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January 23, 2005

Harlem "Drug Apartment" Slaying Ilustrates Prohibition's Deleterious Impact on the Inner City

An article in last Friday's New York Post illustrates the corrosive impact of prohibition on the quality of life in our nation's poor inner-city neighborhoods. The article Slaying at Harlem "Drug" Apartment described the killing of a marijuana dealer by robbers targeting his presumed cash and stash, and the critical and possibly fatal wounding of his girlfriend and her 17-year old son.

Whether or not one regrets the loss of a marijuana dealer's life in a robbery targeting his cash or supply, Henry King did not deserve to be killed and his girlfriend and her son did not deserve to suffer life-threatening wounds. But most clearly, their neighbors don't deserve to have to live in an environment characterized by violence. Nor should they have had to deal with the constant stream of visitors his business brought in and out of the building every day -- that also affects the quality of life.

Decades of the "war on drugs" have shown that the drug trade cannot be extinguished in that way. This means that blaming the dealers, deservedly or otherwise, accomplishes nothing. Only some form of drug legalization can put those kinds of dealers out of business, stop the violence and disorder, and give inner city neighborhoods a chance to finally heal and prosper.

I've submitted a letter to the editor -- and you can too. Click here to do so online.

- Dave Borden, DRCNet

Posted by dborden725 at January 23, 2005 04:50 PM

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Contacting the Post isn't going to do any good, those type of persons just think that the unfortunate incident is just ridding the world of more scum, they are happy about incidents like this as long as none of the innocent neighbors are hurt.

And that defines the war on drugs. Persons in the media, in uniform, or other areas of the establishment really don't care about a murder such as described in this blog. It justs saves the taxpayer the money it would cost him to arrest, try, and imprison the dealer, here the murderers were the vigilantes acting on the side of the law. They were cleansing their neighborhood of trash and waste, going where the police cannot without a warrant.


This is the url for the IMDb "Wonderland" message board. "Wonderland" wasn't in the theaters long, but read the posts on the message board. "Wonderland" was about a brutal quadruple murder, but the posters express relief that four scummy persons were taken from society. The posters write that they feel that justice needs to be served by finding and prosecuting any remaining murderers that may still be alive, yet they say that the four victims deserved the death that they got because of the lifestyle that they led. This has to be the height of hypocracy.

The laws against drug use are what forces a person seeking medication into the criminal lifestyle; the street drug user isn't a true criminal, his crime ends when he has raised the money for his drugs. That is his end goal, it has been reached when he has that. He doesn't want to see fear on the faces of his victims (like a robber), doesn't want to see flames light up a night sky (like an arson), doesn't need the sickness of a murderer. But this society doesn't recognize that, and it classifies a drug-related crime with the rest.

These IMDb posters are the kind of people that you will come in contact with, should you try to make an effort to protest and change the existing drug laws. Be careful.

Posted by: Unimportant at January 24, 2005 12:13 PM

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