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The Marijuana Policy Project is now hiring summer interns. MPP internships offer the chance to gain experience in a successful nonprofit organization -- while helping to restore sense to our nation's marijuana policies. MPP summer internships are unpaid and part-time (12-20 hours per week), with class credit available.

Internships are available in two departments: Outreach and State Policies.

The Outreach intern will assist with online outreach, including utilizing blogs, online social networking sites, and online advertising. Responsibilities also include conducting research, assisting with logistics for campaign events and advertisements, assisting with video production, and helping to produce handouts and other publications.

The State Policies intern will monitor the news for relevant articles, format and post news articles on MPP's state Web pages; ensure MPP's state Web pages are working correctly, and otherwise assist in the State Policies Department's work to reform marijuana laws on the state level through lobbying campaigns.

Candidates should expect a fast-paced, professional environment and should have excellent oral and written communications skills, strong Internet research skills, a professional demeanor, and be meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented. Knowledge of HTML is helpful but not required. Additionally, candidates for the Outreach position should be familiar with emerging Internet technologies, and candidates for the State Policies position should have an interest in the legislative and policy-making process.

To apply for either internship, please visit

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