The Hinchey Amendment

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Voting to preserve and protect state medical marijuana laws should be a no-brainer for our elected representatives. It amazes me that its even an issue. The Hinchey Amendment has been voted on every summer starting in 2003, and will likely be voted on again next summer, probably in July. Would you like to make a difference regarding this and other drug laws? I’m the spokesman for a group of business owners, professionals, and individual voters building a grassroots movement to target federal, state and local lawmakers for the purpose of promoting medical, agricultural, industrial, environmental, economic and recreational marijuana policy reform and minimize the harm of laws prohibiting drug use. We solicit support such as memberships, donations, media exposure, visits to representatives offices, letters to representatives, phone calls to representatives and email to representatives. With your help we’ll educate the public, political and financial supporters and our government representatives about the benefits of marijuana and other drug issues to initiate drug policy changes designed to remove

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