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Medical Marijuana: New York Bill Passes General Assembly, But Now Senate Balks

A bill that would legalize the use of medical marijuana in New York state passed the General Assembly Wednesday night on a 92-52 vote, but now the Republican-dominated Senate is balking. Although Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R-Brunswick) sounded agreeable at a Wednesday morning news conference, just hours later he was criticizing the bill as unworkable and vowing to introduce competing legislation.

With the clock ticking toward adjournment of the legislature next week, the move could kill the legislation this year. Even if the Senate passed its own bill, there is little time left reconcile differences, and the lawmakers face other pressing matters.

Sponsored by Rep. Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan), who has fought for a decade to advance it, the bill, A04867, would allow patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, and other severe illnesses or their designated caregivers to possess up to 2 ½ ounces of usable marijuana and up to 12 plants. Patients must be certified annually by a physician and register with the state Health Department.

Gov. Elliot Spitzer (D), who last year had opposed medical marijuana, signaled this week that he was willing to sign a carefully crafted bill, but any elation on the part of the bill's proponents, which include the Marijuana Policy Project, was tempered by Sen. Bruno's contradictory pronouncements Wednesday.

During a morning news conference, Bruno said a colleague would introduce a companion bill this week and predicted "the chances are better than not that it will go to the governor." But by that afternoon, Bruno had changed his tune. The Assembly bill is, he said, "too broad and we think it just lets too many things happen that may be inappropriate... We're going to do our own bill."

The Empire State is potentially one vote away from enacting a medical marijuana law, but the Republican Senate leadership appears determined to use a procedural trick to derail it.

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I think that this whole war

I think that this whole war on drugs is a pathetic attempt to cover the governments ass because they started a war that they dont know how to finish. They havent been able to find Osama so they decided to turn their attention to putting people in jail for having a plant. The thing that really gets me is that you wont ever see a marijuana related death. You're not going to crash your car because your high. how many people die in alcohol related incedents a year, and yet you can still go to almost anywhere and get alcohol. In most gas stations in Upstate NY, you cant buy Blunt wraps, but they have a cooler full of beer. Make any sense to you?
Its just the government trying to dictate what you can and cant do. They say americas the home of the free, but its kind of sad when the american government tries to tell the american people what they can and cant put in their bodies. marijuana has no physical addiction, where pain killers can be highly addictive. The economy is in the sewer, and if they legalized and put a REASONABLE tax on marijuana, they would be able to pull this country out of the shitter. im 18 years old, and the way things are going, im going to be screwed for life because my generation is going to have to fix the governments problems/mistakes.

Medicinal Mary Jane

I do know one reason the Gov...especially in New York State will not legalize marijuana is because it's all about big politics, big Pharmaceutical and Big Money.

Big Pharma kills people every year with their synthetic drugs and they pump the Gov. with more $$ than any other industry. Politicians and big Phama are truly criminals. The drugs they make trillions of dollars from are killing people all over the US.

Personally, I don't take ANY prescription pharmaceutical drugs and I will not. I refuse to put poison into my body. Big Pharma and Big Government are criminals.

I am not currently smoking MJ but I smoked it recreational for many years. I smoked it daily as a teenager and in my early 20's. I feel because of my past marijuana use, I have never had any illness in my life. I truly believe that marijuana is a medicinal preventative medicine. I am almost 50 years old, have never had one surgery, no diabetes, no high blood illness whatsoever. And the friends I've had that use alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs are either ill with a disease or dead. I also believe that Big Gov. and Big Phama knows this, but they are not allowed to put a patent on marijuana so they jail people for using it. They destroy peoples lives by jailing peaceful, law abiding, tax paying citizens for smoking a medicinal weed, Now that is TRULY a crime!!!!!

I suggest to New Yorkers that don't want to deal with black market drug dealers to obtain a medicine...grow your own. I did. I did it to avoid shady people and it took up a small place in my home and I grew it for my own use. As yes, I feared that I could get arrested for it...but it was a safe way, and better way to keep myself healthy and worth the risk.

The Government keeps people enslaved for $$$ purposes only.
"We the People will stand United in Peace for the cause of Freedom, No longer giving our power away to be ruled by a criminal minority."

For Pain

I was injured a few years back and had neck surgery. I still to this day, because of other disk issues in my neck, Have to deal with chronic pain. I will not take pain killers because of the effects but have found marijuana, Helps with the pain without the side effects. Can I be prescribed medical Marijuana?

Marinol in NY ALlowed

I am prescribed Marinol for HIV/AIDS here in New York state. It's a pharmaceutical made drug (synthetic) and is pure THC mixed with some seame seed oil. Why am allowed THC this way, but not allowed to grow my own plants to harvest THC for cooking from plant material? Marinol is like $1,200.00 a month for my script, I could grow my own THC equivalent for $10/month! This is not fair, its forcing me to overpay for my medicine!

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