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What's up with these "pain contracts"?

Spurred by the federal government's crackdown on prescription drug abuse, doctors around the country are resorting to "pain contracts" with patients in an attempt to protect themselves from charges they are Dr. Feelgoods. Such contracts typically require the patient to agree that "lost, stolen, or misplaced" drugs are not to be replaced and that the patient agree to be drug tested. Patients who refuse to sign such an agreement or who test positive for non-prescribed drugs--i.e. marijuana--are likely to be cut off. There is at least one chronic pain patient in the Veterans Administration system who is challenging the pain contracts. I will be writing about his ordeal next week. In the meantime, I sit and ponder: Who benefits from these contracts? It doesn't appear to be the patients, who are basically treated as criminal suspects for wanting to relieve their pain. And how does the Hippocratic Oath fit into this? I'll be digging into the whole sorry issue. Stay tuned.
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well, your not in pain!

What are you a surgen? Why are you here? My dr said workers comp dropped him as a Dr because he would not take any new paitents. Let me tell you I know how the suicide effect is!!! Not 1 single Dr will take me, not even as a for regular checkups. I have tried since my newborn grandson had to have open heart surgery. That's when I found out, I'm cut off, just like that no fentinal, no norco, no lexapro, no more abmian. Now I feel like nobody give a flying shit about me. No nothing. I know the meds helped, 5 months later I hurt so bad and I wakeup in pain everytime I move. I'm a zombie who has a for from the state medical board to file a gins my "dr". The man never listened to me, told me stories about myself, talked to other Dr's about me without my permission. I'm debsting, he is so well known in this 2 horse town,his name is on every wall in town... I should fill this out and name workers comp for dening me care. Make a petition, I'm in!!! Big brother has gone too far & I was working for the state when I got hurt! I'm so pissed I don't know what the hell to do with myself, it hurts to hold my grandson :(

Where did you find this bullshit?

"Unfortunately high dose opioids are almost always unhelpful for chronic pain conditions. They cause side effects without relieving the pain."

Where did you get this load of shit? Do you idiots just make this shit up?

Yeah really those are the

Yeah really those are the allergic types or addicts that opioids dont work for or are too strong and abuse.  No doubt idiots that have never truly felt chronic pain. Dumbasses

hello and in pain


Relese of Med Info and new doctor

Please know your rights when signing a release of medical information from any provider.  Most of the forms do not show this, but you have the right to put parameters on what is released.  You can, at least, provide specific dates/date ranges that MUST BE ADHERED TO!!!!!!  If they don't respect your designation then they are in direct violation of HIPPA and you can sue their pants off!



Me too

I appreciate everyones insight into this issue. It is ridiculous what we have to go thru ~

I am in the process of diagnosing what is going on with my back. Something in the thoracic area. It feels like someone is playing the game "operation" on me!!

I am only on Vicodin ES - which barely handles it! My regular doctor is out on medical leave (funny!) and the temporary doctor put me on a pain contract??!! Literally at the end of my visit she told me they were going to drug test me and put me on this pain contract! I was scared shitless as I dont drink, smoke or even have a social life due to work! I seriously felt violated and like I was a junkie. They called all the pharmacies to see when I was picking up my refills and literally were counting the days and the amounts. i was off by one day.

So in this case it seems as though it is mainly to cover the doctors ass for over medicating. Now I understand there are people who abuse the system but for those of us that need it. This is a little much. It almost is to the point where the doctors are so numb to the issues ~ they see so many patients. It isnt personal. It is a business.

It's fight or die

I would like to join a class action lawsuit. Years ago I broke my back and I'm in pain every minute of every day. About a year and a half ago I was given a standing prescription for Vicodin. It wasn't enough to completely leave me pain free, but it took the edge off just enough so that I could function and sleep. My quality of life went through the roof. I wasn't able to climb mountains, but I could keep house and do some basic home improvement projects. I felt useful, happy... almost normal. I was finally able to start a gentle exercise program and I was getting my strength back.

For some reason, my doctor stopped refilling my prescription. Hasn't returned my phone calls. Nothing.

I cut back my pills to one or two a day and I find myself back in a place I thought was over. I'm back on the couch with ice and heat packs. Taking way too many Tylenol and Motrin, trying to get through the night. Up at 2AM in agony. Exhausted all day.

I really want to die. I won't live like this again. I can't go back to what my life was. All I want is to be useful.

I want to join a class action lawsuit to end this madness. The suffering must stop. The anger I feel toward this system is the only thing keeping me from giving up.

If anyone knows of such a national lawsuit, please contact me.

[email protected]

I'm with you guys I have had the same problem

I am a veteran and I have faced this same issue with the VA and the private facilities. I do smoke marijuana to make up the difference that the pain meds don't address. I can't eat unless I smoke some Pot. My dosage is not strong enough and they won't raise my script. I actually have withdrawls everyday when it gets within a few hours of my scheduled time. I used to smoke for the buzz now i don't even catch a buzz but I still get the munchies so at least I am able to eat. however i don't live in a state that it is legal for medical marijuana. So I am persecuted by the Government and the VA. Please feel free to contact me for any type of petetions that may be available.

Pain Contract BS

I just got home from signing a new pain contract. I'm only 26 and I get recurring blood clots in my legs, post-thrombotic syndrome and corresponding nerve pain/depression. I have switched doctors twice due to issues with getting my pain medicine when I need it. I'm on Percocet and Cymbalta (the latter is for nerve pain and depression). My new doctor told me that he reserves the right to call me and ask for drug tests or pill counts at random and if I don't come in and do it within 24 hours it can automatically be considered a positive result. Problem: Due to the pain, mental issues, etc. I DON'T DRIVE. I'm reliant on the hospital van which requires 48 hours notice to get me to my doc visits. I told him this flat out and he more or less told me he doesn't care. Therefore, I called Patient Relations and made it clear that if I am EVER denied my meds because I couldn't make it to a urine test within 24 hours they'll be hearing from a lawyer. I was called back within 5 minutes; apparently they started caring real damn quick and it's not going to be an issue.

That being said, people should not have to put up with this nonsense. I would gladly sign a petition or go along with other plans for dealing with this sort of problem. I've been on my pain meds for 2 years now and I've never had issues with addiction or anything remotely similar. I'm sick of being treated like I am guilty until proven innocent. If any of you guys get a petition or anything similar going count me in.

