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Lobbyes and paranóia.

Somehow, We managed to scare them heavely... troughout the entire world, the lobbys of Prohibition, as them action shows lately, are in a unspeakable state of sheer panic. We have being winning some big battles, and theyr forming ranks to overthrow us back "down the hatch". Yes, is a magnific picture to look at, as we know that the new generations wont be so easely subdued and kept ignorant, or accept the idea of "one" imposed on many...nor they will be misleded as our parentes wore (and still are), of the dangers of this or the goodness of that. Today, people start to see things clearly, and thats why our beloved fascist industrial entrepeneur friends are so scared about, so scared that they re-started or are triyng to bring back to life the more than dead ideas about how to deal with the drug ishue, an ishue that is only an ISHUE due to PROHIBITION, and nothing else. The "flagelation" is not the drugs, wich have been used since we were in caves and clearly took us out of them, but the PROHIBITION started 60 years ago by the lobbyes of fabric, farmacie and oils, just to name a few, to erradicate cannabis in all forms, industrial or recreational...those same people are now battling desasperately, and with tons of reason. We wont stand back, we are not afraid of you, and you and your ideas and politics and state and mass manipulation are dying and putrifying as fast as an rotten apple on august. As you "attack" "harm redution" affairs as if it was some kind of crime, and as if the drugs didn´t existed the same, and as if it wasn´t so, so, so much more worse, for ALL, as you do that, you are not beying heard as you once were, or believed in a single word you spell...PROHIBITION is bad, prohibition is deadly, unhumanly distorced on any "truths", it does´nt adresses the ishue in any way what so ever and as YOU KNOW BY NOW, PROHIBITION IS DEAD! Please, stand back now. It is time to change. It has been more than enough, WE ashore you. Y, ashore you, that everybody ashores you, THAT IT IS ENOUGH! Markus Freemind (Free yourself. Do you think that the north-american politics of war throughout the world because of OIL are fine? So why do you listen to them about what you should do or what it is right or wrong? They are killing and terrifying women, old people and children on theyre own country, due to medical marijuana, in States (California, etc...) where it is legal to do so. ps- WTC was self inflictec. Thats the kind of people bulling the world today. How can Iran not resist? It´s the Bush administration who wants war from the beginning and for shore not the iranians. It makes me sick. Markus Freemind
United States
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