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Dishonest Prosecutor Claims an Ounce of Marijuana Can Make 1,000 Joints

Here's another example of the absurd and deceitful tactics that inevitably characterize any argument against reforming marijuana laws:

A Cop's Advice on Dealing with Cops

Neill Franklin from LEAP has an awesome piece in The Hu

Medical Marijuana Stops Spread of Breast Cancer

It's amazing how many groundbreaking treatments can be derived from a Schedule I drug with no medical value.

These "Stoners Against Legalization" Fools Should Have Opposed Steve Cooley, Not Prop 19

On November 2nd, I was walking through Oaksterdam with Steve Silverman, when we happened across a group of misguided young pot-grower types clad

Mother Tests Positive for Poppy Seeds, Cops Take Her Newborn Baby

With all the recent discussion of marijuana legalization, it's easy to forget how many other ways the drug war is ruining innocent lives.

Josh Marshall Opposes Marijuana Legalization for Ridiculous Reasons

Josh Marshall is a very popular lefty blogger/pundit, and his comments on Prop 19 are a healthy reminder

Why Prop 19 Didn't Pass (And Why We'll Win Next Time)

Despite its defeat on Tuesday, Prop 19 has been widely

Steve Cooley Hates Medical Marijuana

With all the excitement surrounding Prop 19, Steve Cooley's campaign for California Attorney General hasn't generated as much concern as it should.

More Evidence that the Obama Administration Doesn't Care About Prop 19

As I pointed out last week, the threat of federal interference if Prop 19 passes has been overblown co

Prop 19 Campaign Launches TV Ad

If Meg Whitman thinks no one in law enforcement supports legalizing marijuana, she might want to take a

How Could Legalization Destroy a State That's Already Covered in Pot Plants?

I really ought to be used to it by now, but few things piss me off more than hearing our opponents claim that marijua

Reason TV on Prop 19

Here's a nice piece from Reason that looks at the arguments on both sides of the marijuana debate.

Another New Ad for Prop 19

This one was put together by a supporter. Nice work.

Awesome YouTube Ad for Prop 19

Quick and to the point. I like it. Please help spread it around.

You're Either For Legalizing Marijuana or You're Against It

A peculiar phenomenon amidst the deafening debate over Prop 19 is the tendency of some in the mainstream press to pay lip service to legalization, while simultaneously and dishonestly trashing the

Los Angeles Times Hasn't Learned Anything After 14 Years of Legal Medical Marijuana

The mindless incoherence of Prop 19's opposition is really kicking into full-gear following Attorney General Eric Holder's

Does the Obama Administration Really Care if California Legalizes Marijuana?

Attorney General Eric Holder says he will "vigorously enforce" federal marijuana laws i

Opposing Marijuana Legalization Could Cost Jerry Brown the Governor's Race

Prop 19 gives California voters a choice between legalization and prohibition.

New Study Says Legalizing Marijuana Will Hurt Drug Cartels

RAND is known for publishing speculative analysis that appears to be aimed at undermining marijuana re

Fact: If California Legalizes Marijuana, the Feds Can't Overturn It

Arguably the most plainly false argument to emerge in the debate over Prop 19 is that the new law could be "challenged in court" and overturned by the federal government if it passes.

If the Government Won't Fix Marijuana Laws, the People Will Do it Themselves

Opponents of marijuana reform have been arguing for years that ballot initiatives are the wrong way to make laws because they circumvent the input of state legislators and other stakeholders, there

Quote of the Day

Last week's Wall Street Journal op-ed from nine former DEA administrators resulted in some interesting letters to the editor. Here's my favorite:

Obama May Soon be Forced to Embrace Marijuana Legalization

The President is opposed to legalizing marijuana. He's said so himself, and that's not likely to change without a fight. But the fight is on. Amidst mounting evidence that democrats can benefit from warming up to legalization, a new political calculus appears to be taking hold.

