug tests of teenagers being treated for substance abuse. Of 710 drug tests performed, 85 gave incorrect results, either because the urine sample was too dilute to interpret properly, or because the test picked up prescription medicines.

"Drug tests can be very difficult to understand and interpret," says Levy. "There are lots of circumstances under which a kid could be using drugs and not test positive or have a positive test when they are not using drugs."

The tests were wrong 11.9% of the time. That's unbelievable. If 12 students out of 100 are getting bogus results, these tests aren't even close to being useful. And while follow-up tests can sometimes set things straight, consider this:

While the rules for federally funded testing say positive results must be checked by an approved lab, no such rules exist for the approximately 500 schools that are testing without federal grants. "Confirmatory testing adds a lot of cost. I don't think most schools are doing it." Levy says.

So the tests are wrong with frightening regularity, yet many schools don’t even have procedures for following up on positive results. That doesn't mean they aren't doing it, but it certainly raises doubts. Here's just one example of how a false positive test can destroy a student's relationship with their school.

As reformers, I believe we've been remiss in failing to emphasize false positives as a primary argument against student drug testing. It may prove difficult to establish the frequency with which they occur, but one is too many and the victims are highly sympathetic. When innocent non-users are accused and subjected to the stigma of drug use erroneously, all perceived values of the program are cast into doubt. This is an argument that might catch the attention of "clean" kids and proud parents who think they've got nothing to lose here.

Funny Side-note: SSDP's Tom Angell once urine tested himself for fun. Tom's reputation for partying is rather undistinguished, so we were certain he'd come up negative across the board. Instead, he came up positive for amphetamines and barbiturates (isn't that what killed Elvis?).

It was amusing that the test was so completely wrong the first time we ever tried it. But then we got chills thinking about families being torn apart by these fraudulent products. Come to think of it, there's nothing at all funny about any of this.


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I had a randum drug test today. It came back methamphetamine and amphetamines. They sent it to a lab. I screwed up and let a no longer friend talk me into smoking with her. Im stupid i admitt it and that will never happen again im scared and ashamed of myself . Is there anything i can tell the lab that i have been taking when they call me. I cant afford to lose this job or my reputation.

False positive for amphetamines - how to tell which drug?

I am on the home stretch of beginning my new and much sought after job in the newborn nursery at a local hospital. Last step, drug testing. I knew I'd have opoids as I take a hydrocodone cough syrup when allergies are causing me to cough up a lung and Norco PRN for back pain caused by nerve infringement, degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, and psoriatic arthropathy. I had that covered. I had offered up a med list when I had the test drawn in the hospital lab, but they said they didn't need it.

Of course the test was positive for opoids, and I faxed the page of my drug list from my doctor's office with the two hydrocodone scripts circled. However, I also tested positive for amphetamines. I have not touched an amphetamine in any form since the early 70s. I am 59 years old, short and fat (you can tell I am not a tweaker by just looking at my rotund figure), and I was shocked to the point of nausea by the news she gave me. It was sent off to a different outside lab for more detailed testing. If the results are not back by tomorrow, I can't start my job on the 15th and my offer of employment will be rescinded till and if I can prove my innocence with regard to the  amphetamine issue.


Here's the thing. I have two chronic illnesses requriing aggressive immunosuppressive drugs and other drugs to fix what the diseases and  the immunosuppressives "break" in my body. I looked up the list of drugs for false positives for amphetamines on a reputable website, UIE College of Pharmacy, so it wouldn't be brushed off as internet bullshit and turns out, I take five of them daily. Five. Bupropion (Wellbutrin) in a very high dose, promethazine (nausea), pseudoephedrine (Sudafed - allergies), Ranitidine (Zantac - allergies), and trazadone (sleep aid for when melatonin drops the ball) I can't see how the lab will be able to tell which one or more of these caused the positive result. I am terrified I will lose this job without cause after I have quit my other job of 29 years and was going to start in less than 4 days. If I miss my opportunity to start the 15th, as they won't even let me attend the employee orientation that is the first day, Monday, if the results aren't back. And my other fear is that with so many drugs in play, can they drill it down in the tests to see that there was no amphetimes involved.


