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January 20, 2005

Pompano Beach-Area Dealer Rapes Woman as Cocaine Debt "Repayment"

Local 10 TV news in Florida reported that a cocaine dealer raped a woman who was unable to pay her debt to him to make things "even." Sergio Barr, the accused, previously served time for burglary and armed robbery. If convicted of sexual battery, he could face life in prison this time.

Rape is a horrible crime, and Barr if found guilty should be punished for it. But that will be small comfort. Wouldn't it be better if the rape had never taken place at all? The victim, whom police and Local 10 mercifully did not name, was forced into contact with the criminal underground because the drug on which she is hooked is banned under law. If she had had access to a legal source of cocaine, through a pharmacy, perhaps, or some other appropriate outlet, she would probably not have come into contact with Barr, certainly not for the same reason or with the same frequency; there would have been no necessity for her to associate with such unsavory characters.

And, how many people who get victimized, in this or other ways, by people with whom they have engaged in drug transactions, don't report the crimes because they are afraid of being criminally prosecuted as drug possessors or worse themselves?

Local 10 can be contacted here.

- Dave Borden, DRCNet

Posted by dborden725 at January 20, 2005 08:33 PM

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