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What's up with these "pain contracts"?

Spurred by the federal government's crackdown on prescription drug abuse, doctors around the country are resorting to "pain contracts" with patients in an attempt to protect themselves from charges they are Dr. Feelgoods. Such contracts typically require the patient to agree that "lost, stolen, or misplaced" drugs are not to be replaced and that the patient agree to be drug tested. Patients who refuse to sign such an agreement or who test positive for non-prescribed drugs--i.e. marijuana--are likely to be cut off. There is at least one chronic pain patient in the Veterans Administration system who is challenging the pain contracts. I will be writing about his ordeal next week. In the meantime, I sit and ponder: Who benefits from these contracts? It doesn't appear to be the patients, who are basically treated as criminal suspects for wanting to relieve their pain. And how does the Hippocratic Oath fit into this? I'll be digging into the whole sorry issue. Stay tuned.
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Broken contract

Dont even know why I am posting this, most of the posts are from YEARS ago, but here I go. I am that guy who never got sick and never had to ever go to a DR. in probably 30 years. Well now im diagnosed with MS and am in pain. I got sent to a pain clinic (While I was in pain) and they had me sign a contract I didnt even read, I was only told NOT to get drugs for my pain from any other place, not even the ER. I SAID OK, and went and got my script for Hydrocodone that they prescribed me to take ONE every 8 HOURS, how stupid is that? I would take ONE, and 3 hours later I needed another, so long story short, I tried to get a refill and the pharmacy told me I was early and had to wait a week to get any more. So I called the clinic and asked if they could change the prescription to ONE every 3 hours or so, and they got REALLY weird, and asked for a pill count. Turns out I ate 5 more hydrocodone in a month than I was allowed. Its not like im on some high dose of morphine or something crazy, its freakin hydroconde, and dosent even really kill my pain, so anyways, they said I broke my contract and they would no longer give me prescriptions. OK, im done ranting... This whole thing is stupid, I was in so much pain I dont even remember going to them that first day, and im supposed to have rememberd what was in a 20 page contract I didnt even read? Im an idiot, and they suck shit... The end.

Where do we go ???

Where are we suppose to go ?

Legitimately injured.

Cannot live with out pain meds. Its that simple. The injuries are too severe. Oh and your not plopping yourself down on the operating table fast enough.

My dog was put down last august from exact symptoms... spinal arthritis inflammation, disc degeneration, osteophytes, spurrs, radiculopathy... the list goes on... The vet was adament that that animal not suffer for a day.

Mine I have loss in height three inches... I am too tired to type the rest.

So my PCP wont address my break thru pain, reinjured discs from chiro dr, and leaving me to go days without my medicine.

Where can we go to be treated humanely. Is there another country ? This place is hysterical witch hunt kill culture.

Not a damn one of us have a chance of surviving their super grade red flag system. They invest more in that than real medicine.

What a joke. GOD get me off this planet. We are too good for this place. death culture. I am tired of reading about people who wany to end it...and probably did.

If I could get away from al the hysteria I would. But this place drowns its citizens in it and kills them off slowly torture.

No one cares about us or loves us

this is the webpage

this is the webpage to let it all hang out but there really aren't any good answers for people in chronic pain .   These Dr.'s are going against their oath and should be imprisoned . I am experiencing the same thing as most folks in this board are. The refusal of pain medication for chronic pain. I am a 100 percent disabled veteran . My service connected disability is a spine injury that I have been treated with pain medication for the past 15 years or so. It is the only thing that helps me function without severe pain. I moved to another state and the VA in the new state wants me to submit to drug screenings and submit to pain management and a complete battery of exams. I have already gone through the battery of exams in my previous state and my doctor and I had determined the best approach and it was working. Then I moved to another state and it's like they want to reinvent the wheel at my expense including denying me pain meds that I depend upon daily. I am about to lose it. I can't sleep and I can't think of anything now except how am I going to survive. I need advise in a bad way because I don't have very long until I am out of pain medications and I can't live with the pain or function without them. Like many people on the message board I am considering the unthinkable. Wow no wonder so many veterans are committing suicide every day.

