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Source: The Independent (UK), Sat, 28 Mar 1998
Author: Graham Ball

REPRESENTATIVES of Britain's leading drug-reform groups met last night to form a new front to fight the drug laws on the eve of the London cannabis march.

Danny Kushlick, director of the drug-policy group Transform said: "It is the first time all the different groups in Britain have agreed to combine in this way." The plan is for the new alliance to co-ordinate its activities to create maximum impact. "The three main areas of co-operation will be in lobbying MPs, building membership and working with the media," Mr Kushlick said.

The meeting, held at the Quaker International Centre in Euston, was attended by more than 50 delegates. It was held last night because so many representatives were in London for today's Independent on Sunday march in favour of the decriminalisation of cannabis which begins in Hyde Park at noon and goes on to a rally at Trafalgar Square. Thousands of people are expected to attend.

"We will discuss the possibility of fielding a candidate at a forthcoming European parliamentary election," Mr Kushlick said, "and organise a series of events all over Britain in June to raise awareness of the United Nations General Assembly special session on anti-drug policies". Groups represented at last night's meeting included Transform, Release, The Green Party, the Drug Policy Review Group, the CLCIA, UKCIA and the Scottish Campaign to Legalise Cannabis.