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What's the Point of Asking Obama to Legalize Marijuana? I'll Explain.

In comments, Giordano questions the value of constantly confronting the President about mariju

Why Do We Even Have a Drug Czar?

Tim Lynch at the Cato Institute has a nice piece in The Washington Times calling for the total elimination of the drug czar's office.

Police Put Warning Signs in Front of Drug Houses (Um, Isn't That Free Advertising?)

If you thought the cops had run out of dumb drug war ideas, you were so wrong:

Obama's Drug War Budget Destroys the Myth of Change

For a whole year now, the new administration has been proudly insisting over and over again that th

Obama, YouTube, and Marijuana Legalization

As I discussed last night, yesterday's

Legalize Willie Nelson's Tour Bus

I don't usually cover celebrity pot-bust stories, but the repeated harassment of Willie Nelson's tour bus is ridiculous an

Obama Avoids Questions About Legalizing Marijuana (Again)

Another online Q&A contest concluded Monday without any straight answers from the President about why marijuan

Obama Launches YouTube Forum on Legalizing Marijuana

Once again, the President wants to know what you think about marijuana policy.

Cannabis Cups Causing Controversy in Medical Marijuana States

Predictably, the trajectory towards more compassionate marijuana policies brings people out of the shadows to celebrate this unique and infinitely useful plant.

Ruining Young Lives for Marijuana Possession

Marijuana undermines academic performance, they claim, so the punishment for marijuana is that you're not allowed to go to school anymore:

Obama Chooses Terrible Nominee to Head the DEA

After stalling for a whole year, the White House has finally announced Obama's choice to head the DEA. And there isn’t anything good to be said about it:

When Police Mistake Candy for Crack…

Everyone's talking about this wild story from New York City, in w

The Irrationality of Banning Marijuana Offenders From Working at Dispensaries

As the Nation's Capital moves quickly towards implementing our very long-awaited

The Government Conspiracy to Prevent Medical Marijuana Research

It's impossible to rank in order of severity the numerous lies that have long formed the foundation of the federal government's position on medical marijuana.

Marijuana and the Massachusetts Senate Race

Ben Morris at MPP makes an interesting observation

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Don't Attract Crime, They Prevent it

Much like every other bad thing that's ever been said about marijuana, complaints about the role of medical dispensaries in creating crime have turned out to be wild exaggerations.

New Poll: 8 in 10 Americans Support Medical Marijuana

Each time we ask the question, more people get it right:

It's Official: Gov. Corzine Signs New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Law

That makes 14 states, with several more to come in the next couple years.

Good News: Marijuana Won't Make You Kill Yourself

What a relief:

The New Argument Against Marijuana Legalization: It Will Kill Everyone

Having apparently run out of other ideas, opponents of marijuana legalization are now arguing that people are going to die. Seriously:

New York Post Can't Write About Marijuana Without Laughing

Even as medical marijuana's cascading political momentum becomes undeniable, there nevertheless remain a few aspiring comedians in the press who just can't talk about it with a straight face: 

If We're Gonna Incarcerate Millions of People, We Should Do More to Stop Prison Rape

 For a nation that leads the world in putting people behind bars, we're doing an absolutely horrible job of looking after the poor folks we keep tossing in there:

Botched Drug Raid Death Leads to $2.5 Million Settlement

Looks like this is as close as we'll ever get to seeing justice for the family of Tarika Wilson:

It's Time to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Professional Sports

Andrew Sullivan points to this

Cocaine Vaccine Backfires Horribly

I wonder if any of the researchers saw this coming:

Former Drug Czar Invents Awesome New Drug

It's becoming more and more apparent that former UK drug policy advisor David Nutt is a really cool guy.

Consider the Possibility That People Do Drugs Because They Enjoy It

Pete Guither has a great post mocking the bizarre, yet common, observation that the drug problem w

States Don't Need Federal Permission to Legalize Medical Marijuana

We've been over this before, but apparently it still hasn’t sunk in.

Cop Wants His Job Back After Planning the Sting That Killed Rachel Hoffman

The death of Rachel Hoffman in a botched drug sting was one of the most disturbing drug war outrages of 2008,

Why is DEA Condemning Efforts to Prevent Heroin Deaths?

There are many ways for drug warriors to sound heartless and cruel in the drug policy debate, but one of the worst is certainly the objection to life-saving harm reduction programs.

Judge Reprimanded for Illegally Drug Testing Random Guy

Imagine you're in court quietly observing someone else's trial, when suddenly, the judge starts pointing at you:

Romantic Comedy "It's Complicated" Gets R Rating for Depicting Casual Marijuana Use

I try really hard to avoid name-calling on this blog, but the morons at MPAA just broke my streak:

Wall Street Journal Says Marijuana Legalization Could Save Mexico

You know things have changed when mainstream media coverage of the war on drugs increasingly looks like this:

The Most Insane Anti-Marijuana Argument Ever

Anyone can dream up dumb reasons for keeping marijuana illegal, but it takes guts to equate pot prohibition with the survival of Western civilization.