this is the webpage

Hi. You posted in 2014. I just found this site and read the posts. I am wondering how you are doing now. I regret that the Pain Clinics cause the patient to reinvent the wheel when it was already established before by your regular physician and possibly a medical team. It is unfair for the patient to have to do all these medical tests again at their own costs. Also, being delayed in pain treatment. It is horrific what I've read on this site what is happening to patients living with chronic pain. I regret that our country has resorted to these below the belt measures. The changes are unfair to the patients who do not abuse their medications. Everyone is suffering because of those who messed up causing this. Many people who are boomers (aged) are now having to struggle more due to these whacky trends. The pain clinics too are profiting as they charge high sums for their drug testing (over $1000.00 of dollars for one drug testing). I hope you found an excellent physician and you have been able to build a rapport to get the treatment you need and deserve. I'm so sorry that everyone on this site is enduring these hard times with worry about what will happen next. Take good care.


I was cut off all meds including 200 norco a month my Xanax and other pain medicines bc my Test came out positive for Hydromorphone I dont take Hyromorphone and never have in my life. My Doctor cut me off saying I had to have. 

Un be knowest to him I guess, Cheap Lab tests, and certain metabolytes breaks Norco 10 down into Hydromorphone Because I tested Positive for it He said I broke my Contract. This needs to be added to doctors in notes that people are testing Positive for Hydromorphone and sometimes Morphine. especially if you ate poppyseeds or drank nyquil with them I mix many meds only he has prescribed. I suffere from Accute Chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, a damaged back Anxiety and other conditions. He has left me to fend for myself and he will not give me my Xanax as well. I'm scared bc all my doses are high doses. I tried myself going off the Norco and had some seizures.. I need help and dont know what to do. 

In closing Im deeply hurt because He has been prescribing my NOrco for 13 years along with my Anxiety meds. He also cut me off my sleep meds as well. I have been suffering in emotion with just a lil left to get by and have no idea what to do next. I know another Doctor wont know me or my condition I dont know if I will have enough left to even find a Doctor. I did not Break my Contract The liver excretes Hydro Morphone Im very upset that some doctors do not know this ? Please have regulation Make this known Furthermore I do not Drink. I do not use illegal Drugs. I dont even Smoke. I dont go out or party Im a good woman who suffers in Chronic pain so bad I can barely walk or sleep. Thank you for Reading. 

Marijuana Reform

I suggest that you all email ur delegates they can't screw you on these contracts in states where Marijuana is medically prescribed I wrote to my governor today because this just happened to me as well just a week ago 



To whom it may concern:

I am writing to inform you that I am currently being made to suffer at the hands of doctor's due to the laws and regulations of this state. I suffer from an unusual condition called Pudendal Nerve Entrapment which is a chronic pain condition and it causes me severe anxiety. There are times when I get worked up into such a state due to pain beyond reckoning that the only thing to help me calm down and be at peace with my lot is by smoking marijuana. I've never been shy about how I feel about marijuana policy and in this modern time even the nations capital has acknowledged it's medical properties. 

Due to my choice to smoke marijuana rather than subject myself to even more physically addictive medications such as Xanex or
Klonopin I am being made to suffer by the doctors office with the withdraw of any help they could offer me for my pain due to the illegality of marijuana in this state. 

Many of the doctor's I've spoken to in the past have agreed with me about Marijuana being a better choice to treat anxiety than any benzodiazapene albeit might not be the best for everyone at least the choice should be made available for those who want to take advantage of it and need it to feel like a normal person again rather than an emotional wreck.

If you were to take the religious side of the argument than even then you could not deny that god is the creator of all things and that includes marijuana. It wasn't created in a lab like bath salts or meth amphetamines. It sprung from the earth needing nothing more than any other living botanical organism needs water CO2 and sunshine.

As a citizen of this commonwealth I feel like I am being opressed due to the outright silly propagandized information still being disseminated to the masses brought on by men like Harry Anslinger. 