I am sitting here, to scared

I am sitting here, to scared to put my email address on this, because the drug police may find out. I have had 27 surgeries and 13 pregnancies in the last 10 years. The doctors have cut me open, up down, and sideways so many times, to see what is wrong, and still cannot find anything. Oh yeah they remove things, that I find out later, they took out, what quite surprised to find out I do not have an appendix anymore, not that they can tell me who, or when it was removed. A living hell. So for 8 years my wonderful GP who made me feel like shit everyday, started to prescribe me pain meds. I did not want them, I had went thru an alcohol addiction as a teenager and did not want anything addictive. He says do not worry these are great. So we start on the road to hell, first Tylnol 3 with enough codiene that you will never, sleep, poop, or do anything functional again, well after 6 months and 4 more exploratory surgeries, and removal of few female parts, lets try a stonger pill, yeah that is a great idea doc. I have 3 children at this point, and they need a mother, not a zombie. Well that is ok, he says, 13 or 14 percocet a day should not bother you. Yeah well I lost 6 years of my life, my first marriage, and the respect and love of my 3 children, from your little white pills, that are NOT Addictive, do not worry, once the pain is gone, you will just stop taking percocet, and go back to the way you where. Yeah after 6 years of ups and downs, yelling and screaming, then sleeping most of my life away, I finally cannot get out of bed anymore. Meantime I have been remarried and pregnant 7 times, and had tubal pregs, misscarraiges, fetal death, all these wonderful things, that I never had a problem with for my first 3 pregnancies, even had renal failure with one, and still had the baby. I said to them I do not think I should be on narcotics while trying to get pregnant, but the pain from the adheasions, scar tissue from all the surgeries, plus thryoid disease, 13 kidney stones, some kind of bowel disease, and god knows what else, being off the pain meds is not an option. I am pleased to say I beat the odds and had a son 4 years ago, that is healthy, I took myself off the percocets for the last 4 months of the preg, almost died of pain, but often during preg your pain is not as bad. Yeah right live a day in my life doc. So merrily I roll along, 2 years ago my regular doc of 10 years, puts me on oxycontin, finally, a visiting doc wanted to do that years earlier, but my doc new best, lets ruin her liver also. So they started with a low dose of 60mg a day, I say low for me, as I was taking over 300 percocets within 10 days, so I was still takeing 100 percocets every 10 days, and the oxy, the percs made me so sick, I finally convinced my doctor, well let him think it was his idea, that is the only way to convice a doctor you have a brain at all. That I should up my dose of oxy and get off the percs, he says NO. Next appointment he says he has a great idea, lets up my dose of oxy and get me off those nasty percs that make me so sick, wow what a great idea. So 2 years into my oxy treatment, my dr. starts to get a bit silly, threatening me if I take more than prescribed he will cut me off, yet then saying come back early if you need more, I do not want to up the dosage. So like an idiot I thought that ment, take what I need, and come back early, after another threatening appointment, I decided to switch drs. and those of you that know and depend on your meds to control pain, know that this decision is not done lightly, you are so scared of getting cut off your meds, because they make you feel like YOU are BAD for having pain. So I interview this new doc, he says no problem, if I need to be upped just let him know, 3 months go by, I have a really bad month passed a kidney stone, which is just one of these worst pains ever, so I go back 2 weeks earlier, he says no problem, just try and watch it. So today I go for my appointment 29 days from my last, and he gets my pres. ready, asks some questions, I tell him the dosage is still too low, they only last 26 days, he says ok. Then leaves, comes back 5 minutes later, and says I may need you to sign a contract, next time you get your meds. I say ok, I have been on them for over 10 years. He goes to leave, I ask, what kind of contract, he says, oh just a little contract that says, you abuse prescription drugs, and that we have the right to register you with the government as a drug abuser, and if you ever are even 1 day early asking for your drugs you will be cut off cold turkey. OH IS THAT all, I sat and talked till I was blue in the face about everything, crying my eyes out, while he stood there and said, yup, yup, yup,.well see you next month. So here I am, what to do. I will not sign a contract after reading about the rights you lose, but if I go cold turkey I will probably have a heartattack, but since I signed a contract I could not even blame the doctor. I am sorry, but doctors should choose to be doctors for other reasons than money. I know in this world that is unrealistic, and that they do not even take the oath anymore, but when you can be so cold and unfeeling, I think they need to take a look at themselves and say, am I any better than a murderer or a rapist, I am able to control pain, and cause others as much hurt and uncomfort as I want, is that being a doctor? So now I have to decide, do I try somewhere else, or hope next month he forgets about his contract, as they do not care, AT ALL, it is sad. But as you look around in this world, where everyone is stepping on everyone else just to get ahead, and the people(doctors are human, even though they may not think it)that are to care for us, make sure we are healthy, if not happy, are now controlled also by the government, I look back on all the doctors advice, and years of treatment, wish to God that I would have ended it all back then, for now as an idiot, I have brought 4 children into this world, on the promise and the oath of another human to take care of me, and help me, well Hell there is no help anymore, there is only who can stab each other in the back first. I wish to God I would have killed myself those 25 years ago, when the pain and surgeries all started, I prayed to God to let me die, but he pulled me thru, why I ask? I have no answers, just regrets, I can honestly say I would HAVE gladly died, than to live under the thumb and prosecution of my doctors , government, and fellow man. I do not have the option of death now, I have children, I have responsiblilities that I cannot just leave behind, that would not be any more fair of me to do to my children , as the healthcare givers have done to us in chronic pain. I go to sleep everynight, in hopes that I do not wake up, I will not take my own life, but would give it freely, why do I live thru this pain and suffering, Without my meds I will no longer be able to get out of bed, or function, I have tried many times, I guess the government will be happier with another person on assistance, than a functioning druggy. Thanks for listening. I am sorry I no longer believe there is a God, but I am living in hell.

random urine tests

I went to my pain doctor on tuesday and he informed me that I must
submit to a drug test or be denied my precription. I have been going to
him for about eight years and told him that I had never heard of such a thing
and that I would not like to take the test at this time but would come back
on friday after I had checked the legality of such testing.

I went back today(friday) and gave them their sample as I had no choice,
if I refused further I would run out of my medication and go into severe withdrawal. As it turned out after I submitted the sample I was only given
a weeks worth of meds instead of a months supply as is standard. I asked
why only a weeks worth, the nurse said because you would not take the test when asked on tuesday, she said when the test results come back you will get your full prescription.

I am going to write to the A.C.L.U. and explain what is going on with me,
I encourage everyone else that has been trampled on to do the same thing,
(strength in numbers) Maybe they can get a petition started or file a lawsuit
on our behalf, this is the kind of injustice that they are accustomed to dealing with.

pain dr I came up hot for thc piss test

Every nurse amd even the PA said my pain doc would not be happy, but nothing would happen to me. I don't see him for a month and quit smoking pot. Can he notify or the DEA get law inforcement involved? Do you think he will dis my fenanyl? Thanks for any advice!

Pain Contracts

Opioid contracts are there to protect EVERYONE

I have been on both sides of this equation. My nephew had chronic pain, and died of an accidental overdose of narcotic medication prescribed by his pain doctor, and other physicians on base were also prescribing medications, so they interfered with one another and caused his death. Pretty sobering, isn't it? Pain doesn't kill, but pain killers DO.

Now, as a Physician, I can tell you that if he weren't on multiple narcotics for his pain, he would be alive. Period.

Pain is horrible. We try to do everything we can to mitigate pain for our patients. But there must be a reality check, here. I'm reading from the patients above that all you can hear is the voices of the DEA or the doctors or the government or whomever calling you an addict; you want pain medication when you want it, from whomever you want it, without accountability, without drug testing, without boundaries or structure. Bad idea.....good way to die.

Narcotic overdoses account for more emergency department visits than heroin or methamphetamine combined in this country. Over 99% of the world's Vicodin is consumed in the U.S.A. 20% of pain patients have significant psychological and psychiatric issues compounding their care. 20% of all chronic pain patients will become addicted (note, NOT accustomed, which is normal) but addicted to pain medication. Vicodin sells for $10 on the street. An Oxycontin sells for $50-80. A Valium sells for $5. The vast majority of narcotics sold on the street were obtained from a physician who didn't believe the patient was diverting the drugs. What happens if a 16 year old buys that oxycontin for $50, drinks it down with a rum and coke, and never wakes up? Who runs to the lawyer with that one? What would teh ACLU say about that? I'll tell you who is potentially liable for that death: the prescibing physician. Uh, huh. That's right. That's my license. That's my mortgage, my livelihood, my career, my food on the table.

Pain contracts are there because for years, physicians gave patients very large doses of narcotic medication without necessarily having clear structure. This became a problem....more people on opioids, more opioids running amok. The contract provides a standardized way for your practitioner to treat your pain, but to also protect his practice. I would bet you any amount of money that all of you righteously up in arms about doctors this and doctors that wouldn't give up YOUR 30 year career because someone wanted pain medication from you. Nor will I. A contract is a two-way street. I agree to try and relieve your pain, you agree not to abuse/use other drugs, obtain drugs from other providers, visit emergency departments behind my back, or divert your drugs to friends/family/the street. For those of you on a contract who are not finding relief, I suggest you discuss the matter with your physician. There are other drugs (many other drugs) which are non-narcotic that can help the narcotics work more effectively. I have yet to meet a pain physician that isnt willing to try multiple different combinations of medications to try and get their patient to a functioning level.