Ex-DEA Bosses Lash Out Against Marijuana Legalization in California

With the Prop 19 vote less than a month away and polling strong, it has apparently dawned on the nation's top drug warriors that now might be a good time to start freaking out.

Crazy Man Leads Opposition to Marijuana Legalization in California, Part II

Bishop Ron Allen is seriously one of the best things to ever happen to the marijuana legalization debate.

Please Stop Telling Politicians That Voters Like the Drug War

With due respect to David Harsanyi and Reason, I'm getting a little tired of being told that politicians and voters are unite

Join me at FireDogLake Today for a Discussion With Author Ryan Grim

I'll be hosting the FDL Book Salon this afternoon at 3:30 ET for an online discussion of Ryan Grim's exce

Don't Worry, You're Going to Love Marijuana Legalization

Marcos Breton at the Sacramento Bee says he "might be wrong to oppose Proposition 19," and he's right about that at least.

Top 10 Reasons to Let Americans Grow and Sell Marijuana

This is our contract with America, which we humbly submit in the hope of working together to build a better marijuana policy.

Bill Bennett Blames 'Weeds' for Increasing Marijuana Use

Michael Whitney at FDL points out the latest cra

The Marijuana Legalization Debate Gets Uglier (And Other News)

I've been traveling this week and missed a lot of crazy and/or interesting stories, so let's try to get caught up here.

Awesome Video: SSDP Confronts Drug Czar About Legalizing Marijuana

A huge round of applause to SSDP activist Daniel Pacheco for his gutsy performance at the drug czar's press conference this morning.

Supporters of Marijuana Legalization Can't Be Stereotyped

For decades, the drug war's defenders have mocked calls for reform and arrogantly characterized our arguments as nothing more than the stoned fantasy of the idiot hippie fringe.

Why Reddit Loves Marijuana Legalization

Reddit just happens to be one of my favorite sites on the web, and I'm loving it even more after watching this interview with co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who discusses pot's popularity on th

Torturing Children to Protect Them From Drugs

Some would say there's a certain inherent fairness in "zero tolerance" drug policies that approach every situation with equal levels of panicked overreaction.

Drugs, Freedom, and Responsibility at Burning Man

Having just emerged from one of the most epic experiences of my life, I'd like to share a few thoughts before returning to my usual news-skewering routine.

No Blogging from Me This Week

I've finally succumbed to the call of Burning Man and will be spending the next week in Black Rock City covered in dust and sweat.

Facebook Censors Marijuana Legalization Ad

Facebook may be the nation's hottest social networking site, but the company is no friend to the nation's hottest political issue.

DEA Seeks Ebonics Translators to Decipher Black Peoples' Phone Conversations

Ever since NAACP endorsed marijuana legalization in California, there's been a raging debate over

Judge Orders Man to Write Report on Why Medical Marijuana is Bad

I guess it’s better than sending them to jail, but forcing offenders to draft political opinions smacks of drug war brainwashing.

Gary Johnson Says Legalize Marijuana on MSNBC

If you want to legalize marijuana as badly as I do, it's time to start paying attention to Gary Johnson.

Rand Paul & Medical Marijuana [Updated]

See updates below.

Is Obama Planning to Allow More Medical Marijuana Raids?

In the aftermath of a couple very questionable DEA raids of medical marijuana providers, not to mentio

The Drug Czar's Only Job is to Oppose Legalization (And He Sucks at It)

Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske is back in damage control mode again following Mexican President Felipe Calderon's

Grandmother's Death in Botched Drug Raid Leads to $4.9 Million Settlement

The 2006 killing of Kathryn Johnston gave the American public a window into the rampant incompetence and needless violence that so often characterizes modern drug enforcement.

Searching Black People for No Reason Isn't Police Work, It's Discrimination

If you don't think racial profiling is a real problem, I'd like to introduce you to some young men who beg to differ.

If We Legalize Marijuana, We'll Bankrupt Canada's Pot Economy

It's an open secret that the Canadian economy has long been propped up by substantial marijuana exports to the U.S. market.