In closing I ask that we look forward to a future of logic and mutual trust between the people of this country and the government that leads them. There can be no denying that marijuana is a safe effective tool for many things and has no death toll associated with it's name please humbly consider.

Your Citizen of the Commonwealth

Christopher. F. K. Wagner

chronic pain from MVA meds taken away after 12 years

I have been on a large dose of morphine for 12 years from a really really bad MVA. Even went to a pain clinic here in NH for 3 years. Now, a new Dr arrives and that's it. No more medication. They are the ONLY pain clinic here. I think they are switching over to doing ONLY injections and no more medications/opiates. They are also the only clinic that was involved in that 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak from buying from compounding companies. That NECC in Mass was where the tainted stuff came from. So there is NO WAY I am going to let them inject me with anything, never mind the fact that the FDA has not approved ANY steroids for spinal injections, but they are still using compounding companies. This is a pretty shady company also.        I started a blog with links about the clinic, but can't seem to copy/paste it here???? Hoping to inform others that ARE letting them still do injections on them of what kind of company they are. It's Paincare in Littleton NH. Owned by Dr Michael J O'Connell. He has 11 paincare locations across the state of NH and one family practice. He lost his license to practice medicine also.  You would not believe what the the new practitioner and secretary did to me on the last two visits I had with them, especially the last one. I can only find a Dr to taper me off the meds, not to continue them. I am back in bed 22-23 hours a day. Pain is horrible. Every taper is also horrible withdrawal. I did NOT break my contract with them, so I really don't understand why they stopped my meds. Their excuse was that 1. The secretary didn't want to do the prior authorization paperwork, there is no evidence opiate treatment leads back to work ( according to them ) although I had been trying to build a business for 1 1/2 years, and it was an administrative decision. Still wondering what the REAL reason is????? Their reason is a bunch of crap! They guy didn't even know me. I saw him 4 times, for a total time of just under 13 minutes for all 4 visits. He didn't give me any time to set up any help, like home healthcare, get rid of the chickens ( that was the business I was building ) no time to get any of my affairs in order before becoming bedridden again. It took 12 years to get to where I WAS before he threw me into horrible pain and withdrawal.

I'm willing to get involved and work with anyone that has any idea what we need to do to be heard and change things. I have plenty of time now. Except for the really bad taper times, I have 24 hours a day, as you all probably know this, I can not sleep coming off the morphine at all. I saved this page, so if anyone is interested, be it a class action suit, or some other method, like the ADA, what ever, I will help! God Bless and Praying for you all. Give me a holla if I can be of assistance in any way!     Ahhh think I was able to post the link to that page I was telling you about?

violated pain contract

Smoked a bowl of weed the day after getting 6 teeth pulled to alleviate the suffering. Got tested 2 days later and got the certified letter today. My services are no longer needed. If you need treatment go to the emergency room till you can find a new doctor. My question is will I be able to find another doctor to prescribe my pain meds or will that failed test ban me for life?

violated pain contract

Regret this is happening to you. I hope that you can find a new physician who will listen to your concerns, find the cause of your pain, and treat you. Be honest and make an attempt to stay clean to repair your reputation. Do your best.

If kicked out & really innocent in need you have options

The so called war on drugs failed by 1975 so is just insanity now refusing to go with a Portugal type plan so it does create stress for high ego pain specialists who worm their way into high legal areas too. There are the contracts a patient signs often & at least once each year.


Many patients drug seeking or abusing something have no rights then HOWEVER; a patient who is doing right things, failed a drug test which was a mistake at the lab has HUGE RIGHTS but it's going to mean getting a lawyer in constitutional law, suing the lab & the butt off the doctor unfortunately to clear your good name & have funds they rest of your life to pay cash since you will be red flagged hard to get insurance to pay things so sue for 30 million to get 10.


As for contracts that is where you need to do State law research per contract law. Many States are clear that ANY contract signed while under the influence of a narcotic drug or alcohol are null and void so that could be your option bingo in a few States since high chance you were under influence by them when signed it so not to worry of contracts at all in some States which makes that part swiftly out of the way opening doors to sue lab first but you will have to sue every doctor in the clinic and Nurse who saw you. 


