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The Marijuana Policy Project has two part-time, unpaid positions open:

Research Fellowship (nationwide):

This fellowship is unpaid but offers flexible hours and the ability to work remotely (all work can be done from home). The work will likely take a total of 60-80 hours, which can be spread out over a period of up to two months. The fellow will read and summarize MPP's substantial collection of studies and reports, on topics such as the effects of marijuana, marijuana use rates, and the impact of marijuana laws and policies. The goal of the project is to create user-friendly summaries that will provide staff and visitors to MPP's web site with an overview of each study.

Interested candidates should have strong writing skills and, ideally, some familiarity with medical and scientific research. Because this is an autonomous, work-from-home position, candidates should also have initiative and the ability to stay motivated without constant contact with co-workers. A familiarity with MPP and marijuana policy is desired but not required.

To apply for this position, please e-mail a letter of interest and a resume to [email protected]. Your letter should specify (1) why you are interested in working with MPP, (2) your view of marijuana policy, (3) whether you have any experience in marijuana policy, and (4) your experience working with research studies and reports, if any. Feel free to include any other information you deem relevant, not to exceed one page.

Membership Intern (Washington, DC):

This is an unpaid, part-time internship, for 8-20 hours per week, and is a chance to play a responsible role in a successful nonprofit organization. The Membership department coordinates MPP's fundraising, conducts donor research, oversees communications with members, maintains MPP's member database, processes donations, and submits grant applications. The Membership Intern will assist the department primarily by researching donors, which involves substantial Internet research. Additional tasks may be assigned as well.

To apply for this position, please visit and follow the application guidelines listed on that page.

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