That, by the way, is the key: functioning. For those of you in chronic pain, your pain will not be obliterated. Its not possible. For one, opioids make you "hyperalgesic", meaning you actually feel pain MORE. Its a complicated neurochemical process, but you'll have to trust me on this one.

I can't even begin to tell you the number of people out there who are scammers. As an ER Doc, I see them all the time. They lie through their teeth, jump up and down screaming if they don't get their way, threaten me, threaten my staff all in order to get their shot and prescription. And DESPITE these jerks, I still, after all of these years of practice, maintain the position that you are given the benefit of the doubt and I will treat your pain. Please note: that may OR MAY NOT include opioids. We functioned for many, many years in this country without the use of frequent narcotic prescriptions. It doesn't make us mean, or not caring, or ruthless or not treating. It makes us use common sense.

I noticed that absolutely NO ONE commented on the posting of the other physician regarding the fact that opioids are being questioned among pain specialists as to the use of these drugs as the cornerstone of chronic pain treatment! In the last meeting of the APA, 50% didn't think opioids should be used for chronic pain patients! %50!!! They have lots and lots of complications, including death. Pain will not kill you....pain killers will.

Stop with the lawyers and ACLU crap. Its irritating. Believe me, if I was in this for the 'greenbacks' as one idiot pointed out, I would have been far richer pursuing a career in business.

The drug testing piece of the contract is in place to protect YOU as well as the doctor. If 20% of the patients have addiction issues, these must be addressed before continuing with a very addictive substance.

Thank you, for those of you who will listen...
Dr J

pain contracts

I understand your point of view,and I agree. with some of what you say, but I do have some points to argue. First pain meds dont kill, It's the people that abuse them that do it to them selves. Just like guns don't kill, people do. Next you spoke about not wanting to give up your job, what about thoes of us who have lost ours because with out the meds we cant work, or do much else,we have families homes, cars, ect. just as you.  We did not choose to have pain any more then someone chose to have cancer.

I didn't abuse my meds, I did not use other drugs,I followed the rules. My problem is for my job I have to travel, anywhere from one to three weeks at a time. At times it got in the way of my fill dates, so I was left with no options from my pain doc. No meds, and Work, or meds, and no work.  So if I work I cant have meds, I wish doctors and the DEA would have to go though what we  have to. Constant pain, day and night.  I dont wish my condition on any one, I just want you all to know what its like.  You all are dealing with stereotypes, not all people are scammers, not all abuse, and just because someone needs to fill a few scripts early, doesn't mean they are self medicating. 

There needs to be a huge wakeup call in this world. stop hurting us honest med users, If a patient file has reports, films, ect. showing all that is being done then the DEA needs to leave us all alone!!!  Doctors should not have any thing to fear if they document all that is going on.

Last thing, until you have lived with pain for 15 years, don't tell me that pain wont kill, if you are not living then are you not really dead!!!

Good luck Doc, and  God bless all of you that are dealing with this.

I hope I walk into your ER

And you try and treat me like a drug seeker. I have been waiting for this to happen, after the way I was treated last time by an ER physician.

Basically, it's gonna go like this, doc. Every time I go to the ER now, I take my concealed handgun with me. Since I am already thinking of killing myself due to chronic pain and deragatory treatment by people like you, it costs me nothing to take your arrogant ass with me.

Please, PLEASE, talk down to me, ignore my pain, and treat me like a drug seeker. I am so ready to leave this place that I can't wait to kill all you motherfuckers.

The second you get arrogant, I am going to put a fucking bullet through your skull, and then I am going to kill everyone in your staff until the cops finally take me down. Be proud of that you fucking prick. I hope your kids suffer like I have for your stupidity, and it warms my heart to think of them crying over your bleeding, dead, corpse.

Try me motherfucker.

Reply to "I hope I walk into your ER"

I can't say as I blame you for your anger.  I see your post is a couple years old.  I hope you are still fighting the good fight.  I want to start a class action law suit.  You interested?


Doctors will never know what us chronic pain sufferers go through unless they go through it themselves. Then it changes, as many physicians who refused to write pain med prescriptions, later had bad pain and were begging for pain meds in the ER.

One of the biggest myths is that if patient asks for medicine by name such as hydromorphone, is that it indicates drug seeking. Not true, most chronic pain patients research meds to find out what is best for them, and if they have been on pain meds for any length of time, they are aware of most all pain medicines.

Oxy and Morphine ER worked for me, starting with Hydrocodone over 10 years ago. After 2 years with pain clinic, I was dismissed over the phone because I asked for extra pills because I had severe tooth pain from a tooth that broke off. FWIW, I am 63 year old male.

So much is wrong, starting with the DEA to the CDC to the physicians to the pharmacists. It angers me when a mother cries on TV show because her son died from OD'ing on opiates. That's why us seniors who really need them cannot get them.

Also, the media exaggerates the deaths. There were supposedly 1100 deaths here in TN last year due to opiate overdose, yet these same opiates made hundreds of thousands of peoples' lives better where they could function. Though I do not want people to die, there are always casualties in war as in friendly fire. If 1000 people have to die so that 1 million get their life back, then it is worth it.


I would just like to comment on what I would assume was a Dr.s comment that pain will not kill you but opiates will

I wonder if this person has ever been in pain   okay take that pain and imagine that it never goes away  do you really believe that you wouldn't do anything to stop this pain? Yes many chronic pain sufferers kill themselves because  you aren't really "living" at all anyway  this person said that his nephew died because he was prescribed too many narcotics I believe that his nephew died because he took to many narcotics there is a difference    I work and I sleep there is nothing else in my life because I have found it extremely hard to find a doctor that will prescribe pain medication  yet I see people on SSI because they are alcoholics or overweight or they can't read   I have sympathy for these people but these are all things that can be rectified by stopping what they are doing or learning a skill  How do you stop being in pain   I was dx at 25 y/o with degenerative disc disease I have had three back surgeries  4 knee surgeries and 5 ankle surgeries I have compression fx in my neck an implanted nerve stimulater in my neck after receiving a crush injury to my wrist causing permanent nerve damage and loss of sensation in my hand 25 yrs later it is sometimes all I can do to just go to work   I have been made to feel as others have said like a "drug seeker" I don't take any prescribed pain medication anymore because I lost my insurance when I moved and it takes 3 months for insurance to kick in again   COBRA is a joke because it costs so much  when I moved I lost the best doctor I ever had but didn't realize that not every pain specialist or clinic abides by the same rules  I could be an alcoholic and that would be legal  unfortunatly I know first hand growing up with and then marrying an alcoholic just how dangerous this drug is and how it destroys not only the user but the family of the user  besides as a pain killer alcohol just doesn't work it is a depressant and believe me chronic pain is depressing enough I made the mistake of smoking pot because it does work (somewhat ) and doesn't cause you to lose control of yourself. When I had my first appt with the pain clinic doctor I signed a contract provided a urine sample and then had a 32 y/o look at me with disgust when I tried to explain that I self medicated in order to sleep I was told that I would have to go to a psychiatrist I was so embarrassed and ashamed   Then I just got mad I don't ask for a handout from the govt  I go to work even if I have to go in the bathroom and cry because of the pain   I have no life why would I continue to live like this  it is so overwhelming that yes sometimes I contemplate ending the pain   I don't even think of it as suicide because this isn't a permanent solution for a temporary problem it is a solution for a permanent problem     I have seizures and receive medication for that without worry that the doctor will stop giving me Dilanton because I have pot in my system  why should tx for another chronic illness be any different    If I had had opiates in my system I would understand because obviously that is what they will be prescribing and I have no legal access to them without a prescription but no one will be prescribing me marijuana so why should they test for it?  