I never sued before but am to the point let's force them to refused the BS of insane war on drugs or find jobs flipping burgers and I say this having doctors in my own family but you must protect your good name if innocent and I mean if you are innocent since truth will come out. I'm about to file a huge lawsuit on this topic soon and will win so big they we beg to settle out of court to be rid of me!

med contracts?

 I f made my fealings known about duress and not realy haveing a choice because of life threats from the begining and others  should too

tested negative for drug test

I have seen my rehmatoligst for 5 yrs now I have lupus and severe pain. I get methdone and percocet for some reason my methdone didn't shshow up. I just got a letter saying he was dropping me as a patient. What can I do or tell him to get him to change his mind??? Will it be hard to get another doctor Please help

Kaiser's Special Degrading Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients

The thing to remember is that although federal & state authorities have made recommendations intending to help doctors protect themselves from  from prosecution for over prescribing opiate medications, they all require special abuse indicators to be present before these measures are ever considered. The fact that chronic pain patients are three time less likely to abuse their prescriptions than those in the public at large is is a truism acknowledged by the American Medical Association.Their recommendations where not intended to dissuade doctors from legitimately prescribing painkillers.

Healthcare organizations like Kaiser require no such indicators. Because the expense of generic substitutes has steadily increased due to demand corporate pollicymakers have created an environment of inconvenience and humiliation designed to dissuade patients from ever seeking treatment. They single out one segment of their patient population for special degrading requirements not uniformly imposed on everyone else. Random drug screening for instance is seldom if ever done on other patients even where there exists an elevated risk of drug interaction or complication. This is blatant discrimination. Because Chronic pain is a federally protected class this selective treatment constitutes a slam dunk violation of the Americans With Disability Act of 1990.

In addition states like California require under their Health & Safety Code that a doctor either timely treat suffering patients or they must refer them to a doctor who will. This law is being totally ignored by Kaiser. All of their physicians work under the identical opium prescription policy therefor they cannot even if they wanted to make the referral without sending the patient outside of Kaiser.

Although the industry adopted this heartless policy they lobbied for no supportive legislation. Not one single law that would legally compel patient participation has ever been passed anywhere that I know of. What this means is they don't have a leg to stand on. if their policy affects your health and well being you are entitled to sue in federal court. Because of the discrimination arbitration is not required. I advocate each of you affected get an attorney and explain it to them exactly as I have to you.

Be cautious: Kaiser doctors have been known to resort to nefarious methods to enforcing their policy mandates. In my own case Kaiser purposely withheld addictive opiate pharmaceutical in an effort to conjure horrific untreated neurological pain, cluster headaches and chemical withdrawals. They used my agony forging a method of coercion I just couldn't refuse! Horrible pain was used as the switchblade pressed to my throat insruing my Forth Amendment defying compliance. They literally extorted a contested urine specimen from me with little fear of repercussion.

If the economy doesn't fall apart first I am soon to be filing a law suit. I would like to talk with others who have experienced similar abuse from Kaiser or any other healthcare organization for that matter. We can help each other prevail.  You can email me at [email protected]


suffering and nobody cares

7 year old male with bi-polar and adhd. i have a metal plate in my neck and have had three surgery's on my left shoulder. ive also had a testical removed.  i have been in high level pain for 10 years with little help. its all i can do to sit here and type this. i was going to a pain clinic for awhile. pee in a cup get my drugs. 2 pills a day, no help at all. i hurt so bad i know im not going to make it much longer. my life is misery.

 the doctor who did my shoulder surgerys said i might need a nerve block but now i cant even find a doctor who will take my insurance.

i had a manic episode a couple years ago because i couldnt get my bi-polar medicine and ended up getting high, and failing my urine test. i was never offered a retest or a second chance just cut off my pain meds. doctor still did my steroid injections but no pain relief.

