Tell Obama to End Federal Interference with State Medical Marijuana Laws (Action Alert)

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Patients, Activists, and Concerned Citizens

The Federal Government has shown increased activity in medical marijuana communities across the country by raiding cultivators and dispensaries, subpoenaing patient medical records, and jeopardizing patient rights.  These actions are inconsistent with the spirit of Attorney General Holder's memo suggesting patients and other community members in compliance with state laws are safe from federal interference.  When will it end?

Tell the DEA to Step Away!  Call the White House today by calling 202-456-1414 and tell President Obama to end the hypocrisy by ending federal raids and interference today!


Violations of state and local laws are not in the purview of the federal government. The DEA and Federal Government need to let the state and local governments do their job!  Medical marijuana states are capable and equipped to enforce medical marijuana laws and address any violations.  The recent increase in federal raids and interference is not only aggressive and harmful towards our community; it also detracts from the state's ability to implement state law.  Please, tell the DEA to GO AWAY!

Thank you.

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