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Why Does PayPal Have a Problem With Medical Marijuana?

Our friends at NORML have run into a weird misunderstanding with the folks at PayPal.

Awesome: Protesters Plant Hemp at DEA Headquarters, Get Arrested

The ban on domestic hemp cultivation is so profoundly stupid and crazy that the drug warriors won't even talk about it.

What's the Actual Value of a Marijuana Plant?

We've found many e

Drug Czar's Office Re-evaluating Marijuana Policy: "We're trying to base stuff on the facts"

There's a new spokesman at the drug czar's office and I'm kinda liking him so far:

Washington Post Punches Marijuana Prohibition in the Teeth

Wow, if the drug czar was annoyed with The Washington Post last week, I wish I could see the look on

Irony Alert: Drug Czar Complains About Media Bias

In August, The Washington Post ran a superb op-ed from LEAP members Peter Mo

A Lesson in Etiquette for Drug Policy Activists

This story is the most perfect example possible of how not to behave if you want people to sympathize with our cause:

San Francisco Police Chief Acknowledges Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

Illegal marijuana grows have resulted in a series of fires in San Francisco, leading to a crackdown by police.

It Sucks to be the Drug Czar of Afghanistan

Fortune Magazine tags along with Afghanistan's m

Medical Marijuana Sales Are Increasing. So What's the Problem?

I just read this USA Today article, Booming medical pot sales concern officials, and the

An Awesome Marijuana Segment on the Today Show

Matt Lauer hosts an interesting discussion of marijuana use among professional women.

Marc Emery is in Jail for His Politics, Not His Pot Seeds

We've been over this before, but as Marc Emery

This Evening's Corrupt Cops Story

Here's one from Michigan that's making a lot of people look bad:

Anal Cavity Searches: Another Horrible Drug War Atrocity

I hate how easy it is to find new and insane stories of drug war villainy each and every day.

Opponents of Medical Marijuana Are Getting Lonely and Discouraged

I like this post from Pete Guither about a small group of Californians

Police Discover World's Most Expensive Marijuana

Police in Texas just made a remarkable discovery that could potentially turn the domestic marijuana industry upside down.

Dr. Drew & The Drug Czar Join Forces to Scare Parents About Marijuana Legalization

As a teenager I used to listen to Dr. Drew's Loveline radio show every night.

Another Sign That "Tough on Drugs" Politics Are Fading Fast

Last week, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) proposed a nasty amendment to deny housing aid in New Orleans to entire households that included people convicted of certain drug offenses or other crimes.

When Cops Play Nintendo

A 9-hour drug raid in Lakeland, FL might not have taken as long if the raiding officers hadn’

When Cops Play Doctor

World Drug Czar Proves Once Again Why He Deserves That Title

Pete Guither has a good post looking at the

Cheye Calvo Takes a Stand Against Corrupt Drug War Policing

Ever since police killed his dogs in an epic – yet typical – episode of botched drug

Surprise! Police Chief Makes Bad Argument Against Legalizing Marijuana

Nobody opposes marijuana legalization except more than those who personally profit from prohibition. That much is easy to understand.

Former Mexican President Proposes Legalizing Drugs in Mexico AND the U.S.

As President Calderon's leadership continues to drive Mexico deeper into the abyss of cyclical drug war violence, his predecessor Vicente Fox is looking for real solutions instead of hollow, tough

The Marijuana Ads That ABC, FOX, and CBS Refused to Show You

New York City is the marijuana arrest capital of the world, which makes it harsh terrain for seriously

The Weekly Standard Cheers on Mexican Drug War Bloodshed

Jaime Daremblum at The Weekly Standard uses math to prove that Mexico's d

No Matter How Bad You Think the Drug War Is, It's Worse

As I was writing the post below about asset forfeiture, I felt once again the familiar frustration of knowing

Using Drug Laws to Steal From Innocent People

Radley Balko has a story in the Jackson Free Press noting th

U.S. Forest Service Apologizes for Racist Marijuana Warning

Remember a couple weeks ago when the U.S.

Drug War Violence is Destroying Mexico's Economy

According to a new expert analysis, Mexico's brutal drug war is costing the country a whole hell of a lot of money:

Prominent Drug Warrior Admits Anti-Drug Propaganda is Exaggerated

I don’t know what to make of this quote from NIDA Director Nora Volkow:

How Much More Proof Do You Need That Lying About Marijuana Doesn’t Work?

