A Personal Plea from Sensible Colorado

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Dear Friends,

As we begin 2011, I wanted to ask you to join me in becoming a monthly donor to Sensible Colorado.  I, like many people across Colorado and the nation, have a monthly contribution deducted from my credit card-- even $5, $10, or $50 a month makes a huge impact.  This allows me to benefit from a tax deduction and, more importantly, to support one of the strongest and most effective advocacy groups in the country.

I often receive calls from media members and friends who are astounded by the progress Colorado has made in terms of marijuana and medical marijuana reform.  They are amazed that our state licensing board safely regulates over 1200 medical marijuana businesses, or the fact that over 2% of our state population (over 116K people!) now hold medical marijuana cards protecting them from criminal prosecution.

Let me assure you this amazing progress would not have been accomplished without the work of Sensible Colorado.  Since 2004, Sensible has served as the primary resource for the state's medical marijuana patients-- fighting in the courtroom, the state house, and the streets.  In that time, Sensible has achieved unparalleled success in fostering patent's rights and protecting safe access to medicine.  We've also run successful campaigns to rewrite local marijuana laws for adults in Breckenridge and beyond, and our work has been highlighted in virtually every mainstream media outlet in America, including last month in Time Magazine!  In addition to our medical marijuana advocacy, over the next two years we are gearing up for our biggest challenge yet-- putting a measure on the Colorado ballot to regulate and tax marijuana for adults over 21 statewide.  We've already begun putting a stellar team together to push-- AND WIN-- this fight and forever end the disastrous policy of marijuana prohibition.

Please lend a hand in this crucial fight by donating, forwarding this email, and volunteering today.

In solidarity,

Brian Vicente

Executive Director

Sensible Colorado

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