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Drug Laws Prove Superfluous in Monroe, Louisiana, Highway Stop This Weekend

Louisiana state troopers arrested a Monroe resident on Sunday, in an incident that demonstrated the superfluousness of drug prohibition laws.

Hartford Drug Sales Continue in Wake of Major Anti-Drug Operation

A Hartford resident arrested in a law enforcement crackdown on gang-related violence and drug dealing was sentenced Friday to two years in prison, the Hartford Courant reported.

Cross-Border Marijuana Shipments are Large and Frequent, Prohibition Agents Find

Cross-border marijuana bootlegging is a massive enterprise, despite extensive efforts by prohibition agents to block the traffic.

Dartmouth, MA Marijuana Seizure Illustrates Prohibition's Impracticality


Airfields Help Bootleggers Foil Drug Prohibition Laws

Evidence of prohibition's failure to staunch the flow of drugs was found at a Welsh airfield used by both the Royal Air Force and civilians, BBC News reported.

Former Prohibition Chief's Reputation on Trial in Prohibition-Related Corruption Case


Prohibition Corrupting Britain's Prison Officers


Meth Prohibition Failing to Block Use or Manufacture in Indiana's Jennings County


Drug prohibition threatens stability in Guinea-Bissau


Prohibition's Failure on Display in South Buffalo Drug Sweep This Week


Drug Bust on Laird Street, Buffalo


Two Canadians Detained in Major Prohibition Bust at Small Michigan Airport


Meth Widely Available in Ketchikan Despite Ketchikan Man's Five Year Meth Trafficking Sentence


Alabama County Pours Lion's Share of Police Resources Into Drug Battle, at Expense of Other Crime-Fighting


Film on Drug Prohibition Kingpin Escobar Stirs Up Colombia


Prohibition Doesn't Even Work in the Prisons, Melbourne Prison Staff Find

Prison staff and investigators in Melbourne over the past two weeks have charged three people with prohibition law violations for smuggling prescription drugs into Melbourne's remand centre, accord

Prohibition Drives Drug-Addicted Reality Show Star to Desperate Measures

Big Brother 9 winner Adam Jasinski is facing up to 20 years behind bars and up to $1 million in fines for allegedly attempting to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to an undercover government witness, acc

Prohibition Enforcement Fails to Rein In Illegal Prescription Drug Use


Oak Ridge, Tennessee Drug Sellers Operate for Most of Year in Between Annual Drug Sweeps

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, prohibition agents arrested 25 alleged drug dealers, and a grand jury returned 80 indictments against 49 people in total, following a nearly year-long undercover operation, ac

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