I sent the Employee Health lady who called faxes of my RXs for the two opoids, and a copy of the UIE list with my drugs circled, and a copy of all three pages of my drugs I currently take with all the offending drugs circled. She acted like "so what" when I called her to be sure she got them, so I am doubtful anyone in authority will see them and perhaps let me slide on the orientation on the 15th since I know and provided some proof, thin though it may be, that it IS true I don't abuse amphetamines. I hope.


So how sensitive are these more detailed tests? Can they tell that I have no amphetamine in my pee after all with so much stuff going in every day? She wouldn't tell me what type of testing they are using, but seemed to be very sure they could easily tell if it was or wasn't amphetamines. It was a mortifying experiience on top of it. I could tell by her tone and attitude that she was on the side of my being a drug abuser, at least of the speed I was accused of using. She sounded very contemptuous when I told her that it had to be other drugs I took. And then sent her the paperwork which made her more pissy to me.


I am fighting for my life to stay out of jail for a false positive for meth. My lawyer says that once it goes to the lab that it is no longer a false positive is this true? Need help in Indiana!!!!

My 9 month old daughter tested positive for cocaine

My daughter is 9 months old and has been in DHS custody for the past 2 1/2 months. She was only just tested about 2 weeks ago and I was informed that her hair test came back positive for cocaine, and at VERY high levels of it. About 3 weeks before her test, she was on the antibiotic Amoxicillin. Come to find out 2 weeks later, she's allergic to it and was taken off of it. The DHS and youth court here in Hancock county in Mississippi is horrible and so against the parents and when we brought this to the attention of the judge, she refused to retest my daughter and stated that she had never heard of antibiotics causing a false positive. I don't know what I can do now.

contaminated urine

I had to take a random drug test for probation. I  am not a drug user and never have been.

I took the test and tested positive for methadone and benzopines? 

The night before i had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and i bathed in the morning before going to 

my appointment i have a feeling some sperm may have been left inside me. Could this cause a positive result in a drug test if his sperm contained any drugs and then mixed with my urine?  I was told it was a very faint amount barely making a positive line. As far as i know he  doesnt use these drugs. I am at a loss as to how else i could come up positive when i know i havent taken anything at all besides tylenol for a headache. Also i thought methadone was for drug users trying to recover from heroin. 



fight back against MILLENNIUM LABS




Millenium Laboratories False Positives

Coincidentally I too have had a false positive from Millenium Laboratories. Even more coincidentally is the dates most of you are reporting this. My false positive was reported early February 2015. I am also seeking legal counsel as I do not want this in my medical records. What’s even interesting is just prior to my med screening Oral Fluid Test, I had to do a complete physical, blood, urine, EKG, etc etc for an Insurance policy with completely different Dr. This testing took place 2 hours prior to my med screening submittal of oral fluid screening performed by Millenium Laboratories. The test results of my insurance physical screening came back negative whereas the Millenium Laboratory test results showed a positive for Cocaine use. This needs to be addressed with the company immediately as these erroneously drug screening results have life changing consequences. Who has started a lawsuit against Millenium Laboratories?

Union False positive hair drug test

I recently for the union and they told me to take a drug test - well, 2 weeks passed and the day of my interview, offer and additional testing I get a call from a doctor(mro) and he tells me that I tested positive for METH, I was outrage so I told him I have never done meth. He said that the test don't lie, he ask me if I have taken prescribe medication and I told him NO, I haven't had any kind of prescribe meds nor over the counter medicine recently. I told him I took force factor ignite A180 and garcinia Cambogia diet pills but bottles state there all natural - I did a little research to see if these diet pills could cause a false positive and I found that if it contained dexatrim or accutrim it can come out to a positive on meth/AMP , the doctor said no it couldn't be the diet pills either. I told him that I took NyQuil about 7-8 months prior to testing and VICKS nasal spray witch I don't like! he said that no over the counter drugs can cause you to test positive. Just so everyone knows I am challenging the test and I will be testing the split hair at another lab(I didn't choose lab). I had to pay $200 to re-test. I'm innocent and havent done any drugs 100%. People lives are being ruined by dirty labs, I feel like I'm being framed, I think there's a possibility that someone switch my good hair for there dirty hair - I don't know what happened to my sample after I left the clinic. Someone with enought resources will one day fight this to the highest court and will win! I believed in drug testing but it has to be 100% accurate. Is there hope out there?

