War on Drugs Pales in Comparison to Legalized Health Care Industry

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In 1971, the American government took its first step in the War on Drugs when President Richard Nixon declared the beginning of what would become a four-decade battle. Since then, according to Esquire Magazine, its costs have ballooned to $52.3 billion dollars in taxpayer funds and 15,223 dead in 2009 alone. But the truly egregious fact is that the government, on one hand, punishes offenders for minor offenses, yet sanctions and encourages the $291 billion dollar prescription drug industry because it is backed by powerful lobbyists on K Street. Deadly Combination
photo credit: RESchroeder The situation has become so sordid that almost 50 million Americans are uninsured, according to health insurance provider, "Affordable Health Insurance." These Americans are growing quickly as a result of the economic malaise of 2008-2009, and because they pay inflated prices for government-sanctioned drugs they've opted not to pay the equally inflated premiums for health plans with prescription coverage. It's time for Congress to act and stop the untrammeled, exponential growth in drug costs by ending the War on Drugs and legalizing certain non-debilitating and clinically proven drugs on the free market. After all, a free market will ensure lower prices for all, lower health care costs, and a better quality of life.

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