Pain contracts

I'm a 57 year old female with two herniated disks. One at T12-L1, above a mild scoliosis curve and one at L5-S1 below the curve, complicated by lumber stenosis. I have Alport's syndrome, a type of kidney disease, that prevents me from taking OTC NSAIDS. I was made to sign a contract, I thought no big deal. My urine test came up negative for all my pain meds. My Dr. says, I have two strikes left and then I'm out. I swore to her I took those meds as prescribed. She didn't believe me. I said ok....the next one was negative....I had a fit....what the hell is going on. The test must be wrong.......blahblahblah! I was 4 years into severe pain and had to quit my job and file for disability. I was deep in depression, and couldn't do anything but sit........walking was excruciating.....I could only stand for 10 or 15 minutes. I weaned myself off the pain meds, the mental stress from the whole doctor/contract thing sent me farther into my depression. On top of it all was the fact that as long as my back was causing such debilitating kept my fibro flaring at full mode. So I went back to taking handfuls of my little pain cocktail (ibuprofen, aspirin powder, aleve). It barely does anything now and my kidney function has deteriorated to 35%. I'm suicidal, have gained 75 lbs, and now don't give a damn about living beyond today. Now you are telling me that the pain contract is there for my protection......are you kidding me right now? So tell me mr doctor man.......WTH am I supposed to do......I live in a horrible 1969 mobile home that needs so many repairs, and I get $900/month in disibility payments. It barely covers the bills! So you take that contract.....and know!  Good day!

Understand doc, but when you have never been to dr....

I just started this PM office, the reason being the HMO that medicaid for disabled has me on ruined my old PM by not paying him because he wanted to do something, Lumbar facet blocks and median nerve branch blocks to L3-4, L4-5, & L5-S1 on both sides left and right.  Uniscum (Unisom, which is now known as United) their doctors and LAWYER's thought they knew what was wrong with my spine better than a doctor that did that for a living.  If medicaid would have been like that earlier I wouldn't be like I am now, don't blame medicaid, but the doctors that seen you were on it and treated you like a lab rat, I am 48 years old, can't feel my feet both numb because I had back surgery (unnecessary) 2 times, cause when I asked the back surgeon what that meant that was written in my chart (abnormal aorta for a person of this age, about 35) was told by him and family doctor "I was too young for that", even though my grandparents died from hardening of arteries.  That was back in 1999, first surgery discectomy, then 13 months later, found out that he kept telling me that I would feel better longer than year, 2001 had repair of discectomy, that included 4screws, 2rods, 2connecting plates,and fusion with hip bone. That was in July, they gave me August to go see heart doctor, when they did pressure cuffs on my legs nurse thought machine was bad, went to get another one and it did same thing, results were I had pressure of 89 yr old female. September I went in and had some type of aorta replacement down into my legs....not only did I have my back stapled shut, front was too....was told that the back surgery could've killed me because my legs didn't have any blood flow, that meant it was backing up somewhere else...had blood clot where as I was already in icu with the so-called drain-o (r-tp) they would take me into surgery and fix my hoses in my thighs that became 'bent?', got bad infection, had to stay till gone, then went to deffinite wrong doctor for hurnias in chest muscle.  Doctor wanted to be known so he made 4 small holes 1 giant one from breast bone to past belly button, and put mesh in, that got infected inside me 3 days before my appointment and ER sent me home after IV antibiotics so doctor would see me at his time, even though he was just seen at ER dept....

well going to stop there and finish about PM dr. went in, was told I had to pee in cup, even though I haven't been to PM doctor since Uniscum screwed mine up in '07, have been treating with PFP regimate, believe me it worked better than any man made drugs yeah talking about POT.  Don't have to worry about OD'ing, and what others say about being hooked and wanting something more, no not to people who smokes this to totally forget about pain, yeah it still hurts but your mind isn't centered on it.  If more doctors would say this works and even prescribe the pills they make for it, you can do it 2 different ways, to save your liver and stomach I would stick to smoking it, and read that it doesn't help to quit smoking, I have been tobacco free for 5 years now and proudly say POT helped me quit, no man made pills did! 

Please let it pass on Nov election in Ohio, works so much better than even Morphine which I haven't been on since 2008.........

Pain Managment

As a healthcare worker I appreciated your insightful comments concerning chronic pain.  Unfortunately physicians are now under so much scrutiny for the DEA, et. al., that they are denying narcotics for the treatment of acute pain.  As a Crohn's patient, I only require narcotics during an acute flare-up.  In a recent acute episode I was repeatedly denied home going medications from hospital physicians in the ED as well as my GI specialists. When I inquired as to why, two physicians were honest enough to state that their liability was a greater concern to then than my pain.  So much for the Hippocratic oath.  I hope that some physicians still have the integrity to stand up to the DEA on behalf of their patients.  I don't believe that is asking too much.  Do you?






You're just part of the problem

> Pain doesn't kill, but pain killers DO    > Pain will not kill you....pain killers will.

Wrong.  Many people posting here have listed suicide as an option to escape their pain because of inadequate care from doctors based on fear of a government that has "erected a multitude of offices and sent hither swarms of officers to eat out our substance."    Pain kills, and there needs to be a good class action lawsuit for people that are HARMED emotionally and physically by doctors (I was) for breach of contract, and legally unconscionable actions.  


> What would teh [sic] ACLU say about that?

That's because we live in a litigious society where everything is someone else's fault.


> Pain contracts are there because for years, physicians gave patients very large doses of narcotic medication without necessarily having clear structure. This became a problem....more people on opioids, more opioids running amok. The contract provides a standardized way for your practitioner to treat your pain, but to also protect his practice...]

So you throw the baby out with the bath water ?  This is a typical government based approach to "fix" a problem.


> We functioned for many, many years in this country without the use of frequent narcotic prescriptions.

WRONG.  This makes me question the degree hanging on your wall.  Laudanum, morphine, and opium have been available for centuries (non-narcotics barbiturates and benzos for a century, and half a century respectively).


> In the last meeting of the APA, 50% didn't think opioids should be used for chronic pain patients! %50!!!

And these are the guys that can't tell us if coffee is good or bad for us.  Oh, the last one I saw was egg yolks:  Very bad for you, now not so bad.  One ortho "doctor" that I called Dr. Death, and will never return to, told my for my muscular pain, opiods "were not clearly indicated at this time".  Instead, my PCP was giving me a few of there here and there and AS THE PATIENT, yes, they helped me about 70% - not as good as opiods helped for my prior joint pain, but they brought much relief in the muscular arena.  Dr. Death WAS WRONG and pigheaded, and had me at the lowest point of my life (I nearly contacted the doctor network patient representative / ombudsman and State Medical Board over him, but figured I would lose - and in the end, my PCP saved the day and DISAGREED on the non-opiate route).


Finally, YES, I AM DRUG SEEKING.   I'M IN PAIN.  I love the red flag: "Patient has knowledge of controlled substances".   NO KIDDING.  I can READ ...  MayoClinic, Cleveland Clinic, WebMD.   That is called an informed patient, NOT a drug addict.  


> Its a complicated neurochemical process, but you'll have to trust me on this one.

For the record, doctor, my late mother had GBS ...  and the ER doc initially refused to admit her !   He said there was nothing wrong with her !   My brother made the diagnosis reading material on the internet (reputable site) BEFORE the neurologist did !    The ER doctor later apologized to my brother.    YOU DOCTORS ARE NOT GOD.  Quit acting like it (esp. with self-diagnosis - often the patient can be right).

> Thank you, for those of you who will listen...

No, it is YOU DOCTORS that need to listen.


Finally, if I DO choose to abuse my painkillers, step back for a minute, and THINK.    I'm living a life of pain hell.  God forbid that I actually enjoy myself for a few hours.   (Now here's the part you sit back and feel justified about what you wrote.  Go ahead.  You won't be completely happy until "science" creates a painkiller with no euphoria.  No problem to me:  alcohol, marijuana, and natural opiates go a long way to RELIEVING ourselves of doctors entirely). 