I thought I was alone and being fooled

My son is my whole world cause I have lived my life with epilespy n never thought i could have any, he and i have always been very close. I have had many accidents due to my seizues n a lot of physical problems from medications that ruined my body n health when i was young as well as having a mom that only took me to docs to get meds for herself. I moved far away when i was 18, always worked hard but when my sons father abandoned us, I moved back home so he would grow up with family. My mom immedialy saw $ signs n did horrible things to me, even convinced this small town court i was on drugs, cys drug tested me n said i had cocaine in my system n granted my mom custody. I was on all my seizure meds, 3 of them are also anxiety meds, and was on antibiotics. Plus i have always taken alot of ibuprofin. B4 moving, i took myself off of a ton of pain meds my docs in FL had me on cause i couldnt function as a mother, the irony is, my mother took them cause she has always loved her drugs. I fought so hard n proved everything good about myself possible n got my son back after a year but it was 3 years until my mom stopped getting all my $. Been 5 years n I recently moved to another town to get some distance from her cause im pretty ill n want my life with my child 2 be great. My mom filed 4 custody of my son n my monthly drug screen i get at my pain clinic i go to every month for the last 5 years for 1 medication of the same dosage n same # of pills every time has been a little weird lately. My moms job is training and placing peps in doc offices n she admitted in court that she abuses her authority to get my records. Is this not america? I know how she has been my whole life n i protected myself long ago but why should i have 2? CYS cleared me n was on my side in court, as well as my grandma but my mom wants my son just 2 control me n never does or say anything kind to or for me. Its hard enough being a single mom with epilepsy n i have a mom who just hurts n attacts me. She gave me some home cooked food on friday when she picked up my son for her visitation n im certain she put something in it to mess with my drug tests or worse. My friends from where i used 2 live told me my nephew was telling every1 that my son was moving back this weekend. How do i get this food tested n prove that she is truley trying 2 hurt me. Its all about the $ she needs again cause she lost another job for messing with things related to HER drug addiction. Thank u 4 ur stories, n for listening. Please, and advice or words will help, im so alone.


Whoever gave your mother access to your records is almost certainly in violation of HIPPA, the Federal medical records laws.  If she admitted this in court she did this, and she is involved in the medical field - both she and your doctor's office are in violation of federal law, and it can be a CRIMINAL case.  If she in fact admitted this in court, which will be shown in the transcripts, you have an open and shut case.

YOU MUST GET LEGAL COUNSEL.  IMMEDIATELY.  You should search for a lawyer in your area - zip code should usually work - and HIPPA lawsuit.  You can contact your local Bar Association (sort of like a Lawyers union/ethics enforcement in the same place) and find out who they list as specializing in this type of law.  You may want to contact your local ACLU, and tell them about this and also can clarify if the court should have taken action when your mother admitted to violating the law to obtain your records.  Local judges may be ignorant of Federal Law, so it may not be a conspiracy, just incompetence - never underestimate the power of incompetence.  Make a simple outline of what happened and bring it with you, so you have your facts no matter how upset you get.

I had a father like your mother, and let him convince me to give up a full tuition scholarship because my mother was sick. Several years later in the hopital and really, really sick she apologized to me for being too sick to fight with him when he convinced me of this -  so I KNOW what you are going through, he could get everyone to feel guilty for his crap. I told her that was silly, and don't worry about it.  She was dead three days later.

I had to admit to myself I let him do this to me (though I had been 17 at the time - still, I had to let him do this to me).  Several years after my mother's death I severed all ties to him.  Thank God - literally - he does not live near me, as one time when a sister told him something another sister (I have three) told me "Dad is saying you've been investigated by CPS".  I confronted the other sister, who explained what was actually said and was horrified.

If I had been applying for a job (I had a successful career so this didn't happen) or even going through a divorce, that statement could have been devastating.  In fact I had just given an interview for a neighbor's high security clearance application investigation (he was getting a big promotion) as I was in the Federal Government in a low security job, so it really hammered home what my dad could have done. You need to sever all connection to your mother as soon as legally possible, and make clear to all family members that they need to agree not to talk about you to your mother.  EVER  If they will not, you need to stop talking to them. 

