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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #494)

Criticism of Fumigation Grows in Colombia as Cocaine Trade is Undiminished, report by Matthew Stein in World Politics Review

Pardon Whom?, Katha Pollitt suggests the president look to the war on drugs, in The Nation

A Crack in the System, American Prospect on prospects for crack sentencing reform

The Marijuana Lobbyist, The Hill article about MPP's Aaron Houston

A Home for Ibogaine in Barcelona, Mary Clare Ditton on the Huffington Post

DrugTruth Network:
Cultural Baggage for 07/13/07: Jay Fisher, asst Atty General in Georgia, a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (MP3)
Century of Lies for 07/13/07: Medical Marijuana Special: Jeff Jones, Paul Armentano, Bruce Mirken & Canadian Radio extract (MP3)

Vlissingen drug consumption rooms, video from the HaRdCOREhARMREdUCER web site, Belgium

report of the French Observatory on Drugs on cannabis consumption and cultivation in France

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