No matter how many lies they tell, no matter how many lives they rip apart, the brave soldiers in the war on drugs wake up everyday in a country where marijuana is part of a healthy lifestyle for mill

Insane Hospital Worker Punishes Medical Marijuana Patient

This is so out-of-control, I just don't know where to begin. If you watch one video this year of a seriously ill medical marijuana patient getting tortured by idiots, make it this one:

Bison Will Eat Marijuana Grown on Contaminated Chemical Weapons Site

Aaron Houston at MPP is supposed to be this

Confused Drug Warrior Predicts "The End of Medical Marijuana"

John English at The Examiner has penned an impressive archive of unhinged anti-drug angrine

Confused Drug Warrior Thinks Drugs Are Legal in Mexico

It's sad how often opposition to simple reforms is characterized by fundamental factual ignorance. Here's T.

What Would You Do If You Found a Giant Bag of Weed at the Beach?

I'm sure the readers of this blog could all be counted on to do the right thing:

Marijuana Eradication is Destroying Everything Except Marijuana

As a child, my folks took me to see the magn

Police Kill Church Pastor in Botched Drug Raid. No Drugs Found.

Via Radley Balko, here's

Ooops!! Police Destroy Legal Hemp Field

Another problem with having laws against certain types of plants is that police don't know anything about plants.

Ok Everyone, This Town Will be Drug Free Starting…Now

It looks like the party is almost over for the hippies of Salem, NJ.

It's Time to Fix Maryland's Medical Marijuana Law

Anyone in Maryland who thinks the problem is solved should read this.

How Many Americans Die Every Year in The War on Drugs?

According to Esquire, it may be as many as 15,000.

Warning: People Who Eat Tortillas Might be Marijuana Growers

The panic over escalating outdoor marijuana cultivation just climbed about five notches on the absurdity scale.

Further Proof That Medical Marijuana Laws Are Working

The Atlantic has an interesting story about the evolving medical

Hey, Check Out These Meaningless Statistics!

From the drug czar's blog:
According to a recent national survey, 11 percent of we

Every Year is a Record Year for Marijuana Eradication

Each August, like clockwork, you can expect to see announcements like this one about the success of this year's marijuana eradication efforts:
According to the Campaign Against Marijuan

Cato Unbound Looks at the Mexican Drug War

Cato Unbound has a series of essays debating what to do about the situation in Mexico.


My apologies for the total lack of content in the blog this week.

Confused Cop Worries That Medical Marijuana Could be Laced With PCP

Legal medical marijuana has been around for more than a decade now, but that certainly hasn't stopped bitter law-enforcement spokespeople from conjuring horrific doomsday fantasies about it.

Drug Czar Admits He Was Wrong About Medical Marijuana

Last month, Obama's drug czar raised eyebrows by claiming that "marijuana is dangerous and has no me

What Will the Cartels Do After Drugs Are Legal?

Opponents of legalizing drugs often argue that you can’t really eliminate the cartels because they'll just move on to other crimes. Here's the drug czar's version of that argument:

The Drug Cartels Have Their Own (Stolen) Oil Company

I thought I'd heard it all, but the latest news from Mexico is so ridiculously over-the-top, I was genuinely shocked:

Drug Traffickers Plot to Kill Mexico's President

I've had a creeping feeling for a while now that the cartels might try to take things to the next level:

Police Will Do Anything to Arrest People for Marijuana, Part II

One of the most pernicious lies in the marijuana debate is that police aren't aggressively working to arrest people for small amounts of pot. They are.

Police Will Do Anything to Arrest People for Marijuana

Opponents of marijuana reform often try to act like it's already no big deal. They say no one really gets in much trouble for it and it's not a top priority for police.

ABC News Says Marijuana Makes People Miserable

ABC News has one of those classic pot propaganda pieces that relies on anecdotal accounts to sound t

Federal Prosecutor Drops Medical Marijuana Charges

Some interesting news from New Mexico:

Medical Marijuana accepted to dismiss Federal Court Cases in New Mexico


A Deadly Addiction You Never Saw Coming

BBC News reports on the death of a Chinese teen who was beaten to death in a rehab center for internet addicts

Marijuana is Safer Than Viagra

Is there anything it can’t do?

A fifty-five year old man has confessed to using marijuana in order to sexually please his wife.

Colbert vs. Zero Tolerance Drug Policies