That's really harsh, but people like her (or my dad) are master manipulators, and anything said by anyone else will be turned into some back door attack.  Plus, by severing all contact, and I mean all - including your address - you will gain some distance from her and make it tougher for her to file false CPS reports. Finally, you need to find someone - family member who will not mind, maybe someone from your son's father's family - designated as legal guardian if you should die, be incapacitated, etc.  You can use the family members who gossip to make sure this get's back to your mom. to get her to think twice about trying this crap.

Pursue the HIPPA complaint, and try to get her charged with a felony. Don't delay, as there is a limit to how long she can be charged or sued, and sometimes it can be as short as 1 or 2 years. If she ends up with a felony on her record, she won't look so good if she tries custody games again. Remember one thing - do not compromise with her, she will try to manipulate you and then if it all gets dropped first chance she can get her claws back into your son.  Do this for him.  Good Luck!  BTW - be careful in your relationships..  Having someone like your mom, or my dad, can cause us to make excuses in our head and say someone isn't so bad.  If we are saying that - they are that bad, it's just we've been through worse.  You deserve better, and so does your son, so remember that if you are letting anyone into your life who is a jerk like that.

P.S. Your food idea may well be true. It's so hard to prove it's almost not worth it, because she'll claim you added it to her food (it's called chain of custody - I spent 20 years being randomly drug tested for my job, never had a problem thankfully and am researching for a family member), . Even under oath. Trust me, they'll always have an excuse how it's your fault.  Stay away - as far away as you can get.

HELP!! Im 55years old and

HELP!! Im 55years old and tested positive for cocaine (326ng ???)is this alot.I don't do can this be possible? My sister is a microbiologist and said its possible that it was switched in the lab for a bad sample. Can this happen and how to rectify this. I never got in paper work from the lab or my former employer. They said I was terminated,but I feel I was eliminated so somebody else could keep their job.

Tested positive for morphine

I am 67 years old and I have severe inflammatory polyarthropathy, degenerative joint disease, fibromyalgia and stage 3 chronic kidney disease. My pain physician, after over 5 years, did a drug test that was positive for morphine. First of all, they waited 6 weeks to tell me this. Secondly, I never used morphine in my life in any form except when I had surgery and was given morphine and even that was rare. I don't know if anyone monitors this board anymore as the article is an old one. My physician summarily discharged me from his practice, saying that I would be "red flagged" with pharmacies (all of my pharmacy records came back as I was taking only what was prescribed by my primary care and pain physician) and that they would no longer see me beginning that very day. I had been on oxycodone, gabapentin, and Flexeril. Also, when I requested to take the test over, I was told "too much time had passed." Yes, because they waited so long to call me. Since then, I have read numerous articles citing reasons for false positives, some being inadequate collection. The articles all said to be sure your name was on the urine cup when you submitted it. Mine was not. Also, there is lab error and though the doctors will not even listen to the facts, the facts are that there is error. And next, my doctor uses the cheapest urine test out there. The gas chromatography is much more specific.  Lastly, many OTC medications can cause false positives, one of which is Nyquil and I take that almost every night because I can't sleep. I understand the need to control substances. I was only given 80 oxycodone to last me 6 weeks. I never asked for more medication, never "lost" a prescription, my dog never ate a prescription. In the beginning of our association, my doctor told me he wished all his patients were like me.  Well, I wish he was like the doctor I first met when I started with him. After 5 years, it appears that all his compassion just disappeared. What a shame. Now I am left with this false allegation against me and it is in my medical records. This affected me so negatively, I am seeing a psychiatrist about it. You live a good life, a clean life, you raise your family, you work hard, you go to church, you do for others and something like this happens and it seems like it was all for nothing. That might sound dramatic, but right now that is how I feel .  I pray for all of you on here that you find resolution and vindication. 

I took a drug test on

I took a drug test on 2/02/2016 and am being told that I tested positive for Cocaine, which is totaly impossicble.


