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Luis Paulo Guanabara
Master of Ceremony, founder of Psico-Tropicus, Brazil

Dr. Francisco Fernandez
Director of the Anthropology Department, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
Welcome to Participants
David Borden
Executive Director and Founder, Drug Reform Coordination Network, USA
Gustavo de Greiff
Former Prosecutor General, Colombia.

Felipe Quispe
El Mallku of the Aymara nation, Federal Deputy, Bolivia
Introduced by Rachel Gutierrez Aguillar, Columnist, La Jornada, Mexico City

Al Giordano
Publisher, NarcoNews.com, América
Introduction to School of Authentic Journalism and Mario Menendez
Mario Menendez
Publisher, Por Esto!, Mexico
Nancy Obregon Peralta
SubSecretary of the National Federation of Coca Farm Agricultural Producers

Eric Sterling
President, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, USA
Short Antidote

Don Andres Vasquez de Santiago (alternating translation)
Indigenous National Congress, Mexico
Ethan Nadelmann
Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance, USA
Marco Cappato
Member of European Parliament, President of the Executive Board of the
TransNational Radical Party
, Italy
Margarita Percovich
Congressional Representative, Republic of Uruguay
Ronaldo Alfaro
Member of the Liberal Party, Director of National Assembly, Costa Rica
Leopoldo Rivera
President, Mexican Association for the Study of Cannabis (AMECA), Mexico
Julio Sanil
Founder, hemp.com.mx, Mexico

Ricardo Sala and Friends
Ricardo Sala, vivecondrogas.com, Mexico
Daniel Vosh, Writer, Mexico
Silvia Maria Weiss, PhD., Mexico

Alvaro Garcia Linares (alternating translation)
Author, Bolivia

Silvia Inchaurraga (alternating translation)
President, Harm Reduction Association of Argentina
Executive Secretary of the Latin American Harm Reduction Network
Member, International Council of the International Harm Reduction Association

Shawn Heller (alternating translation)
National Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, USA

Fernando Buendia
Secretary of International Relations, Pachakutik-Nuevo Pais Party, Ecuador

Letter from Fernando Gabeira
Federal Deputy, Workers Party, Brazil
read by Luis Guanabara

Powerpoint Presentation from Jack Cole (not presented at OFTS)
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (www.leap.cc)
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