 The Man

That's a damn lie ... i have

That's a damn lie ... i have trigeminal neuroliga and that pain will kill me without my pain meds. ..... after moving to colorado i found out that they will let u die up here in pain even if you have an mri with a pre anurism bs thing on it....yup they still are like so go home old soldier i know the army ...depleted uranium ...ect so what go die WE think its funny LOL !!!!!!!! To think my last doctor never made me ask 2xs for my pain meds ...but now yes ...soon I run out and i'd wager within 2 to 3 months ill be in the ground because of lame people like you that have stolen my right as a patient to proper pain control ... your such as fucking waste of space as a physician you should kill yourself.

hippocratic oath

One more thing: the hippocratic oath is a long document, and we aren't violating the oath if we don't give narcotics. Primum non nocium trumps the hippocratic oath every time: "First, do no harm". Pain won't kill you...pain killers will.

Dr J

Arrogant Doctor

Pain doesn't kill? You are an idiot. How many chronic pain patients do you think kill themselves because of asshole doctors such as yourself. If you think pain doesn't kill, try NOT treating mine. I am tired of you fucking doctors, and the next one that leaves me to suffer, will suffer like no other human can conceive.

Once you are in as much pain as me doc, then we will see how self righteous you are about your pain meds. I hope someone starts killing doctors and DEA agents.

With all the dead doctors,

With all the dead doctors, how are junkies like you going to be able to get your fixes?!

Definition of a doctor is lost on you!

You re clearly an asshole doctor just here trying to unload your own anger on sick people.  What is your motive here?  To help or not?  YOU need psychological help be an MD and be on this site TRYING to irritate already irritated people in so much pain it changes brain chemistry and it's difficult to be patient and loving when doctors (IF you really are a dr.) are such arrogant jerks.  Get a life doctor and go do something that damages your body so you can join us...Remember...there is nothing better than judgment as a boom-a-rang...I wish I could see your meanness and judgment smack you in the face but I won't because I'll never meet such an asshole as YOU.  YOU deserve pain and it will come to YOU...It's the law of the out.

Pain won't kill you?

Tell that to the thousands who kill themselves every year from chronic pain because no one will help them.

Dr J's comment on "Pain won't kill you"

Dear Dr J.

Excuse me, but you are an idiot.  Extreme intractable pain WILL kill you.  Look into the functioning of your adrenal glands during chronic, intractable, debilitating pain.  Do you know what the cortisol will do to you?  If you don't, God help your patients.  Let me guess, you slept in class that day????  BTW, start your education here:  .  Now, go read some of Dr. Forest Tennant's articles on chronic pain, and the terrible effects it has on your body.  He has been in this field since 1975.  

Too many doctors are equally as uneducated on this subject as  you, Dr. J.


Not an idiot





Back pain/meds

I have had back pain since 2005. I've been on Vicodin since then. I have also tried several muscle relaxers as well as other medications, only to find that the Vicodin was the ONLY one that helps. I have also tried cortisone injections, radiofrequency ablation, and nerve root blocks to no avail. Yesterday I saw a new pain specialist who put me on a pain contract (which now after reading your posts scares me). I do not smoke, drink, or do any other drugs. Though it scares me that I may have this pain for the rest of my life, I DO NOT want to be on narcotics forever either.

I understand your frustrations, and I am witness to people abusing the system, but we cannot blame the doctors. They have an obligation to treat us, but they also need to protect us and themselves. There are "shoppers" who go from doctor to doctor and pharmacy to pharmacy to get narcotics. There is a reason for these contracts - and I don't believe the DEA, or even the doctors, are to blame. Narcotic drug use is on the rise, kids are even getting it from their medicine cabinets and are having "pill parties."

Substance abuse is on the rise in the US and we all need to do our part to make sure it does not continue and trickle down to the children.

Pain contracts

I have a chronic back pain. My doctor has me on oxycodone 5 mg 4 times per day. I have never been happy about it. The last time I went he asked me to sign a "pain contract". It was three pages long and a total insult and invasion of my honor and also privacy. I took it and had a friend who is a prosecutor review it. He said "do not sign it under any situation". I have discussed my situation with another doctor and two pharmacists. All of them advised me to get off the oxycodone. The new doctor is a specialist who does not use opiates. I am going to go off oxycodone and try other methods. If all fails I will either switch doctors or live in pain before I sign that document.

The doctors are to blame. As is the government for criminalizing pain management. I do blame my primary doctor and will in time change to another one. It is not my fault that some people abuse drugs. I refuse to be binned with them. I want a doctor not a probation officer. In my opinion doctors demanding this should be kicked out of the profession.

i was kicked outta pain management

I was in painmanagement for about 2 years. I have a bulging disc at l,4 and l,5 and a herniated disc at t7,t,8 and degenerative disc disease. When I first started pain management I was put on the lowest dose of the fentanyl patch but they didn't stick so I was put on kadian (morphine sulfate er) and 5 norco a day. I had passed several ua's no problem but I had a really bad month and I still had some of those fentanyl patches so I taped one on got ua'd and have since been kicked out because I broke the contract! Someone please tell me what I should do I am in so much pain I can't take it will I ever find a doctor who will help me? I know I did something wrong but my god I was in so much pain! I don't know what to do I feel like I am at the end of my rope! I can't take this what am I supposed to do? I feel so alone and so scared... My kids are 10 and 11 and I don't want to live in this pain I can't do anything fun with them anymore:(

Kicked out?

You should have went to your doctor and told him/her of the increased pain. The problem is that he could lose his medical license if you misuse your meds.  I find it strange that this was your first offense.  They usually try and work with you.

There are actually reasons for not adding to the meds. You could have died.  

Have you gone back and talked with your doctor?  I'd at least try that.  The doctor may put you back in.  .

Go and talk with him.  I'd also volunteer to go and see a psychologist and pain management to help deal with the pain.  Have you tried PT, acupuncture.. and other pain management techniques? I do 2 hours of PT every day.  I also do yoga, and accupuncture. 

Good luck


pain contract

I am being asked to sign a pain contract. I have already been prescribed pain meds from my doctor and never asked to sign such a thing. Now they want me to. My issue is that my UA is going to be dirty for thc and I do not know how my doctor feels about this. I am able to become legal to have marijuana in this state. But once again I am not sure where my doctor stands on the subject. My question is, if I sign this how long will it be before I am ua'd and will I be dropped from the program for thc on my FIRST ua?

Veterans and pain contracts

I've been in chronic pain from a service connected injury for over 25 years. Several years ago the VAMC decided to have everyone sign pain contracts. Because most of us were already dependent on the medications, these contracts were signed under duress because we were afraid if we didn't sign we'd get no meds and go through withdrawal (a very unpleasent experience).

The next step was to treat ALL of us as addicts and start doing pill counts and piss tests.

I believe the pill counts put vets in danger because if addicts found out that large amounts of vets are coming in and out with their meds there might be muggings.

Before the counts were only, done when you came in for an appointment. NOW they can just call you and demand you come in anytime of day.

They called me today and wanted me to come in twice. I told them no, I would come in ONCE. I live over 25 miles away. It is a fiscal hardship to have to come in too many times. Unless the VA wants to pay for transportation they shouldn't be asking people in rural communities to come in on a day they don't have an appointment. These counts should be done when there is an appointment only.

And now they've decided we must bring our pills in for EVERY visit. This is stupid.

Why are we ALL being treated as addicts? I've never lost my meds, asked for extra meds, or did anything that wold make me look like an addict. So why all this?

Because our legislators and the DEA want it this way. If they have their way NO ONE will get treated for pain except of course DEA agents and our government. The most insulting thing is it's not the doctors that call for these pill counts it's the DEA. My doctor never asked me to count pills. Funny thin is that they are required by law to see us every 3 months yet they don't do that. And why? Because they don't have enough appointment slots. I think if the VA is going to enforce one thing then they should have to enforce all things.

The war on drugs is a failure. And veterans who put their lives on the line for this country are being punished. We already pay an outrageous amount for our medication copay's. More then some illegal going to Walmart. And once again we didn't get a pay-raise on our disability.