Are There Any Good Guys in the Mexican Drug War?

Once again, what passes for a victory in the Mexican drug war is really just another bloody mess:

How Come White People Never Get Arrested for Marijuana in NYC?

No matter how you frame it, most people still struggle with the concept that marijuana laws are enforced unfairly. I don't see what's so complicated about this:

Drug Reform Groups Win $25,000 Facebook Contest, Get Rejected by Chase Bank

When Chase Bank announced a vote-based $5 million charitable give-away on Facebook, you can imagine the excitement that erupted among cash-strapped non-profits and their supporters.

NJ Medical Marijuana Patient Convicted, Faces 5-10 Years in Prison

The jury has returned its verdict in the case of multiple sclerosis patient John Wilson, who was brought up on serious marijuana charges for growing his medicine:

There's No Economic Crisis for the Drug Cartels

No matter how many people are captured, killed, or incarcerated, the drugs just keep flowing.

Another Crazy Medical Marijuana Lie From the Drug Czar

Our friends at MPP just caught the drug czar literally editing out the m

NJ Medical Marijuana Trial Takes an Interesting Turn

Prosecutors in the trial of multiple sclerosis patient John Wilson probably aren’t too happy about this:

"No one threw bong water at me, but it came pretty close"

I enjoyed this story about Colorado State Senator Chris Romer's visit to the Cannabis

Latest Drug War Lie: Debating Medical Marijuana Causes More Kids to Smoke Pot

New data on youth drug use was released today and, as we've come to expect, the drug warriors would rather lie about it than learn from it.

Man Gets Tased and Dies After Trying to Swallow Marijuana During Police Encounter

I just can't possibly tell you emphatically enough, if you're approached by police, DO NOT AT

Good Stuff to Read

An Alternet story about the

Washington Post Writer Gets Tricked by the Drug Czar, Refuses to Accept Responsibility

It all started when Washington Post's Ashley III Halsey claimed that 11-16% of weekend motorists are on drugs:

10 Rules for Dealing With Police (Film Preview)

If you've ever wondered why I only blog at night, it's because I've been spending the daylight hours at Flex Your Rights help

Deputy Drug Czar: "I hate this job"

The New York Times has a rather strange visit with Deputy Drug Czar Tom McClellan in

No Marijuana Smoking at the Dog-Sled Races

Apparently, there's no climate so inhospitable that the drug testers won't show up to collect everyone's urine:

A Magical Day in Mexico

This is what passes for good news in the Mexican drug war:

No Drug Bust is Worth the Life of a Good Cop

Peter Moskos at the LEAP blog discusses the anniversary of the murder of police officer Marc

Not Guilty: How Juries Can Destroy the War on Drugs

A seldom-discussed but significant weak link in the drug war infrastructure is the ability of any defendant to have their fate decided by a jury.

Proof that the Drug War Sucks: Mexico

No seriously, just look at Mexico and tell me that the drug war isn't a complete disaster:

Why Legalizing Marijuana Will Reduce Violent Crime

Miami Herald has the story of a pot deal that went horribly wrong:

BBC News Says Hash is Safer Than Marijuana

Having apparently missed the memo that the alleged causal link between marijuana and psychosis is demonstrabl

Study Shows Marijuana Reduces Other Drug Use

They call this a gateway drug?

Attorney General Promises Aggressive Marijuana Enforcement

I know, I've been getting a little smug lately about all the progress that's been made this ye

Legal Marijuana: It's Coming, Whether You Like it or Not

Paul Armentano has an exciting summary of various marijuana

The Difference Between Drug War Violence and "Drug-Related" Violence

This article in the New Hampshire Union Leader

The Staggering Incoherence of Drug Warrior Charles Grassley

Earlier this month, notorious drug war cheerleader Sen.

Cory Maye: Drug War Victim Gets a New Trial

The battle over the fate of drug war victim Cory Maye has been fought quietly in court for the last several months, but Radley Balko brings the long-awaited & exciting news that Maye

Tommy Chong's Prosecutor Says He Should Have Gotten More Jail Time

Mary Beth Buchanan, easily the nastiest federal prosecutor in the nation, has finally resigned her post.

