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The Medical Marijuana Industry Comes to Reality TV

This is going to put a very big exclamation point on Harborside Health Center’s reputation as the biggest and best dispensary in the

Simultaneous Worldwide Drug Legalization, Anyone?

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has some interesting ideas about international drug policy.  

Is President Obama Responsible for the Latest Attacks on Medical Marijuana?  </div>
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What’s it like to smoke herb with Rick Santorum?  </div>
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Obama Must Explain His Broken Promise on Medical Marijuana, and Soon

I have a new piece at Huffington Post demanding answers for Obama's badly botched approach to m

Freedom Fighter of the Month  </div>
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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Politicians for Opposing Marijuana Legalization

I’m sure I’ve never seen anything quite like this on MSNBC and it’s about time:

Dr. Drew on Marijuana: “Legalize it and Whatever”

Here’s “Celebrity Addiction Specialist” Dr. Drew going out of his way to remind critics that he’s actually cool with legalizing marijuana (starts at 4:50):

Cop Admits Planting Drugs on Innocent People to Meet Arrest Quotas  </div>
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I'm Back

Now seems as good a time as any to bring to a close my semi-unplanned and entirely unannounced blogging hiatus and get back to hating the drug war with as much vigor as my MacBook can process and m

Drugs, Freedom, and Responsibility at Burning Man

Editor's note: This is a repost of the piece I wrote about Burning Man last year. I couldn't top it, so I'm sharing it again. Enjoy.

Obama Stumped by Question on Marijuana Legalization

As activists for reform, we've all dreamt of a day when our opposition is left sputtering onstage, unable to form a single argument against us.

A Perfect Exhibit in the Inevitable Collapse of the War on Marijuana  </div>
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Obama Says Drug Users Must Be Treated as Criminals

No, those weren't his exact words, but his exact words don't sound much better.

If You Think Supporting Marijuana Legalization Is Political Suicide, You're Wrong

Longtime readers know I've been banging this drum for a while, but I think I hit it pretty hard in t

Police Shouldn't Be Proud of Seizing Bigger Marijuana Crops Every Year (It's a Sign of Failure)

Live Webchat About Dealing with Police

Steve Silverman and I will be joining the popular political site FireDogLake this evening for a webchat about our film 10 Rules for Dealing with Police.

New Threats from the Feds Won't Stop Medical Marijuana

Obama's betrayal of our movement is certainly an ugly thing to behold, but it's not the first time medical marijuana has faced uncertainty, and it won't be the last. I have

Obama Administration Issues New Threats Against Medical Marijuana

Stubborn Congressman Tries to Block Marijuana Legalization Bill

Barney Frank and Ron Paul's historic bill to end federal marijuana prohibition is generating a lot of excitement around the country, but in Washington D.C., it's already becoming another re

Defenders of the War on Marijuana Don't Have a Clue Who They're Hurting

The Drug War Created the Cartels. Only Ending it Can Destroy Them.

This is What a Drug Legalization Activist Looks Like, Part 2

This video really captures the feel of LEAP's excellent press event last week:

This is What a Drug Legalization Activist Looks Like

You've likely already seen the

NYPD Only Arrests Minorities for Marijuana. Here's How They Do It.  </div>
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Every Major News Outlet is Talking About Legalizing Drugs

To get a sense of the magnitude of the discussion that's happening right now, just try entering the phrase "Drug War FAIL"

World Leaders Say End the Drug War

Not all of them just yet, but it's a start:

Will Tim Pawlenty's Crazy Ideas About Marijuana Hurt His Presidential Hopes?  </div>
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The Supreme Court's Stinky Ruling on Marijuana Odor: What Does it Really Mean?

I have a new piece at Huffington Post attempting to make sense of the Supreme Court's ruling in

Did Obama Really Say He'd Respect State Medical Marijuana Laws? Yes.

Mexican Protesters Demand an End to the Drug War

Obama's Sudden, Senseless Assault on Medical Marijuana

I have a new piece at Huffington Post discussing the Obama Administration's recent threat

Are the Feds Trying to Destroy Medical Marijuana?

The Alyona Show on RT brought me on yesterday to try to make sense of the latest Dept. of Justice threats against medical marijuana states.