I have had three back surgeries and have RSD in my right leg and live with intense pain that controls my life, I have had to revolve my life around apts, Drs and medications.. I have never failed a drug test ever before in the 4 yrs I've been going thru this. I was recently sent to a specialist to be evaluated and given some hope of possible other treatments that didn't involve even more medications. I was given a urine screen from this new dr and at the time had no thought or worry about this, then 3 weeks later I go see my regular dr for my monthly meds apt and was told that I failed the drug screen for TRAMADOL in what she called high dosage and I've never taken this medication?! I take me cottin 60mg 2x a day and oxycodone 15mg 2-3x day as needed for breakthrough pain. I also take gabapentin, soma, ibuprofen, promethazine, alprazolam and Prilosec as needed, I don't always take all these meds everyday if I don't feel I need them, some days are worse than others but the only one I do consistently take is my morphine 60 mg once in the morning and once in the evening, so how is it I sailed for medication I've never even taken ?? CAN SONEONE PLEASE HELP me? My doctors have a cut me off all my meds, refuse me a second test or to even retest the original sample and now label me a drug addict and I swear on my life I didn't take this medication they are accusing me of?? I don't know what to do?? Can someone give me any advice? It's bad enough living in this pain that controls every aspect of my life but now I'm being labeled a drug addict and liar for something I truly didn't do? I'm scared and don't know where to turn?!

WOW!!!! I'm a truck driver

WOW!!!! I'm a truck driver and just landed a 100,000 a year job taken 100's of drug test this job required urine and hair test urine was clean popped positive for cocaine on my hair this ruined my career this is unbelievable and there is so many people with the same story has anybody beaten this especially with the dot

judge hitlet

REFEREE deano, Hancock county Mississippi! Terrible REFEREE - wanna be judge. Clearly violates constitutional rights of young children and parents in Hancock county. Issues orders without evidence and false accusations. The good ole boy system ! A personal friend calls ask herfor a favor lie's to her and BAM ORDER TO REMOVE CHILDREN. It's illegal to issue a court ORDER / warrant based on one sided info and lies. BUT immunity laws protect her so basically she is a tyrant protected by out dated and unconstitutional laws. I make this statement based on personal experience and black and white proof in court record transcriptions. Lanny J. Schwartz Jr.

I recently failed a test for

I recently failed a test for meth, I was blown away as a recovering addict of nine years. I worked for a fiscal court. I'm beginning to think the test was improperly administered. Also anyone have any input, they gave the results to the employer before I was given them. Isn't this s violation if HIPA?

all I can tell you my friend

all I can tell you my friend is that I took the urine in a blood test and I know for a fact that I did nothing for at least a month prior to the testing and I came back positive for meth. I told my doctor there must be some mistake I said test me again cuz it's been 2 months. So I gave more blood and more P guess what I came back positive again now how is that possible?

False drug hair test

Found meth in my blood and to me positive never seen that shit in my life before last weeks I took same test came negative I just took another one came out I mean the urine came negative but hair came out positive now I lost my job homeless right now just seek tired of this country lack of injustice

Failed urine

Please help, my son tested false positive on his exit urine to be released on parole. He was grown in lockup , my son begged for another test also came up the same. Both test sent to lab one positive one negative and they charged him. All he took was Zantac and Motrin. How can I prove his that it is wrong. Can I request a hair follic test. Should I hire a lawyer. This is devastating. Please help me to prove he did nothing wrong

False postive

I took a drug test for a job and I failed but I was def I clean and not only did I fail they said I bombed it but right before I took the test I had sex with my baby mama who does large amount of amphetamine I didn't shower or take a piss I had sex got up drank a red bull and went there is it logical that could happen cause I can't think of any other reason

Ketamine False positive

In the middle of a child contact case, of course i'm apparently a DV perp daily drug user. I expected the allegations from a bitter woman who wants to remain in control of our children's lives. what i did not expect was for the results of my hair strand test to show ive been taking ketamine for the last 6 months. Its bad enough i have to fight false allegations to see my kids now i have an "expert witness evidence" claiming that i have had frequent use of a drug i have never touched. 

I'm in court in a few days, now i have to convince the judge that I'm not on ketamine and i need a retest, the process is a joke. I'm in UK but the sample was sent to France to some lab. The lab treats me like I'm in denial and i have gone through every prescription i have had for 12 months trying to make some sense of it. My ex is probably over the moon, I'm here left with a tarnished reputation and vast legal bills.

Going to have a separate lab test sample B, the system here is broken.



