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In my younger days I was a volunteer firefighter for Morgan Acres, and Spokane Civil Defence Fire Department. We supported Spokane Fire on 2nd and 3rd alarm fires. I spent several years in Explorer Search and Rescue, before going into law enforcement where I worked three years in uniform, including two years as a deputy coroner, so I've seen death. I spent 12 years working undercover drugs, during that time I did a lot of damage to people, and their families. So I became a speaker for LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I got my ham radio license in 1980, along with an interest in emergency communications. I spent a year working on an ALS ambulance, and a year doing psych transports for the ambulance company. I was trained as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit Paramedic at Daniel Freeman hospital in Inglewood California during the 1984 Olympics After moving to Arizona I spent 5 years as a volunteer for the Bullhead City Crisis Intervention Team. Today I live with my wife in a small town in Western Arizona, Dolan Springs.
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We need to stop destroying the lives,families, and children over drug use. If it's a problem then it's a medical problem, not a law enforcement problem.


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One Thing After Another for Pain Patient

My wife and I just solved a problem getting the 90 days of pain medication we need to go see the grand-kids in Oregon and Montana. It was just a mis-communication with the doctor.

The FDA's federal advisory panels voted 20-17 to ban Vicodin and Percocet, Not a Bad Thing

July 08, 2009 Andrew Abramson, a Staff Writer for the Palm Beach Post said, "last month, the FDA's federal advisory panel voted 20-17 to ban Vicodin and Percocet, drugs that combine hydrocodone and ox

So many resources wasted on drug users, there’s no money to extradite real criminals

We waist so many law enforcement resources fighting drugs, from outside our borders; we don’t have the resources to extradite wanted criminals within our borders.

Trust is not one of the things an undercover cop has a lot of

I spent 12 years working undercover drugs, in the beginning we were told this was a war, and the enemy was drugs.

If you have chronic pain, you're male, and take opioids. Please read this.

If you use opioids for chronic pain, have you doctor test your Testosterone levels. I've found that opioids deplete Testosterone levels.

President Obama, it's time

President Obama

California Dispensary Prices Getting Better

It appears competition is bringing the price for medical marijuana down. Hopefully the changes in policy by President Obama will increase production so prices will keep going down.

Cops in South Carolina want to arrest Michael Phelps for smoling marijuana

What cops in South Carolina are doing to Michael Phelps is just wrong, it's called vindictive prosecution.

The Truth about Drug Dealers, Prison, Marijuana, and Kids

This is the Truth about Drug Dealers, Prison, Marijuana, and Kids I learned over the years. Drug Dealers

Dispensary make the same profits as drug dealers

I live on the California border, so I keep up on medical marijuana there. I also have chronic pain from back surgery, so I understand the patients side.

Break traffic laws and not get in trouble? Want to be exempt? Become a cop

It's possible for the police to attach a GPS tracking device your vehicle, enabling them to track your every move. That is unless you’re the police, their exempt, just ask the mayor.

Being the Best "Bad Guy" You Can

Guest blogger Jay Fleming of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition points out a painful unintended consequence for police officers who do undercover work: Undercover is being the best bad guy

Retired Sheriff's Deputy Jay Fleming of LEAP Joins DRCNet Blogging Team -- Drugs, Crime and Conservation First Topic

DRCNet is pleased to welcome Jay Fleming to the Speakeasy. Fleming was for many years a deputy sheriff and narcotics officer in Washington, Montana & Idaho.

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