Travel Expert Rick Steves Speaks Out Against Marijuana Laws

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Rick Steves is such a smart, friendly, non-threatening gentleman. And that makes him a terrific advocate for reform:
Travel guru Rick Steves wants America to take a cue from Europe and start talking seriously about marijuana.

Too many lives, according to Steves, are ruined by criminal penalties associated with pot possession, and too much law enforcement and too many court resources are tied up focusing on cannabis as a legal problem instead of a health issue.

Steves, who built his Edmonds travel business into a nationally known television show with travel books and tours, is now taking his marijuana message to the masses, too.

Wednesday, together with the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, Steves introduced a half-hour infomercial-style program he hosts called "Marijuana: It's Time for a Conversation." The program is available on Comcast on Demand, and promoters hope it will soon debut on local television stations. []
Last Christmas, my mother received a European travel guide by Rick Steves. "Oh, Rick Steves!" I exclaimed, "What a nice man. I met him in San Francisco at the Wonders of Cannabis festival." Mom was incredulous. "WTF?! No, this is Rick Steves," she said, "the travel guy from public television. He's a Lutheran. Your aunts love him." I replied that while all that is true, Steves is also an outspoken marijuana reformer who presents regularly at conferences I attend. The matter was finally settled when I flipped open the European travel guide to the Amsterdam chapter and began reading aloud Rick Steves' coffeeshop recommendations.

Gee, I can't wait to send my aunts a copy of Rick Steves' half-hour marijuana reform infomercial. And while he's at it, Steves should start World Travelers For Drug Policy Reform, or WTF for short.

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