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December 28, 2004

"Rogue" Heroin in Britain

Police in the South Wales region of Great Britain have issued a warning about a "rogue" batch of heroin that has caused adverse reactions to a number of its users, according to BBC News. Jonathan Pincott, a 24-year old, died from what is suspected to be an accidental overdose when he shot up in a hotel room in Tonyrefail. Police are trying to track down the source of the bad batch to take it out of circulation.

British police are doing the right thing by trying to regulate the heroin supply by weeding out "rogue" batches; they are trying to save lives. The problem is, the law defines all heroin as "rogue." Were heroin legal and regulated, bad batches would be nearly unknown, and in the rare instances where a bad batch did come out and hit the stores (note: stores, not the street, an improvement), it would be possible for health authorities or the manufacturer to recall it.

Instead, police have to try to hunt it down in the dispersed criminal underground and seek tips from the public to help them do so. And even if they succeed, it will be too late for Jonathan Pincott, and 24 is too young to go.

BBC News accepts feedback online.

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