Hey ! I am thankful for the points , Does someone know where my assistant would be able to obtain a blank TX TDLR 043AB version to complete ?

false positive for

false positive for amphetamines, Because of a prescribtion drug (trazedone) prescribed by the same stupid hopsital that ordered the drug test, now they say i need to to go to rehab, gg.

I was drug tested by American

I was drug tested by American court services and everything was negative then they send the urine to a laboratory and they said that I was positive for cocaine but I've never done drugs ever in my life no I haven't even drunk but they took my baby send my baby to Child Services and I need to know how to get my baby back I had to prove my innocence. My phone number is 614-668-6263

I'm on a Subutex program for

I'm on a Subutex program for a Codeine (Nurofen Plus, OTC medication) addiction. The treatment used to be part of the NHS, but was bought by a private (profit making) 'charity' around two years ago. Last year I had a false positive UA test which indicated I had used Methadone!. This is scientifically impossible as you CANNOT use Methadone and Buprenorphine together without having precipitated withdrawal. They have a complete record from the pharmacy which states I have NEVER once missed collecting the Subutex, making any possibility of me using Methadone (which I have never used), impossible. They claim they did send it to a lab, which 'confirmed' the false positive results!. I do not use any medications apart from Subutex, however before this UA I had used a product containing Diphenhydramine, which is highly indicted in causing false positive UA for Methadone. Unfortunately this is now on my NHS medical record and effecting the way all NHS staff treat me. For example I had to see my GP regarding some concerning symptoms which turned out to be a viral flu bug, thankfully, as all I was told is they couldn't do anything and I'd have to see a doctor who works with the treatment center!, ludicrous, imagine if I had something serious, like Meningitis or a bacterial infection, where time is of the essence?. I am very concerned that a serious illness could be overlooked due to this and I won't receive adequate treatment until it's too late. It can take up to three months  to see one of the treatment center's doctors, a serious illness can cause huge complications or worse in just a few HOURS. This stain against my name will possibly cloud the judgement of all medical personnel I come into contact and cause problems if I am ever asked to reveal my medical record for any purpose in the future. I am currently wondering if it would be better to quit the program before I am accused of anything else, possibly worse, and go back on the Codeine. Nobody has any idea what devastation and consequences can come as a result of using 'test kits' that a suspicious parent may ask their teenager to do. You can buy them online for heaven's sake. I will never admit to doing something I have not done, if I had then I would admit to it. These places honestly have no idea what it is like to be on the receiving end of something like this. I do not intend to leave it and do nothing about it either. I still have some concerning symptoms which seem to have been caused by this bug, such as constantly feeling cold, joint and back pain, numbness in the left side of my face that feels like having a local anesthetic at the dentist and pins & needles in my hands and legs, but trying to get anyone to take me seriously is like bashing my head into a brick wall. If it is anything that bad it'll get to the point where it becomes and emergency and maybe someone will click on then that it's NOT related to 'abusing Methadone'. Of course, I now have no trust at all in anyone in the medical profession, or anyone with access to my medical records as they will of course be treating me as a 'Methadone abuser' and not a person!. Also I have no idea why I would need to see their doctors regarding non-related medical issues. I do hope they are aware that even people with addictions can suffer from other health issues which are not related to the addiction or treatment. I am sick of living in fear of this happening again. I am fed up of the invasion of my privacy, it's got to the point where I even rigorously check the ingredients of all the things I eat and drink for things like poppy seeds and I've given up some of the foods I enjoy such as seeded bread because of it. Wouldn't it be easier to pack it in before I'm accused of something even worse?. I started off with a Codeine problem now I'm a 'street drug user'. I dread every UA because I know how dangerously unreliable they are!. Everyone's complete denial of scientific fact is also quite frankly amazing!.

I tested positive for cocaine

I tested positive for cocaine in urine after one week of using a very small 4amount. This was about a month ago. Now I'm getting a hair follicle test for I definitely gonna be positive in hair, and if so, can I blame it on use of cocaine I did 6 months ago?