The only way to win is to legalize everything and assign DEA agents to border patrol duty. If we legalized everything the drug cartels would go broke, crime would go down and we could tax the drugs. I'm so angry right now I could spit. I worry enough about getting my meds home without worrying about bringing them back again.

Methadone Clinics for pain patients

This is a crisis that is the real problem with our health care system.  Doctors wont touch you if you have non cancer pain.  Now the state of washington has given blanket dose limits that doctor are supposed to follow for non cancer pain patients.  Like everyone should be treated the same.  WTF are they thinking?  The solution at least for most pain patient that get dumped by a doctor is to doctor shop.  And your not doing it on purpose but you have to find someone right.  So thats when a frustrated patient just gets multiple doctors.  That way if one drops you your still ok.  Or some go to the methadone clinic and a doctor.  Seems illogical to have valid pain patient that has to pretend they are an addict just to get their meds.  Ive been at that crossroads before. and for someone without insurance the methadone clinic costs about 300 a month and they will raise your dose up higher than a pain doctor so thats why people do it.  My friend was addicted to oxycontin from the street.  He went to the clinic and now he is on 160 mgs per day.  Thats friggin higher than me and I'm actually hurt.  The kicker is they give him take home ones and since methadone has a long half life he sells his scripts they give him on the weekend when they r closed.  Thats like 200 bucks a weekend so it pays for itself.  This might be the best anonymous pain management in the future.  Now they have a new drug that is a 12 hour time release hydromorphone.  The fda makes your doctor monitor you even more if your on that per recommmedation from the pharmaceutical co apparently they think people might abuse it like OC.  Everything old is new again.  

Just was wondering what do they do for people with pain issues but addiction problems.  They deserve help to but i guess now states just want you to smoke weed with a mj card for pain.  



I condemn all forms of violence

As much as I am frustrated with this situation I oppose all forms of violence. If you are angry do not take it out on others in a violent way. The right approach is to take legal action to protect our rights.


I am abondonded as well.  I had signed a contract which I do not remember the exact language of.  I took meds as presecribed.  Took all drug tests, pill counts, fine with me. Passed everything just fine. I went for a second opinion about a possible surgery to help with ONE of the coniditions I have.  The surgeon said I would be in much less pain, try it. I did tell PM that I wanted to do it, this was not the only condition I was being treated for at PM, all agreed on that. PM practice said NO, you can't have surgery.  You have to get more injections through us, we will tell you if you can go try surgery.  I tried about ten rounds of injections, they were not working. I opted for surgery.  Even after discussing with them that this might help just one of the degenerative conditions I am suffering from, and I mean suffering.  They dropped me, without any meds to taper off of. The real bitch is, the surgery didn't help much at all.  The surgeon won't prescribe meds for the other conditions he did not treat me for. I don't know if I am going to make it. I am left dangling by a thread.  I can't get up the steps in my house.  I can't lift my arms to wash my hair, that much pain.  Where do I go now, after this clinic around Nashville dropped me for TRYING something that might make me better!! Please help!

also, no violence

He has valid points as well.  Violence is no answer to anything.  I understand the frustration, REALLY, I DO, but we can't go there.


I was dropped by my clinic. My original one shut down and I had to get a new one. The first meds I were on was 2 percacet a day. It didn't do much but helped. My last doc dropped me to vicodin 5/500 twice a day and tramadol 50mgs 3x a day. Those meds did nothing. So about a week ago I got a letter in the mail saying I was dropped and that my pcp would be informed. I don't know what I did wrong. I was told to see an addiction specialist. I'm not addicted I hurt. Now what do I do?

done living with pain

i had back surgery in 2007. it is now 2012. i had ruptured disks at L3 and L4. performed a diskectomy and reamed out the S1 nerve channel. the meds i am on now do not take care of the pain. i work because i need to. it sucks. if i move wrong i am down for days. it sucks. now i have to sign a pain contract, for drugs that don't really do the job. i have decided to end my "life". like this is really living anyway.  i can't go on like this, i've become an asshole, im just crabby and angry and depressed all the time and can't take it anymore. my plan is to go to the state forest and shoot myself. i hope that nobody finds me. it will be easier on the kids if they think i just left. the doctors have the ability to control the pain-they simply choose not to. thanks doc. at least this way i won't hurt anymore. or hurt anyone else

cutoff and treated like a criminal, no recourse?

I am a 100 percent total and permit service connected disabled veteran. I am typing this with voice recognition so please understand there maybe some misspellings or wrong words. I saw this new pain contract coming into the V a n a shock to me I didn't understand what there is you was or what the deal was. unfortunately the team that I am on NBA has gone through 5 different doctors in the past 2 years. my original doctor I had for many many years new me very well understood my pain an address to correctly I live done fighting everyday and had no problems with it I cycled up and down and even cycled myself off or 2 very low doses in order to keep my tolerance in check. having tea 678 and 9 bone on bone on 1 side and blown out on the other, torn ACL torn rotator cuff, pTSD severe depressive disorder etc. now recently my wife who is never done anything illegal in her life was never had any problems or issues it's basically a wonderful woman had some pain issues with her back she injured it and she didn't tell me. we live on my VA disability and did not have money for her to go to the doctor so she started taking some of my bike it in unbeknownst to me. I ran out of my pain medications early and thought I was just in so much pain that I had been taking more than normal I wasnt positive because I don't keep track of my exact daily intake. I contacted the VA and let them know that I needed a refill early because of my increased pain. the doctor asked me to come in refilled my pain prescription and sent me down or urinalysis I had no issue with that whatsoever because I've never miss taking my pain medications. since I had run out of my bike it in I resorted to a couple of backups hills of percoset which I had from a previous prcription about your prior. I tested positive for the percoset and negatives for the Vicodin. I was waiting for my refills a couple eeks later and found out that my refills have been canceled all together. my doctor did not call or contact me or let me know any of the best of what was going on I called the VA and had to contact my doctor.I talk to my doctor and explain to him the situation I told him that I did not want my wife to be arrested or to be in any legal trouble because I understood that was very bad however she was no longer taking any of my medication and would never do it again. the doctor explain to me that I was a drug addict and that I was required to be taking off of all opiates no matter what. I was told that I should go into immediate drug counseling and addiction therapy. this new Doctor Who does not know me 1 bit has seen me only twice for about 10 minutes believes that he can take a hold of my wife and change it dramatically I was injured severely in the military and deal with excessive pain every single day. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated and angry I am with the VA at this point I understand there trying to control the excessive use of opiates in other drugs however I am severely disabled and deal with chronic pain every single day how am I supposed to live on Apperson AKA believe that is absolutely ridiculous. I am being treated like a criminal and I have done nothing wrong I don't know what to do I'm trying to contact the Head of medicine for the clinic where I am seen. here's to being frustrated once again with the government .

Need contact info for class action group or Attorney

I was just withdrawn from my physician because I allegedly broke a pain contract I signed in 2007. This is a mistake the clinic violated my rights and my contract. The contract does not include the boundaries they crossed but I can’t fight this without help. I am also aware that because of the withdrawal from care I will probably have a difficult time finding another physician. I desperately need an attorney.

I think my case would be an asset to any group fighting to change this forced contract. Please email me at [email protected] I think the details of my removal will help any group or Attorney go forward with specific case details for mistreatment, discrimination on these contracts.

Reading your stories did help me feel less alone so I think I would like to share some thoughts that although I intend to keep short will most likely become a lengthy thing instead.

If I could change my disability..that day when a car ran a stop sign and hit mine changing my life and my families forever I would. Just trying to keep positive is hard and this is with my pain managed the last couple years.

