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Paul Armentano Talks Legalization on FOX News

Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch program continues to impress me.

Aaron Houston is a Patriot and a Hero

This week, famous marijuana lobbyist Aaron Houston takes over as Executive Director of Student

Mall Security Freaks Out Over Guy Wearing Marijuana T-Shirt

This is impressively stupid:

Teachers Suspended for Showing Flex Your Rights Video

Two teachers in Norfolk, VA were suspended this week after showing BUSTED to a 12th grade government class.

WARNING: Recent Claims That the Drug War is Over Are False

Our new drug czar really has a way with words. He says things you never thought you'd hear from a drug czar. Unfortunately, like his predecessors, he's completely full of BS:

Vote for Legalization on Republican Online Forum

The new trend of holding online votes for policy ideas continues to thrive, and this time it's the republicans who want to hear fro

More Proof That Marijuana Doesn't Make You Go Crazy

Paul Armentano at NORML breaks down the latest research.

Obama's Drug War Hypocrisy

Gene Healy has a sharp piece in

Cops Steal Money From 9-Year-Old Girl in Crazy Marijuana Raid

Lately, it seems as though there's a new drug raid outrage being reported almost anytime I check my email.

Forcing People into Treatment for Marijuana Doesn't Prove That It's Addictive

Pete Guither points out the drug czar's mischievous use of the word "probably."

Tim Pawlenty is a Drug War Idiot

But don't take my word for it, just look what he did:

Accurate Media Coverage Upsets Drug Czar

Last week, the Associate Press ran one of the best pieces on U.S.

Top Drug Warrior Mark Souder Resigns from Congress After Affair with Staffer

Ending Souder's reign of terror has been a high priority for the reform movement for many years, but we never saw this coming:

Elena Kagan and the Crack/Powder Sentencing Disparity

Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan once served as deputy director of President Clinton's Domestic Policy Council, where she served on a working group that argued for delaying critically

Drug Czar Admits Failure, Pledges to Continue It

Tell me something I don't know:

John Walters Still Thinks the Drug War is Awesome

This comment from the former drug czar perfectly explains why drug warriors are so incapable of ever admitting failure:

The Dog-Killing Drug Raid that Pissed Off America

This FOX News segment with Judge Napolitano is a must-see that really captures how everyone is feeling about the raid in Missouri.

Do Cops Get Drunk at Anti-Pot Conferences?

While reading this MPP post, I kept wondering to myself what the

Utah Cops Create Website for Snitching on Marijuana Gardens

As outdoor marijuana cultivation continues to surge in our nation's forests, police are growing increasing desperate in their miserably failed attempts to put a stop to it.

Gary Johnson Talks Marijuana Legalization on the Colbert Report

I keep hearing rumors that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is going to run for President.

DEA Accidentally Argues for Marijuana Legalization

Our friends at LEAP noticed this remarkable

Is Medical Marijuana a Step Towards Full Legalization?

That's what a FOX reporter asked me after the D.C. Council passed the medical marijuana bill on Tuesday. You can see my answer here:

A Small Bag of Marijuana = Police Shooting Your Dogs in Front of Your Child

If you think our drug laws keep people safe, I would love to hear your thoughts on this video from

Cop Accidentally Argues for Marijuana Legalization

Invariably, if you ask police to talk about marijuana laws, they will start listing reasons that it should be made legal. Even if they don't realize it:

"This Administration firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana"

From the new National Drug Control Strategy, here's our government's official position on why marij

Weird Drama at the Drug Czar's Office

We've all been wondering why the National Drug Control Strategy hasn't been released yet, and it looks like Newsweek

A New Marijuana Legalization Campaign

I should have mentioned last week that the hugely popular blog FireDogLake has launched

Florida Cops Repeatedly Arrest Quadriplegic for Medical Marijuana

Via MPP, here's another completely horrible remi

If You Kids Don't Quit Partying, We'll Prosecute Your College

Reed College is known for being really awesome.

Banning Pot Didn't Work, So Let's Try Banning Bongs

Even as record numbers of Americans begin recognizing the profound stupidity of our marijuana laws, Florida legislators are still thrashing around in panicked desperation:

D.C.'s Medical Marijuana Law Needs Your Support Now

If you live in D.C.

Will Medical Marijuana Lead to Full Legalization?

Robert Dupont is a liar and drug war profiteer who'll say anything to protect his racket.

How to Build a Movement

I found this video wonderfully charming and insightful:

Will DEA Help States Implement Medical Marijuana Laws?