so now i have to go to the streets to find relief. i can still buy pain pills all over the place so their drugs laws dont work at all. lots of people are willing to sell their meds to pay the bills.

i dont want to do things this way but i suffer so bad i have to do something. ive even considered herion but havnt went down that road yet. but another manic episode and i dont know what i might do.

im a good person and i dont deserve this. life is misery for me and death would be a relief.

i have to stop typing before i get way to depressed...........thanks for listening

57 years old not 7

type o

Can not work after 17 years because I cake pain meds

I think If what they say is true, then give me the right to have a doctor to give me a shot that will end my life and they want have any trouble with me taking the pain med and I want hurt no more.. And the tax I paid from working they can get from some where els. Worked for 20 years taking the meds no tickets to wrecks and was at work and had no trouble. Now 3 years before I retire I can not work because I take pain meds. Gave me the choose and I want to die then no hurt when I don't have too.. No one that can help or do anything will read or answer.. That's ok knowing is all money, feed Doctor money and they answer what you want to hear. No Truth Will ever Be Done. Let me choose this And one more pain head gone,but no let's make him hurt and so WE are God and we are righ and make him pay money he does not have and to hurt when he does not need to.

Pain Clinic is gouging patients with drug testing

A patient I know went to the pain clinic. They treated the patient like a criminal. Never saw the physician. Only the Physician Assistants. They drug tested the patient first visit. When the patient went to see the PA at a location closer to home, the patient was drug tested two more times. That is three times in a year at a cost of $1698.00 per drug testing. The insurance began to question why all the drug tests. The patient only takes the prescribed medication and nothing else. When asking the Pain Clinic why more than one drug test? (Because they aren't suppose to drug test the patient every time. It is suppose to be random. The Pain Clinic tampered with the medical records of the patient by indicating there were two positives for marijuana. The patient does not use any marijuana nor does the patient even smoke. This is outrageous that the Pain Clinic charges $1698.00 for the drug testing and will do it three times! The pain clinic drug testing is crazy as they are testing for medications the patient doesn't even take. Things like Lyrica and other medications other than narcotics or illegal substances. They have their own lab so this charge is all gratis. They are very underhanded as they sent this outright lie in the patient's medical record to the new medical group. There has been no finding of the cause for this patient and treatment has been nil. The patient surely isn't benefitting any. This is a scam job by an entity that is suppose to help patients. This medical group also uses Physician Assistants that are not supervised so they are unethical.

Doctors & lost prescription

I have been reading these posts. Unfortunately, I signed the paper about abuse of meds. I thought I had nothing to worry about because I am not an addict nor do I drink. I do however have family members that fall into both categories. I lost a prescription for Tramadol & when I told my doctor about it, I was immediately told that he would not see me because as far as he knew, I abused them, sold them or what ever. I felt humiliated & I had told the truth. He will more than likely blackball me just because I lost my prescription and he didn't believe me. I also read that they can do this too if you have family that has had problems in the past. My family is not me & lives in another state. Is this patient profiling? Help! I can't afford to move & if they blackball me, I will not be able to see another doctor. I have tricare & I don't know what to do.

I Don't Give a Rat's Behind about your Son Overdosing on Opiates

I Don't Give a Rat's Behind about your Son Overdosing on Opiates  because THAT is the reasons why us seniors cannot get the pain relief that we deserve. NOTE: It's hard for all of us Chronic Pain sufferers to fight for our rights in large numbers because most of us are in too much pain to even go to the grocery store or take a bath.

pain contract? blackmail/ extortion

There was a just flooded basement. Drs office called and told an old ill man over 60 and said "you have 24 hrs to come in and have a u/a taken or No mor Rx,s".. The man was9-10 days from his next Rx.and has been on what some concider to be high dose opiates and valium for over a decade and certainly could not find a new dr in 10 days along with the medication. The valium detox alone would likely kill. So I ask any reasonable person was that patient under duress and might it even be blackmail or extorting of a U/a in 24 hrs under pain and pain of DEATH. . Things were lost to the flood in part because of the (or else). test. Can prove everything !Need Lawyer in Pa.

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