Positive test

I had took a drug test in a cup and then it was sent off to the lab and had jus about everything in the world and I promise I did not do anything and of course they are going to believe the test over me but it don't make sense at all why this would even show up and one of them that showed was Opana and I've never seen one of them in my life lol and that was in my system can anyone tell me wth has happened to me or what could had happens?? Plz someone


You guys. I'm 16 and in desperate need of help. I have a urine test coming up today at around 4:30 pm. I haven't done any drugs or drank any alcohol since a month and a half ago. Last test I had it came up positive for depression pills but I don't take them. I'm freaking out and don't know if it'll be positive or not. Is there something that can trigger anything??? HELP


diphenhydramine the active ingredient in benadryl and otc sleep aids can come up as anti depressants

False positive?

My doctor takes blood and urine samples every couple of months. I had not done any methamphetamine for at least a month and yet the test came back positive. The amount I had done a month prior was very little. I do take other drugs like acyclovir antiviral drug a protease inhibitor a vitamin supplement and a pill for acid reflux. I just want to know is it really possible for meth to show up in my blood or urine a month after ingesting just a small amount?

tested false for opiates

im in a methdone maintenece program. ive been clean (except the prescribed methadone) for 10 years. they say my last test was positive for opiates, 10 years of twice a week ua tests all clean...i havnt relapsed or taken any prescribed meds stronger than ibuprophen and naproxen. the consequenses for this are harsh, any advice for me? anything otc that can cause a false positive?

corruption, pure and simple

Sorry, there are corrupt people in positions of power that are paid to mislabel, misdirect or plain just bullshit the donors. probation.psychologists and cops gang up on people all the time. Going through it now, take two tests that go to different labs for tests.

I'm in a situation where cps

I'm in a situation where cps is involved I am a single mother of 5 and currently 8months pregnant with my 6th child in which I take care of very well however I have done urine tests for drug use which continues to show negative but today they had me do a hair follicle test which goes back 90+days in which that is my concern I know I've smoked in Aug but I know I'm clean it's a concern cuz I know that will show positive in my hair. I don't know what the outcome is going to be. ..ANY ADVICE? ???

To clarify meant to mention

To clarify meant to mention smoked Marijuana

False Urine Test

I have been seeing my pain management doctor for almost a year. This past June when I saw him for my 2 months appointment. He informed me that my urine test showed up Fentynal and some other kind of anti depressent drug I had never hear of in April's  visit. 

He also informed me that the pain med he been prescribing me did not show up in  my urine test.

I was shocked. I have not taken anything but what he prescribed me for my pain, along with my Vitamin B6 and B12 chewable.  I can only think of a couple of things that could have happened. Someone  came in behind me and switched my urine to theirs. They sit in a window like on the wall, so the tech and reach in and grab the urine test bottles. 

Another thing that could have happened was the tech's got my urine mixed up with someone else's. They do have a tendency to make mistakes. Needless to say I was hurt and upset. I tried to tell my doctor I have not taken anything but what he prescribed, of course he didnt want to listen.He suggested  I took a Fentynal from what I may had left over from a surgery. I did not have a Fentynal or any other meds at my home, nor did I have surgery  in the past 4 years. I do not have any anti depressents or any Fentynal at my home. 

He abruptly left the room and said  they would phone me when he received a Bone Density test I had done a couple of weeks earlier and call me.

That was over a month ago. Nobody phoned me. I am so upset and scared to death he has dropped me.

God knows I did not take what he said showed up in my urine test.  Nohing like this has happened in almost a year that I have been seeing him. Why now? Why did  those drugs show up in my urine, when I know I did not take anything except what he prescribed. 

Please, help me. Please tell me why this would happen.  I can not function without my pain med. It is the only thing that keeps me alive and moving. I did get some relief from the pain med. Now, I am afraid  my doctor will not help me any longer. I was only taking  Norco 7.5/325  3 times a day Wasn't very strong, but it did seem to help me. 

Now I won't get any more monthly prescriptions.  I sent his office an email from their website and have not heard anything, no respose to my email, not phone call, not letter  nothing.  I asked in email to contact me so I could get appointment to see him. They have not responded. 

I am in tears and dont know what to do. I am scared. 

Please if you can, please tell me why my urine test turned out the way it did. 



Hello, did you receive my offer?

Hello, did you receive my offer? from2325214cv

Wow this was a powerful

Wow this was a powerful discussion. Thanks for sharing.

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