When I received this unexpected eviction from medical care letter it took me back to the first several years after the accident. Begging for help and cooperating with whatever treatments attorneys, dr.'s insurance companies wanted me to while everything I had worked for monetarily shattered around me. Struggling with suicidal thoughts for the first time because the pain was unbearable and the fight for help was overwhelming. Always to be treated like I was either pill seeking or simply in it for an auto accident lawsuit. I had to comply no matter what was asked of me or it was documented I was "refusing treatment". I was a respected gov employee with things and stuff.... and a life full of dignity and self respect with respectful treatment by others. That has not been the case for over 6 years now because I became disabled in a car accident.

I am terrified with the emotions that immediately came back with the thought of having to endure so much agony again. I can't do it again. I have nothing and also everything to lose if I no longer have pain control.

I would normally never say something like this because in general I am a bit paranoid of the internet police but like many I suddenly just don't care anymore with the looming lack of medical help. I admit I had some darker thoughts of rage that I see others have voiced here making me feel oddly comforted that I am not the only one who feels like they are walking on a thin line of self control with any more demeaning treatment or lack of help. I can absolutely relate to peoples thoughts of violence to make a stand .....although it would be effective in gaining some media attention and maybe some revisions that we all deserve with these horrible contracts there would most certainly be families, patients and other physicians who would not have deserved this "lesson" you know what I mean?

I feel like a constant stream of bad and worse things happen in my life since this accident no matter how positive I try to be. I can relate to so much of what everyone says here that I want to point out before anyone goes guns blazing into the ER or their asshole Dr’s office-- If your luck is like mine has been of late you would probably spend a lot of energy plotting some huge blaze of glory’ish shoot out, trip and shoot your junk off instead.... just saying. Probably best to try to get an attorney to help us and combine our voices and stories.

I called several attorneys by the way and not a single one would even talk to me the secretaries said they would not handle pain contract clients.......


Life confined to bed 75% of the time may not seem much different than being confined by pain to your bed 100% of the time by people who do not have chronic pain. To me this is the difference between life and death, light and dark, even something resembling peace. Those moments of activity mean so much to me. I plan my life around my disabilities and have found a system of making sure I have nothing planned for several days after something physical. That rare family outing, a short walk ( to poor now for anything involving money) time with friends. Even if I know I will be down for days after activity it does give me a quality of life I am satisfied with that is only possible because of pain medication.

I think many of us are probably very poor. Poverty is horrifying and I am to embarrassed to ask for help from food banks or charities but my child and I do not live well. Even without child support I make to much money with my social security to receive gov food benefits or monies but do not have enough money to buy basic needs items like food and electricity let alone clothing and toiletries. My money situation is like a heavy wet cold blanket draped on top of me at all times and it is suffocating. Of all the planning for my future and working hard to get there I did not envision a life of poverty and pain and even more so that my child grow up in this situation with his only parent being disabled and unable to provide a life and opportunities he deserves to have. These things are so difficult to endure it takes every ounce of strength I have.




I am Me, not They, Them or Some People

Let's clarify here, when I refer to patients,I'm referring to good, smart people who don't take more and more of their meds until they're numb or dead. Or just pour whatever the Docs give them down their throat without a second thought . I understand the need for "realistic" oversight when it comes to meds. They are potent chemicals and should be treated as such. But this "forced consent" business with the pain contracts is unacceptable. And discriminatory . I live in WA State. Marijuana was just "LEGALIZED" in my state for both medical and recreational use. I also have suffered for almost eight years with spinal joint and disc pain and degeneration as well as severe myalgia of the left scapular and back shoulder and left chest. The first time I went into the Pain Clinic I flat turned down pain meds. I tried for over two excruciating years to regenerate my bad spots through stretching, and exercise. Well, that was not happening. Eventually my Doc and I realized that my condition was permanent and that pain control and catharsis were my only treatments. After two years of med free, condition exacerbation, I returned to the pain Clinic and told my Dr. that there was T.H.C. In my "required " urinalysis. But that since it was now legal it should be moot. Well.... Apparently not. When I finally managed to get back to the pain clinic. After refilling my meds for almost four months without a word from the clinic, which I have to drive fifty miles to and fifty miles back from every month to get my refill. I found that I had been switched to an N.P. that I had never met and from what I could tell had only skimmed my file. She spent the whole time telling me how it was a bad idea expect long term pain management and that I was rather young for my condition and that she was going to start trying to ween me down off the opiates, after one or two CS injections in my spine. Which apparently meant immediately because when I refilled my meds that day they gave me ten less. Leaving me two and a half days short a month before my first injection. Then she spent the rest of the time telling me that a T.H.C. Positive again would lose me my meds. I reminded her, that through the glorious triumph of democracy, WA state had legalized marijuana completely. She informed me that although it was perfectly legal. It was still unacceptable because of the Federal statutes as well as standing insurance guidelines. Which is called "selective adhesion". Which basically means, oh yeah it's legal. But we still don't like it, and are therefore going to roote like pig for any rule or law from anyone or anywhere to use to deny you what we know you require, for a diagnosed condition. Because you don't live the life they command you to. SADISTIC, ELITIST, POWER-TRIPPING is what it is plain and simple. I know from a mountain of experience. It's wrong, and it must stop. Now.. don't get me wrong, there are good Dr.s out there who care and try. We are not complaining about them. They get kudos. But a person can tell when they're being discriminated against. And when you finally choke down your own "bitter tasting" pride, break down and go to these people, who chose a job in medicine, not torture, on bended knee, and literally beg for the assistance they are paid to give you, and not only not receive help, but get treated like your lying for drugs or just a sissy who can't handle real pain who's wasting their time with your stupid little aches and your all in your head pain. It puts you in a place that could make even the kindest man in the world bear his fangs. Yes some people abuse their meds, yes some people sell their scripts, "some people" do a lot of shit! But I am not some people. I am me. I've down what I'VE DONE. And should only be treated as according to my personal history. Not what some douche I never met did one time, somewhere because of some shit I could give a funk about. The bottom line is it's about money and sociology. It's more profitable to keep people miserable cause that keeps us going to Dr.s. and apparently they just don't like pot smokers cause it's legal here and I'm still being treated like a criminal. Elitist, discriminatory, bullshit. I'll have my entire scrip' takin away for indulging in something that's perfectly legal. That's like telling me they'll take my meds for drinking margarita because it was illegal once so that's all that matters. Yeah, no. It's one thing to scrutinize someone with a history of drug related problems, be it addiction, trafficking or fraud. That's cause. But I wish they would stop pretending its about protecting people. It's about greed and pride pure and simple, and they know it. And more to the point, they know, that we know, that they know, THAT WE KNOW, THAT THEY KNOW IT! So they should stop lying and pretending that they're sooooo worried about us. Shit. Yeah, I bet they stay up nights, worrying, about us. !

Pain will to kill you.

Anyone who has suffered with the problems described on this page knows intimately that pain absolutely can kill. Indirectly. And if by denying someone relief, causing them frustration, stress, sadness, misery, hopelessness, pain and depression. Sometimes leading them to contemplate or even follow through on suicide, violent outbursts or med theft to escape the hellish, untreated, unfair, unpleasant, un-fucking-exceptable situation they're in is considered, doing no harm. Then perhaps we as a people should redefine what the word "harm" seems to mean. Because I don't understand how telling someone they should hurt so they won't get hurt, is supposed to be beneficial for anyone who isn't AN ASSHOLE!

Pain is no joke - trying making the doctors understand that!!!!

I am a 54 year old female, I live in constant pain 24-7. lost my 18 year old son 6 years ago and went into a deep depression, back about 15 years ago was in a bad car accident, but had a MRI and Xrays done of my back - - -found out I live with fibromyalgia AND on top of fibro I have degenerative spine disease - - try feeling like you have a toothache or earache all of the time.  My dumb _ _ _ regular doctor says that it is probably due to my severe depression, uh hello - - - you live in pain with back problems and fibromyalgia and see what you feel like DOC???

