Drugged Driving: Experts Say Marijuana DUI Limit Should Be Similar to Alcohol, Not Zero Tolerance

An international working group of 11 researchers from six countries will recommend that Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) laws aimed at marijuana users adopt a limit of a set amount of THC in the bloodstream instead of relying on a zero tolerance approach that criminalizes anyone who has any THC or metabolites in his bodily fluids. Zero tolerance DUID laws are in effect in several countries and several US states.

But the group, led by prominent marijuana and driving impairment researcher Franco Grotenherman, found that zero tolerance laws are not science-based and wrongly classify many non-impaired drivers as being under the influence of marijuana.

The group suggested a limit of between seven and 10 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood serum to accurately indicate impairment. That would compare to a blood alcohol level of 0.05%, which is lower than the currently used 0.08% or 0.10%.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) senior policy analyst Paul Armentano told the national NORML conference in Los Angeles last weekend that the federal government is preparing to release a report containing recommendations on DUID laws later this year. The study will advocate zero tolerance laws, Armentano predicted.

Grotenherman and his colleagues published their findings in the October 2007 issue of the journal Addiction. An abstract is available online here.

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Opinions, not facts. Yeah, I realize that.

First marijuana law was that all landowning farmers must grow x amount of hemp per acre they own. That includes Ben Franklin and George Washington. Marijuana was first made illegal because Henry Anslinger was a racist bastard and pot was considered a "Black and Mexican drug." Don't knock it until you try it folks, i'm withholding animosity here but I'm glad to see people will base their animosity on the law. "Its illegal" isn't that good of a reaosn, jaywalking is illegal too. Google search stupid laws... you'll find some really amusing laws for every state, including yours. These laws are still active, just not inforced. One day, after our government stops funding the DEA for its (failed) War On Drugs (damn you nancy reagan!!!) people will realize that pot is a damn plant. Your god created it. Jesus was a stoner.

There's also plenty of people that rely on pot so they can eat each day. Not everybody lives without chronic illnesses...

Just my experience

everyone that either agrees with marijuanas banishment or with its current dui field sobriety tests have not got a clue. for some reason people think cops are these great honest people that give equal rights to everyone and treat everyone fairly and according to the law. well i can attest to this that it is far from true. i was driving back home one night after buying my medication after a long day of work, yes its medication i have california medical card, and got in a accident which was indeed my own fault for driving poorly. then shortly thereafter the police came and one of them started yelling that it wreaked of "pot". i must say at this time i was quite shaken up so i started to get out my medical card and showed it to the officer and thats when all hell broke loose. he started to tell me how all those laws are bullshit and how the doctors that give them are quacks so he then proceeded to ask if i had been smoking and i informed him i had not. so then he asked when was the last time i smoked and i told him the night before at approximately 10pm. he then claimed that marijuana keeps you under its effects for 3 days, which i must say if that were true i would have bought it, but its not then he proceeded to give me \ sobriety test. before i go on i must disclose some information about me i am only 18 and at the time was still in high school and this was my first accident. so he gave me the test and said i failed. also i had a passenger in the car and they said he had bodily injury so they arrested me. they told me he broke his finger and reinjured his shoulder he had surgery on. i as you can imagine is was quite scared i thought i had really injured my friend and had no means of communication with him.so then i went to jail and found out i had a 100,000 dollar bail. i was so scared there is no way i could pay the 10 percent bail of 10,000. so i had to stay in jail. after being in jail for about 2 or 3 days my injured friend came to see me and i was in for quite a surprise. he proceed to show me the damage done to him but it was not what had been described to me before. he showed me a cut on his finger. yes, a cut, which sent me to jail for a total of 6 days and a federal criminal charge plus lawyer fees and i am still waiting to go to court. when i went to court on my 6 jail day they reduced my bail so i could actually get out since the bodily harm was taken off my charge. so if my charges had stayed i would have still been in jail today for crashing a car and possessing medication im LEGALLY allowed to have. but i saw from the moment i gave him my card what was going to happen. What people dont understand is that a great many of our police officers think they have the right to apply their own justice where they see fit even if it is simply arresting a citizen for something they can legally have. many people including my father have the opinion "weed is wrong" based soley on old propoganda and a vast majority of peace officers seem to express the same opinion so they feel they can just skip over the medical marijuana laws since what they feel what they are doing is really just and protecting the people in their OPINION. they even gave me false statistics on how weed is the most dangerous drug and causes the most deaths and accidents. so now i still do not know what happens if all my charges do not get dropped i will have my license suspended for a year plus probation which costs a good deal of money. so people out there that say they have sobriety tests which are fair, they are not.

Marijauna DUID

I recently was at my son's track meet, my wife, my son's girlfriend and myself. We had left the meet and where only on the road about 10 minutes when I was involved in a very serious accident, my wife and my son's girl friend being lifeflighted because of their injuries. I suffered chest truma and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. I am thankful to say that all are making a recovery. My wife up until the point of the accident never had anything wrong with her. Now she has a plate in her wrist, emergency operation because of a tear in her small intestine, in a body cast because of a fractured vertabrate in her back and a collapesed artery which required a stint and now on blood thinners the rest of her life. Why do I write all this, because the man that hit me was DUID. Him and I where approaching an intersection in opposite directions of each other when he drifted into my lane to make a left turn. He never came close to making the left because we hit head on.
I sit and read all the statements above, some educational and some just stupid. Say and do what you want but my life and the life of others have changed for ever all because a man wanted to get stoned. I don't have a problem with anyone wanting to have a good time. But when you get behind the wheel of a car it's a whole other issue. I have no feelings for people like that and justice will be served. In my mind the penality can't be hard enough. To the person using medical marijauna,, I pray not for you but all the people you pass on the highway that your stupity does not affect them or the ones they love. Everyone sits back and just enjoys life saying that can't happen to them. But in the matter of a second anyones life can change.
We all do our own thing, it's being responsible of ourselve and accepting what ever consequences that occur from our actions. It seems that is the problem with many, they never see doing anything wrong and it's always the other person or the law.

Marijuana DUI is a joke

Marijuana does not impair your driving and to those who say it does have obviously never smoked in their lives. Do some research and get an education. Alcohol is worse for your body than marijuana ask your doctor about it. I understand the fact of people that smoke weed and combine it with alcohol and/ or other drugs and then try and drive. Drinking and driving is irresponsible and suicidal.


If you are high walking down the road and your friend is drunk and a cop stops you no matter if he thinks your high or not you can't go to jail but your friend can it is not illegal to be high but if your drunk and are in public you could be charged with a few different thing so tell me how bad weed really is

pot blood cubtenent

i just got 2 yrs probatoin for smokeing pot and driveing  in ca got blood test by cops one was 40 the other is 19 pracent i didnt feel stoned just tierd from lack of sleep could u tell me what the numbers mean and was it out of systrm rnough to drive that was order aturny gave to me but my atturny sucked he told me to take dui since its my first one i didnt want duy  i was a block from house i pulled over cuz i was tierd and couldnt see straiy and feel asleep on side of road awake to cops and got dui cuz keys in ignition and runing cuz it was december and cold so wanted to rest for a min was asleep only 15 29 min and awoke on own now got misdamenor and have to pay 980 dollars and my aturny wouldnt help me wish i could get re trial or sumthing any advice thank u

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