I like the way Eric Sterling frames his concerns about Michele Leonhart's nomination to head the DEA:

Marijuana Will be Legal Soon (And if You Don't Like it, Move to Canada)

If I didn't want legal marijuana in America, I'd be seriously unsettled by the existence of a national marijuana holiday that gets more press than Thanksgiving.

Blogger Forces Drug Czar's Office to Correct False Information

We talked here a while back about the drug czar's misleading use of drug testing data to suggest that sh

Happy 4/20

As support for marijuana prohibition continues to hemorage and calls for legalization reverberate louder than ever before, the 4/20 marijuana holiday has become much more than the official day to g

Will the Economic Argument Help Legalize Marijuana? Yes.

It's been the most prominent talking point for marijuana reform in recent months, but can the promise of tax revenue really convince people to support legalization?

3 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Now

Michelle Obama's Awesome Plan for Winning the Drug War

When the First Lady speaks out about how to deal with the drug problem, you can bet she'll call for more of the same:

Drug Cartel Assassins Caught on Camera

This video is freaking people out in Mexico.

The Government is Still Trying (and Failing) to Prove That Marijuana is Dangerous

Ever heard someone argue against medical marijuana on the grounds that there hasn’t been enough research to prove that it works?

The Best Argument Ever for Legalizing and Taxing Marijuana

Ok, maybe it's not the best ever, but this observation from the comment section of a

Teachers for Marijuana Legalization

More of this please:

Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten thinks it's high time marijuana is legalized.

Dr. Drew Endorses Planting Evidence on Drug Users to Get Them Locked Up

Celebrity addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky is someone I used to respect as a teenager. Too bad he sold-out and became a dangerous quack who'll say anything to make headlines:

Mike Huckabee Compares Using Drugs to Committing Incest

In defense of his anti-gay prejudice, former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee goes off the deep end:

Eating Your Stash Won't Keep You Out of Jail

We've been over this

Fighting for Legalization Isn't Enough. You Need to Know Your Rights.

As the debate over marijuana legalization rages on and U.S. drug policy draws more public scrutiny than ever before, the arrests and injustices just keep adding up.

The Onion vs. The Drug War

The Onion wins by KO. Still, it's hard to laugh about this considering how often police actually do raid homes on suspicion of pathetically minor drug offenses.

Confusing Legalization With Prohibition

No matter how hard you struggle to explain the basics of the black market drug economy to supporters of the drug war, they stare blankly back at you.

Drug Cartels Are Terrified of Marijuana Legalization, Part 2

Steve Chapman had an awesome piece last week that sent drug war nutjob Cliff Kin

Refusing a Search Doesn't Give Police the Right to Detain You

Here's an Arizona case that illustrates why you should never give police consent to search your vehicle:

Has Jay Leno Ever Heard of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Here's Jay Leno and Bill Maher discussing the effort to legalize marijuana in California:

Since When do Rockstars Know Anything About Drugs?

Sting's call for an end to the war on drugs is getting some

Embarrassing Typo on Anti-Legalization Site

Allow me to introduce you to Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, an apparent front for the opposition to legalization in California.

Drug Czar Doesn't Want to Discuss California's Legalization Effort

California could legalize marijuana this November and the drug czar isn’t sure exactly what to say about it:

Sting Says End the Drug War

Our friends at the Drug Policy Alliance have persuaded A-list rockstar Sting to

Medical Marijuana on South Park Tonight

Oh no, something tells me this is going to boil my blood. Or maybe not. From one episode to the next, South Park either speaks directly to my soul, or makes me wanna puke.

Drug Cartels Are Terrified of Marijuana Legalization

The laws against their products just make them rich. The threat of being killed or imprisoned just gives them a rush. Their reputation for ruthlessness just gets them laid.

Illegal Growers Are Terrified of Marijuana Legalization

This fascinating AP story really nails a dimension of the legalization discussion th

An Argument to Avoid Making, Part 2

Whenever I explain why I think reformers should avoid suggesting that politicians benefit from supporting "tough on crime" policies, I get some incredulous responses.

An Argument to Avoid Making

I've spent years challenging the notion that "tough on crime" policies help politicians get more votes.

If You Call Yourself a Drug Policy Reformer, You Need to Watch This

This Slate article about how college professors across the country are using The Wire to teach a variety of subject

The Real Reason Football Players Aren't Supposed to Use Marijuana

This Sports Illustrated piece on the growing prevalence of marijuana

Researchers Prove Definitively That the Drug War Sucks

In a sane world, this ought to be all the evidence you'd need to conclude that the drug war is just a complete unmitigated disaster:

The "Fake Marijuana" Situation is Getting Confusing

As efforts to ban fake marijuana products continue to escalate, I predict we'll be seeing a lot of this sort of thing:

"No, the number one thug in this movie is definitely Scott Morgan."