Drug Czar Might be the Worst Job in American Politics

Following up on the news that the Drug Czar is looking for a new job, I have a piece in the Huf

NORML 2011

I would have loved to post something celebratory for yesterday's holiday, but as luck would have it, I was on my way to Denver, CO for NOR

Obama's Facebook Forum Fails to Silence Marijuana Legalization Advocates

I have a piece over at Huffington Post discussing Obama's latest online townhall event,

Drug Czar Doesn't Want to be Drug Czar Anymore

Why Do Cops Hate Hemp?

When Politicians Joke About Medical Marijuana, They're Laughing at AIDS and Cancer Patients  </div>
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Drug Lords Celebrate the Drug War at the UN

This video is typical of the clever work I've come to expect from the HCLU.

Obama Announces 420 Gathering on Facebook

Idiot Compares Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Japanese Nuclear Reactor

The East Coast's first dispensary has opened in Frenchville, ME, and although no one has been remotely harmed by it in any way whatsoever, some area residents believe it may only be a matter of

Why Refusing a Police Search Helps Protect You Even if They Search You Anyway

The Human Right to Get High on Drugs

Here's drug policy guru Eric Sterling masterfully articulating the madness of drug prohibition.

Marijuana Is Serious Business, But Leno and Conan are Hooked on Bad Pot Jokes

Although cannabis has been known to give people the giggles, there isn't exactly an abundance of amusement to be found in U.S. marijuana policy.

Medical Marijuana Will Soon Outsell Viagra (And Become Unstoppable)  </div>
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$75 Million in Marijuana Arrests and NYC Still Smells Like Skunk  </div>
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Obama's DEA Needs to Stop Raiding Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Incredibly Simple Case for Decriminalizing Marijuana

The Drug Czar Shows Weakness in the Marijuana Legalization Debate

There's been much discussion recently about the Drug Czar's request to meet with the Seattle Times editorial board in an apparent response to this

Blogging Break

In anticipation of a busy Spring season, I've taken the opportunity to spend some time in Europe with my girlfriend during the final, miserable weeks of Winter in D.C.

DEA Finally Admits Marijuana is Medicine

If "No one goes to jail for marijuana," why keep it illegal?

There are so many stupid arguments against reforming marijuana laws that one could be driven to madness attempting to enumerate them, but there's certainly a place on the list for the claim tha

Illinois Just Says No to Drug Treatment (Jails Will Remain Open for Business)

The idea that drug treatment is a more effective, more affordable alternative to putting drug offenders in prison is so popular these days that you can even find the President

The Politics of Incarceration Will Have to Change When the Money Runs Out

Former Congressional Staffer Admits Mistakes in the War on Drugs

Kevin Ring has an appalling piece in The Daily Caller spelling out the careless and politically-mo

Colombian President Is Cool with Drug Legalization

Though not the most stirring endorsement he could have given, Santos made it cl

Holder's Latest Comment About Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Isn't Grown by Mexican Drug Cartels How to Deal with Cops has a fun interview with Flex Your Rights founder Steve Silverman.

Mexican Drug Traffickers Break Out of Jail Whenever They Want

As if you needed another reason to wince in exasperation at the total failure of each and every ongoing drug enforcement effort in Mexico, here we go again.

Marijuana Wins the Culture War

This clip from Family Feud is an instant classic:

Hillary Clinton Says Drugs Are Too Expensive for Legalization

In an interview on Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a very precise demonstration in how to dramatically misconstrue the fundamenta

Obama Opposes Drug Legalization, But Hasn't Explained Why

Obama Says Drug Legalization is "An Entirely Legitimate Topic for Debate" [Updated]

The staggering vote count and significant media coverage of the demand for discussion of drug policy in today's YouTube interview were too great to ignore.

If You Have Drugs, Don't Agree to a Police Search

It seems like such a simple concept, but for some irrational reason, a lot of people still don't get it.

Anti-Pot Legislator in Trouble for Faking Illness to Get Medical Marijuana Card

Opponents of drug policy reform like to portray themselves as defenders of law and order, and yet you can't always count on them to obey the law themselves.

Will Obama Discuss Drug Legalization on Thursday?