Drug Legalization Debate Erupts in Mexico

You can't call it a fringe idea when heads of state are bringing it up.

Is it Illegal to Legalize Marijuana?

It may sound like a dumb question, but opponents of marijuana reform have been arguing for years that federal law somehow prevents states from enacting their own marijuana policies.

Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids

This interview with LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin makes a number of strong points:

If You Think Marijuana Legalization Helps Drug Cartels, Think Again

One of the most enduring disconnects in the legalization debate is the question of what will become of those nasty drug cartels when we end marijuana prohibition.

Mexican President Calls for Drug Legalization Debate

After presiding for years over the bloodiest drug war escalation in history, Mexican President Felipe Calderon is finally ready to discuss legalization of drugs.

Crazy Man Leads Opposition to Marijuana Legalization in California

Bishop Ron Allen has been one of the loudest opponents of Prop 19. As this interview shows, he's also a raving paranoid nutjob who knows next to nothing about drug policy:

If Lowering Penalties for Crack Isn't Controversial, What Is?

Earl Ofari Hutchinson at New America Media notes that last week's major reform of crack co

If You Like Cartoons and Hate Marijuana Prohibition, You'll Love This

Pete Guither at Drug War Rant calls it an "absolutely brilliant video." Jon Berry at MPP

How Can We Prevent Pot Growing in Our National Forests?

There is some seriously messed up stuff going down in the woods:

How Does the DEA Feel about Medical Marijuana in DC?

"Officials with the DEA were not available to comment Tuesday," reports The Washingt

Strong Majority Believes Marijuana Could Become Legal Soon

A new Rasmussen poll finds 43% of American in favor

Welcome to Our New Site

As you can see, we've made some changes around here, which we hope will make the site more enjoyable for everyone.

Are Opponents of Marijuana Legalization Getting Dumber?

The opposition to Prop. 19 in California would like you to believe that marijuana rots your brain.

Awesome Police Chief Works to Educate Citizens About Their Rights

Here's Columbia, MO Police Chief Ken Burton talking about how he uses the new Flex Your Rights video, 10 Rules for Dealing with Police

Pro-Legalization Cops Banned from Anti-Drug Event

There's something very seductive about police officers speaking out against the drug war and explaining how their experiences led them to oppose prohibition.

Jane Hamsher Talks Marijuana Legalization on MSNBC

Hey, watch this unbelievable video of firedoglake's Jane Hamsher hurling marijuana legalization like a hand grenade into the middle of the immigration deba

Diane Feinstein Wants to Continue Arresting Marijuana Users, and Other News

Paul Armentano calls out California Senator Diane Feinstein for opposing marijuana legalizatio

How to Get Arrested for Marijuana in One Easy Step

[image:1 align:right caption:true]If you'd like to get arrested for marijuana, just tell a police officer that you have some in your car:

The New Politics of Marijuana Reform

MPP's Mike Meno nails it in this piece at Huffington Post.

DARE Attacks Marijuana Legalization While Praising Alcohol

[image:1 align:left caption:true]Skip Miller is the chairman of DARE America and, as you might guess, he's terrified of what could happen if marijuana becomes legal:

RAND's Research on Marijuana Legalization is Questionable

Confusion abounds following last week's release of a

Greedy Dispensary Owner Opposes Marijuana Legalization

[image:1 align:right caption:true]Via NORML, check out

Medical Marijuana Raids Continue Despite Obama's Pledge

Recent DEA raids in California are once again raising questions about the Obama Administration's commitment to respecting state laws:

Will the Marijuana Vote Help the Democrats in November?

That's the question everyone's asking this week thanks to

The War on Marijuana = Federal $$$ for Local Cops

If you've ever wondered how police departments can afford to send so many officers off into the woods looking for pot plants, the Wall Street Journal just

A Scary New Drug Threatens Our Children: Nutmeg

Just watch this news report and try not to laugh:

Marijuana Legalization is a Civil Rights Issue

This week's news that the California NAACP is endorsing Prop. 19 to legalize marijuana in California hasn't exactly been met with universal applause in the black community.