Pete Guither's review of my new movie just made me laugh super hard.

The War on Drugs Is Doomed

…according to Mary Anastasia O'Grady in her latest awesome Wall Street Journal ed

Cops + Drugs = Corruption

It's really just that simple.

I'm back

Having failed to mention that I was going on vacation, I now announce my triumphant return.

Six Groups Who Benefit From the Drug War

An awesome presentation from Judge Jim Gray. He really nails a lot of important points in a few short minutes:

Stupid Arguments Against Medical Marijuana, Part 2

Some legislators in Vermont aren't thrilled about a bill to create 5 medical marijuana dispensar

Stupid Arguments Against Medical Marijuana, Part 1

Cliff Kincaid, kingpin of paranoid prohibitionists, blames las

Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization

As more states begin to consider reforming marijuana laws, legislators are struggling to sort fact from fiction in the marijuana debate.

How Many Cops Does it Take to Bust a Marijuana User?


How Can We Stop Drug Gangs From Growing Pot in the Woods? Legalize Pot

One of the most embarrassingly mindless trends in the mainstream media's marijuana reporting is that of publishing one redundant story after another about the explosion of illegal outdoor cultivat

Debate: Should 'K2' Synthetic Marijuana be Made Illegal?

Calvina Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation says to ban it immediately and ask questions later:

More on Police Dept. Blocking Officer From Speaking About Legalization

As I mentioned yesterday, LEAP speaker David Bratzer has been ordered by the Vict

Former Cop Says Mayor Calvo Should Stop Complaining About the Killing of His Dogs

Check out this letter in The Baltimore Sun from an ex-c

Police Dept. Blocks Officer From Speaking About Legalization

From our friends at LEAP:

Thanks to the Drug War, Innocent People Fear Police

When a mysterious package of marijuana arrived at the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo, police arrived moments later and

Oliver North Says Dumb Things About the Drug War

You've just gotta read this editorial from

Which is More Dangerous: Marijuana or Machine Guns?


Colorado Congressman Fights Back Against DEA's Medical Marijuana Raids

The DEA's recent tough-guy tactics in Colorado aren't winning them any friends in the press, the public, or even in politics.

Medical Marijuana: US Congressman Protests Colorado DEA Raids in Letter to Holder, Obama

The DEA's efforts to subvert administration policy favoring state medical marijuana laws is not winning it any friends, and is gaining it some powerful new opponents.

New Synthetic Marijuana Products: Are They Medicine?

Recent press coverage about synthetic marijuana products (commonly known as Spice and K2) is unsurprisingly leading more people to try them.

Opponents of Medical Marijuana Should Just Give Up

This month has brought some of the most high-profile backlash we've seen since Obama's new medical marijuana policy took effect.

Pot Wars - Battlefield California

The latest from

Employment Discrimination Against Medical Marijuana Patients Must End

If 80% of Americans support medical marijuana, why do we keep hearing stories like this one:

Federal Policy on Medical Marijuana is Still a Confusing Mess

I'll be the first to tell you that medical marijuana is in a better position politically than ever before.

Dallas Police Plan Widespread Warrantless Drug Searches

As long as the public remains largely ignorant about 4th Amendment rights, police will continue to rely on coercive tactics that treat people as guilty until proven innocent:

Synthetic Marijuana: Let's Try Regulation Instead of Prohibition

If anyone hasn't heard yet about the exciting new drug that's just like pot, but won't make you fail a drug test or get you arrested,

DEA Backs Down After Threatening Colorado Dispensaries

Jeffrey Sweetin of the DEA's Denver office on Saturday:

Retirement Home Fires Staffer for Medical Marijuana Use

Even though only 20% of Americans still oppose medical marijuana, there's enough lingering prejudice to create serious problems for patients.

Angry Man Says Potheads Should be Kicked in the Nuts

Via DrugWarRant, here's a video that I'm sure all of you will find entertaining.

Synthetic "Legal" Marijuana is Becoming Popular, So They're Trying to Ban it

One of the most interesting and least-discussed issues in drug policy over the past year is the emergence of synthetic marijuana products, sold under names such Spice and K2, which are being sold open

Various Interesting Links

The El Paso City Council is back with another drug policy reform resolution.

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