Medical Marijuana: Minnesota Bill Passes Senate, House Version Moving Too

The Minnesota Senate Tuesday gave final approval to a medical marijuana bill, passing SF 345 on a narrow 33-31 vote. The vote marks the first time a medical marijuana bill has been approved by a full vote in either House in Minnesota.

Also Tuesday, the House version of the medical marijuana bill, HF 655, overcame one more committee hurdle, passing the House Finance Committee on a 20-14 vote. It should soon be on the way to a House floor vote.

While there are differences between the House and Senate bills, both would essentially set up a system where qualified patients could obtain marijuana to ease their pain and symptoms through nonprofit organizations registered with the state.

"I'm happy the Senate has voted to protect some of Minnesota's most vulnerable citizens from the threat of arrest for trying to alleviate their pain, per the advice of their doctor," said Sen. Steve Murphy (DFL-Red Wing), the bill's lead sponsor. "I'm hopeful we are only a few weeks away from Minnesota becoming the 13th medical marijuana state."

But Minnesota is not there yet. The House must still approve its version of the bill in a final floor vote. And even if it passes and is reconciled with the Senate version, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R), backed by law enforcement organizations, is vowing to veto it.

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Hey all! I don't see much of a reason to argue here. It was once said "This too shall pass" and the bill will.
I have a terminal illness so in the mean time I started growing hydroponically. I save mucho money and it's much faster and easier than growing in soil. It is an easy and relatively inexpensive set up.
Contact me if you need/want to learn how to grow your own, I teach classes as well as 1 on 1's. You could have a crop in 13 weeks!

Later Gators (& Haters),
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Say Yes to medical marijuana

I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Both diseases are very painful and cause me to be disabled. I'm on pain meds but they don't help much. Why don't they legalize pot for medical purposes? If it helps people with pain management...why not? People are drugged for everything nowadays...and the pain meds can get you hooked. Pot doesn't get you "hooked" or lead to harder drugs. That is a bunch of malarky. It's no worse than drinking alcohal. I don't understand why there is such a stigma about pot and they allow much worse things to be out there that people get can hooked on. Pawlenty doesn't have a frickin' clue what it's like to have chronic pain. Give him the condition and let's see how he responds.

sounds good man. take hits

sounds good man.
take hits of chronic from the bong!
but stay away from the crack and meth, thats the real dope!


It's a very good thing to make marijuana medication for the people, lots say it kills brain cells well I can tell you your WRONG... Marijuana does not kill brain cells the scientist who did that study pumped 35 Colombian strength joints into a few monkeys face's with in 5 Minute's allowing no oxygen so what he did was suffocate the monkey's, and the first thing that happens when you suffocate is your brain cells die off this is what he did to them and based his study off of and people have had it stuck in there head every sense. Further study's in 2005 show that marijuana can possibly even stimulate! the brain cells encouraging them to reproduce, this study hasn't been shown as much attention hmm I wonder why. Where does this leave us? with lung cancer ohh marijuana is soo bad for the lung's! well your WRONG again. There's not one Hospital or university in the world that has a record of an ONLY marijuana smoker dieing from it or getting emphysema or cancer lung NOT ONE If they had a picture it would be printed all over the media like cigarettes the only thing it does is Paralyze the Celia so yes it should be done moderately but all and all it's a hell of a lot more healthy than cigarettes or alcohol marijuana should not be frowned upon any one with negative information on marijuana feel free to email me so I can shut your answer down with the correct one. Thanks for reading and happy bud smoking guy's

I have smoked for over 10

I have smoked for over 10 years and pot is the only thing that keeps my mind straight.I have bipolar with severe anxiety and weed is the only true thing that helps me.I've tryed all sorts of meds and none of them work like weed does for needs to be legalized.the reason the government doesn't want to legalize it is cause they make way too much from perscription meds and from all the smokers in the system.they are scared they will lose that money

Great news

I have a drug war cost chart on my website updated in real time. This gives us hope that these numbers will stop!

Uses for Herbal Medication

I have been struggling with severe depression and Borderline Personality Disorder all my life.  I am miserable most of the time, my emotions never really in check and bouts of anger constantly on the edge of my subconscious.  I've been taking large doses of anti-depressants since I've been a child, but the pills only serve to numb me.  The use of marijuana leaves me calm, reduces my anxiety, and puts my emotions in check.  I don't sit on the couch all day and eat potato chips and laugh at that 70's show.  smoking marijuana gives me the strength and ambition (that i would regularly not have because of my BPD) to go out and work and do things i wouldn't normally be able to do.  Minnesota needs to legalize Medicinal Marijuana, because I am only a spec in the gigantic sea of people in Minnesota dealing with mental issues otherwise unaffected by other medications.

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