Well, he sure as hell didn't go there during the State of the Union, but the President will have a good opportunity to comment on the drug war this Thursday when he

More FOX Coverage of Botched Drug Raid Killings

Radley Balko was on Freedom Watch last night for the second time this month, discussing the SWAT k

Another Chance to Ask Obama About Legalization

DEA Report Expresses Profound Hatred of Marijuana and Activism

If You Thought Fake Marijuana Was Crazy, Here Comes Fake Cocaine

As DEA works to drive synthetic marijuana products like Spice and K2 off the shelves, a new legal drug menace is already taking its place.

Brutal Drug Raid Killing Caught on Video

The drug czar has gone to great rhetorical lengths to convince the American people that our drug policy isn’t a war any longer, but you don't have to look very hard to see the violence th

Supreme Court Debates Warrantless Entry When Police Smell Marijuana

John Stossel Debates Drug Legalization with Ann Coulter

I enjoyed watching this, although what we get from Ann Coulter here is pretty much what you'd expect from your average kneejerk drug-hating authoritarian.

Meet the Man Who Gets His Marijuana Directly from the Federal Government

Idiot Blames Marijuana for the Tucson Shootings

As the nation mourned this weekend's tragedy in Arizona, David Frum took the opportunity to pen an early contender for d

FOX Covers Latest Botched Drug Raid Killing

Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano is on point yet again with this coverage of the recent killing of grandfather Eurie Stamps.

If You Think a Border Wall Can Stop Drugs, You're So Wrong

One of the dumbest opinions you can have in the debate over drug policy is the idea that tougher borders can help stop the flow of drugs.

Montel Williams's Pot Pipe Bust Shows That Patients are Still Targeted in the War on Marijuana

Remember That DEA Agent Who Shot Himself in the Foot?

Apparently, he tried and failed to sue the DEA for leaking the video.

Pat Robertson Clarifies Position on Marijuana Laws

A day after delighting the reform movement and presumably causing drug warriors nationwide to spit coffee on their keyboards, the Christian Broadcasting Network would like to clarify Pat Robertson&

Pat Robertson Says Legalize Marijuana

Here's an early Christmas gift from one of the last people you thought was going to take a stand for drug law reform:

Drug War Defenders Beg Obama to Help Prevent Pot Legalization

Angry Jurors Refuse to Convict in Marijuana Case

LA Times Smacks Down Drug Czar's Anti-Pot Propaganda

Medical Marijuana Has Nothing to do with Teenage Pot Smoking

A Revealing Conversation with the Drug Czar

In case you haven't seen it yet, the latest issue of The Nation is loaded with enough excellent drug policy coverage to ke

More Proof that Changing Marijuana Laws Doesn't Hurt Children

The first and last thing almost any opponent of marijuana reform will tell you is that if we ease up on marijuana enforcement, our children will pay the price.

If Pot Were Legal, No One Would Grow it in the Woods

Can you even think of anything besides marijuana that is grown secretly in the woods?

Gary Johnson's Medical Marijuana Use: Why it Matters

When I first saw the headline yesterday that former New Mexico Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Gary Johnson had smoked marijuana as recently as 2008, I admit I rolled my eyes.

Feds Threaten Crackdown if Oakland Allows Large Marijuana Grows

Legal or Not, Synthetic Marijuana is Here to Stay

Spice was destined to become a phenomenon.

Flex Your Rights on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano

Steve Silverman and I appeared on yesterday's episode of Freedom Watch on

Colorado Collects Millions in Marijuana Tax Revenue

Opponents of marijuana legalization are habitually dishonest and wrong about all sorts of things, but one of their most recklessly fraudulent claims is that legal marijuana won't generate signi

Learning the Wrong Lesson From Prop 19

This post at epitomizes the narro

Geraldo Lashes Out Against Moustache Profiling in the War on Drugs

[image:1 align:right]Geraldo Rivera isn’t a big fan of the latest TSA procedures, which

Surprise! DEA Boss Opposes Marijuana Legalization

Obama's nomination of Michele Leonhart to head the DEA is generating a lot of discussion about how horrible she is.

How Not to Legalize Marijuana

Believe me, I understand as well as anyone the frustration that often gets stirred up in the fight for marijuana reform.

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