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Maconha Medicinal: Já Não Há Ameaça de Prisão para Renee Boje Depois que Federais Aceitam Acordo Simbólico

O caso federal contra a refugiada por maconha medicinal, Renee Boje, terminou sem golpes, mas com soluções já que, após oito anos, os federais a deixaram aceitar um acordo de porte de meio-grama de maconha.

Imposição da Lei: As Estórias de Policiais Corruptos Desta Semana

Temos um trio sulista nesta semana, com provas desaparecidas no Alabama, uma força-tarefa bandida no Mississippi, e, claro, um agente penitenciário traficante de drogas na Luisiana.

A DRCNet no MySpace

Aproximadamente 1.800 pessoas já se inscreveram como “amigos” da DRCNet no MySpace apesar deste ter sido o primeiro anúncio público dele.

State of Siege: Drug-Related Violence and Corruption in Mexico


CWA Votes in Favor of Marijuana for Medicinal Use (Australia)


UK Drug Deaths on the Rise, Despite Government Pledge


Irondequoit couple sues for $10M in drug raid


Latin America: Guatemala Imposes "State of Prevention" in Drug Crackdown

Guatemalan authorities declared a form of martial law in San Marcos province this week in a bid to crack down on opium growing and drug trafficking.

ONCDP Media Campaign: Drug Czar's Anti-Drug Ads a Flop, GAO Says

The drug czar's office wants $120 million more this year for its much criticized Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign -- but the GAO says it doesn't work and is a waste of money.

First Amendment: Kenneth Starr Joins Appeal of 9th US Circuit Ruling in "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Case

Former Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr is joining forces with an Alaska school district in hopes they can get the US Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court decision upholding the First Amendment rights of a high school student.

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