So to make a long story short, she has had me on Norco for the past year and never had me sign any type of contract, now all of a sudden they would not call in my pain med's for Norco, they told me I had to come in to pick up my script at the office, well while I am in there waiting, the MA says, the nurse is going to give you your script, you will have to sit in the waiting room and wait on her, so I wait, and wait, and then I get a call that my 85 year old mother just had been admitted to the hospital, so I was ready to leave, they wanted to give me a pee test, I said, I will have to come back another time to get it, because my family comes first and I need to be there for my mom -  -- - so did they screw up by not having me sign a contract??? It has been 2 days now without my med's and they won't give me my script, and I am going thru hell right now with the pain and I feel irritable, and sweating, etc., what's happening? Is it some kind of withdrawal???  Can doctors legally have you do a pee test without a signed contract??? This is not a pain management clinic this is a regular doctor's office.

Pain Contracts

In my experience, I have found that doing your research and finding a doctor that comes highly recommended from his or her patients is the best path.  Normally, if the patients are happy with the doctor, then it is likely that the doctor is treating them fair.  Unfortunately, these pain contracts are a necessity to getting your meds.  If the quantity or type of medication you are being prescribed is not working, tell the doctor that and if he does not up the strength or try a stronger med, then find a new doctor.  These doctors are paid to help us. If they are NOT helping you, then fire them and post wherever you can on the internet that they are not empathetic in regards to their patients needs.  One need for getting script early is in the case that you have to travel.  Certainly this needs to be true, but if so, give you doctor the travel itinerary and show them you are leaving and will run out of meds on the road.  Most pharmacies will not fill script for any class 2 drug that is out of town. Definitely out of state.  Insurance companies have vacation overrides and percetnage based rules to allow you to fill a script early if needed. Just becasue you fill early, does not mean you are a drug addict. For travelling people like me(I travel for work 2-3 weeks a month), running out of meds in the middle of a trip is devastating.  Any doctor that would allow this to happen should be banned from prescribing these types of meds.  Again, post everything you can on the internet as patients reviews and hammer the doctor.  A good doctor will care about these things and understand.  A good doctor knows that an individuals tolerance to opiates gets higher and higher the longer they are on the meds.  That being said, a good doctor will work with the patient to find the right med in the right dosage and quantity. If not, fire the doctor and post.  Another good thing to do, is keep a detailed pain journal. Go to the dollar store and get a full size notepad.  Them, every day, record your time and dosage of your meds. Keep track of how you feel and rank on a scale of 1-10 your pain just prior to medicating. This helps show the doctor you have written proof of how your meds are working.  A good doctor will never deny a pain journal. If they do, fire them and find a new doctor. These bad doctors need to be run out of business. They have the nerve to make money off of us, but they have the gall to then not listen to us and infer we may have a drug issue? On the issues of drug tests and doctor shopping, one must just understand there is no way of getting around this. The drug tests are more for ensuring you ARE taking your meds. If not, they have a legitimate right to be concerned that you could be selling the drug. Why else would you come in each month and take the script if you were not taking it. That being said, just know that if you are under a pain management doctors care, you need to take your meds as prescribed and do not do ANY other drugs your doctor does not know about. As far as doctor shopping, there is no way around this.  If you take script from another doctor and have signed a PMC with another doctor, your original doctor will find out and likely terminate the relationship. If you are going in for surgery, let the surgeon know you are under a PMC and give him your doctor's name and phone number.  Do that and you are covered. Do not do that and you are breaking the law.  I do not know about you, but I would much rather obey the PMC and have my meds versus getting in trouble and possibly being without them. Protect your right to be treated.  If you are going to another doctor, make 100% sure you tell the new doctor you are seeking a new doctor because your old one does not accommodate your needs...get them your medical files and tell them what you are/were being prescribed.  Let them know when the last time was(be truthful) that you filled your various meds. If you decide to sign a new PMC and go with a new doctor, make sure you let your old doctor know you are terminating the relationship, effective date XYZ. No reason is needed.  As long as you do this, you will be operating within the scope of the law and not be considered a doctor shopper.  Protect your right to be treated.  Know the laws/rules and be honest with your doctor and you should be able to have a good relationship and get the meds you need.

Feeling like a Criminal

I just recieved a pain contract in the mail.  Apparently my clinic was bought out by a larger hospital and they are implementing the pain contract.  The thing that really makes me angry is that I have been on a pain contract with my family doctor for the past twenty years.  We made/wrote it together and changed it over time as my health changed.  Now it is being taken out of his hands. 

I have never had to have UA's before or pill counts.  I am shocked that being in pain means you are treated like you are a criminal.  I am used to the "drug seeker" crap.  A few years ago I was told I couldn't go to the hospital ER for my chronic pain anymore.  Even though, I always had my own doctor call in and tell the ER doc that it was OK with him for me to get the meds, they still decided to ban me.  Since then, my doc has come in early every thursday morning to give me a shot and whatever pain meds I needed refilled that week.  Now, the pain contract.  I can't sign it because I think it is wrong and it is totally against my principles.  I refuse to be treated like a criminal because I am in pain.  I have one doctor managing my pain meds and I see him every week.  I also can't NOT sign it because I will lose my meds and without them I am useless.  I cannot get out of bed and I just lay there in pain.  It is not a life.  I have a family, a husband, four children and two grandchildren who need me and the thought of leaving them with the horrible burden of a mother who killed herself breaks my heart.. yet, that is what I see coming.  I can't live without the pain meds and I won't be treated like a criminal.  They have treated me poorly enough in the past with their attitudes but I refuse to pay for drug tests and pill counts.  The most stupid thing to me is that the people who really are in pain are the ones they are forcing to sign this contract.  People who are addicted without pain or getting prescriptions and selling them have a choice to not sign and get help for their addiction or stop selling pills.  It is the people who truly are suffering who are made to pay the price of this ridiculous, humiliating contract.  It is not a "pain contract".  It is a "blackmail contract" because if you are truly in pain then your medication is being held hostage... your LIFE is being held hostage.  Anyone who says pain doesn't kill has no idea what it is like to be in severe pain day in and day out with nothing to relieve it.  I would love it if Tylenol or Ibuprofen took my pain away.  I would love it if I didn't have to take these addicting medicines so I wouldn't be treated like shit by doctors and nurses who don't know me.

I don't know what I will end up doing.  My husband tries to distract my doctor every week so we end up leaving without signing the damn thing.  One of these weeks it will come down to it though and I don't know what I will do.  After 20 years of trust, friendship and mutual respect it has come to this.  I know it isn't my doctor's fault and I hope he will fight for me... but I can't expect him to put his job on the line as I am only one of his patients.  This is just so wrong on so many levels.  I would be very willing to discuss a lawsuit with anyone who wants to.  This is just completely unacceptable for me.  The government is taking away more and more of our rights and freedoms under the guise of "protecting" us.  I could go out and smoke cigarettes and drink booze until I die but I can't get pain medication without being treated like a criminal.  How crazy is that?   elysheva z

sick and tired of being sick and tired

I have had it, I am in severe pain and I can't get any help. Why is it illegal for me to help myself while drug companies get to own all the drugs and get to decide who to help and who to not. The best forms of medicine grow right out of the ground and I want to grow my own. What other choice do I have when I can't get relief? The doctors are not on my side. I suffer from silicosis and temporomandibular joint disorder as well as other things. My jaw pops in and out of its socket, the pain is 24 7 and is so bad if I where a horse the human thing to do would be to put me down. My doctor took me off the only pain relief I had tramadol because it became considered a narcotic in my state. He had told me before there will be no narcotics for me. Its not a free country when other people make your own choices for you. Tramadol was not strong enough to take away the pain before but with out it the pain is unreal. I haven't slept since then, I can't go on like this. I was told that I must see a pain clinic and I have been trying very aggressively, I have faced denial after denial. No one covers TMD. I have to help myself, I am going to grow my own medicine and I am going to grow anything and everything that I feel might help me. I have had it with the drug war. The DEA has declared war upon its own people! I rather die then live in fear and in so much pain. 

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