Cheech and Chong vs. Bill O'Reilly: Worst Interview Ever

Boy, O'Reilly really knows how to suck the humor out of a room:

"Buy American Pot!" Says American Marijuana Growers Association

Drug Czar's Website Still Wrong About AMA's Medical Marijuana Stance

Unfortunately, the DEA isn’t the only drug war apparatus that's dragging its hee

DEA Website STILL Wrong About AMA's Medical Marijuana Stance

Last week's big news that the American Medical Association reversed its position on medical m

Colorado Announces Plan to Tax Medical Marijuana

The wave of sanity rolls on:

As Long as the Drug War Continues, So Will the Corruption

Stories like this one about the endemic drug war corruption gripping

If You Care About Ending the Drug War, Watch This

For the many of you who weren't able to attend the International Drug Policy Reform Conference, here's Ethan Nadelmann's

Off to Albuquerque

The 2009 International Drug Policy Reform Conference kicks off tomorrow evening, which means we'll be in Albuquerque for the rest of

American Medical Association Ends Opposition to Medical Marijuana

Enemies of medical marijuana have almost completely run out of talking points, and now they just lost one of their favorite remaining arguments:

Everyone Loves Marijuana Prohibition (Except the 44% Who Don't)

The CBS debate between Judge James Gray and David Evans continues today, and you are going to absolut

The Debate Rages On (And We're Winning it)

CBS is hosting an excellent point-counterpoint discussion about legalizin

Marijuana Legalization Confusion in Connecticut

Drug policy reformers did a double-take today when the following "Budget Suggestio

Is There Something "Liberal" About Improving Our Drug Policy?

Pete Guither caught this strange quote from deputy drug czar Tom McClellan in an

New Evidence Proves That Legalization Won't Increase Marijuana Use

No concept is more central to any defense of our oppressive marijuana laws than the argument that use will increase dramatically under legalization.

Another Legalization Discussion From FOX News

Check out LEAP's Jack Cole on Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch program:

Why Legalizing Marijuana Protects Young People

Jann Gumbiner, Ph.D.

Drug Czar Blames the Media for Marijuana's Popularity

If you wanna hear drug czar Gil Kerlikowske getting served by random people who hate the drug war, check out th

Canadian Government Tries to Collect Marijuana Debts

It's usually a good idea to make everyone pay up front:

Outrage: Drug Warrior Congressman Tries to Prohibit Discussion of Legalization

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) has introduced legislation calling for a thorough evaluation of the U.S.

The Best Place in the World to Buy Marijuana

When it comes to reforming marijuana laws, one of our greatest remaining obstacles is the fact that many people just can’t picture what a sensible marijuana policy would look like.

Marijuana Debate! Former Judge vs. Several Complete Idiots

The debate over legalization is heating up in California, and from the looks of things, the two sides aren’t even speaking the same language.

Efforts to Stop Drugs at the Border Have Become a Joke

You know that border fence we've spent billions of dollars building? Yeah, it's not really helping so much:

It's Not Just Marijuana. DEA is at War With Other Medicines Too.

The Washington Post has a disturbing piece that ought to broaden recent dis

A Marijuana Blog That's the Opposite of All the Others

A very unique new marijuana blog is just starting to get noticed on the web and I want to make sure everyone gets a ch

Obama Isn't Plotting to Legalize Marijuana. But Everyone Else Is.

Whenever matters of marijuana policy make their way into the national spotlight, you can count on coming across some really ridiculous analysis from folks who haven’t exactly been paying attention.

Former Drug Czar Lies About His History of Attacking Medical Marijuana

Wow, just watch this video of former drug czar Barry McCaffrey denying that a federal war on medical marijuana ever took place:

It's Official: The Media is in Love With Marijuana Legalization

It all started last winter when, after decades of spoon-feeding the American public an infinite litany of anti-pot propaganda pieces, the press rather spontaneously discovered that it's bett

Medical Marijuana Isn't a Trojan Horse. The Drug War is a Trojan Horse.

Charles Lane at The Washington Post stepped in it big time yesterday with an

The Daily Show's Best War on Drugs Moments

In honor of this week's big medical marijuana news, the geniuses at The Daily Show have compiled some of their funniest segments on the drug war.

Christian Science Monitor Thinks Arresting Cancer Patients Will Stop Marijuana Legalization

It's awfully hard to find anyone complaining about this week's big medical marijuana news, but the editorial board at the Christian Science Monitor has done an

John Stossel & Bill O'Reilly Debate Drug Legalization

Stossel just took a job over at FOX News and if that means we'll be seeing more of this, I'm all for it (the good stuff starts at 2:25):

Oakland Airport's Awesome Marijuana Policy

Medical marijuana patients know all too well the anxiety of deciding whether/how to travel with their medicine.

The First Time I Smoked Pot

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Obama's New Medical Marijuana Statement: What Just Happened?

Today's news that DOJ is officially calling on federal pro

Do You Know Your Rights When Dealing With Police?

Check out the brand new redesigned Flex Your Rights website, which is so filled with delicious know-your-rights info and advice that it migh

Has Anyone Seen Former Drug Czar John Walters Lately?

A post at the LEAP blog points out that John Walters has been conspicuously quiet r

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