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Resignation of Mexico's Attorney General Won't Change Much

I have an invited comment online at JURIST, explaining why the resignation of Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora won't change much. (Hint: It's Prohibition.) JURIST, which is published at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, is "the world's only law school-based comprehensive legal news and research service," according to its FAQ. It's also free, archives included. I've already added it to my Google Reader.

Marco Cappato interview

Marco Cappato is both a member of the European Parliament and the President of the Executive Board of the TransNational Radical Party in Italy. Missing Footage

Gustavo de Greiff interview

Gustavo De Greiff is the former Prosecutor General of Columbia, and presided over take down the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Missing Footage

Rose Marie Acha, Lawyer

Luncheon Speakers

Luncheon speakers on day two of the Out from the Shadows Conference include Carlos Gaviria Diaz, a senator and former Supreme Court Justice in Columbia. Part 1 of 6: Part 2 of 6: Part 3 of 6: Part 4 of 6: Part 5 of 6: Part 6 of 6:

Ronaldo Alfaro, Costa Rican Parliament

Ronaldo Alfaro García is a member of Costa Rica's Movimiento Libertario, and was a member of Costa's National Assembly at the time of this address.

Armando Crocicchio, Anti-Prohibitionist Militant

Armando Crocicchio, a radical anti-prohibitionist militant, speaks to the audience in Italian.

Drug War Issues

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