A Brilliant Exhibit in the Failure of the Drug War

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy is doing amazing work. Check this out:

Is Bill O'Reilly Helping Us Legalize Drugs?

A couple readers objected to my suggestion last week that Bill O'Reilly's anti-drug scare ta

Criminals Aren’t the Only Ones Getting Killed in the Drug War

Via Pete Guither, here's another breathtaking example of the drug war's indiscriminat

How to Get Away with Growing 100,000 Marijuana Plants

Just plant them in the woods:

Nearly 100,000 marijuana plants were found growing at four illegal farms in the San Bernardino National Forest, authorities said Tuesday.

NAACP Endorses Marijuana Legalization in California

This is encouraging:

Another Cover Story Ruined by Stupid Pot Jokes

Paul Waldman points out the latest example of incredibly dumb marijuana r

John Stossel Debates Drug Laws with Sean Hannity

If you haven't seen John Stossel's awesome drug war episode yet, here's Part 1, in which Stossel takes on Sean Hannity:

Sarah Palin and the Marijuana Legalization Debate

These comments from Sarah Palin last week are continuing to generate discussion:

Supporting Harsh Drug Laws is Political Suicide in NY

Now that New York's famous Rockefeller drug laws have been scaled back, the issue is being used as a political weapon against those who failed to support reform:

Ethan Nadelmann Destroys Bill O'Reilly in Drug War Debate

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up:

Radley Balko Discusses Botched Drug Raids on FOX

John Stossel's new show on Fox Business Network is off to an impressive start with an hour-long assault on prohibition titled

Government-Sponsored Murder in the Name of Prohibition

This fascinating piece in Slate recalls the government's seldom-discussed effort to enforce alcohol prohibition

Police Kill Grandmother's Dog in Botched Drug Raid

I don't know what else to say about this, except that it's just like all the other inexcusably brutal, incompetent and entirely unnecessary drug raid killings we've covered here:

Reminder: Marijuana Already Exists

Via DrugWarRant, here's another concerned citizen who seems to think that marijuana was invented recently:

There's Only One Argument Against Legalizing Marijuana (And It's Wrong)

Opponents of legalization routinely regurgitate an endless array of flawed logic, mindless speculation, and apocalyptic prophecy anytime they're confronted with the case for marijuana reform.

Legal Marijuana Will Not Increase Crime. Please Stop Saying That.

The closer we get to legalization, the more people are talking about it, and the more people are talking about it, the greater the likelihood of hearing bizarre and incoherent viewpoints:

Ron Paul and Sarah Palin Discuss Marijuana Legalization

Well, you know what to expect from Ron Paul, but Sarah Palin's comments might surprise you (starts at 6:16):

O'Reilly Attacks Sting Over Legalization Comments

This new DPA video featuring Sting was more than enough to drive Bill O'Reilly over the edge yet again:

If the Drug War Worked, Cartels Wouldn't be Killing Politicians

Another sign that the Mexican drug war isn't going very well:

This Week's Dumbest Drug War Quote

Kurt Schlichter at Big Hollywood is overcome with fury at this

Police Dept. Teaches Citizens How to Flex Their Rights

Police Chief Ken Burton in Columbia, MO took a lot of heat over that brutal SWAT raid

High School Censors Marijuana Legalization Editorial in School Newspaper

Last month, we saw teachers suspended for teaching students about their rights during poli

Everyone Loves to Read About Marijuana Legalization

Popular political blogger/statistician Nate Silver

Marc Emery Calls Out Selfish Marijuana Growers for Opposing Legalization

As November inches closer, California's ballot initiative to legalize marijuana is causing anxiety on all sides of the drug war battlefield.

Jamaica Says it Can Win Its Drug War for $1 Billion

It's a strategy so ingenious, I can't believe no one thought of it before:

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