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December 18, 2004

Prohibition Drives Addicted Connecticut Couple to Crime

The Connecticut newspaper The Register Citizen reported that a Litchfield couple who committed burglaries and an armed robbery because of the high cost of maintaining their addiction to heroin have been sentenced to hard time. Jennifer Rich and Lee Gary Brewer told police their heroin cost between $70 and $140 per day.

Though one might not want to excuse armed robbery, wouldn't it be better if people like Rich and Brewer were never driven to crime at all? Prohibition is the cause of crime by addicts, because it is prohibition that makes the drugs so expensive because of the risk involved in selling drugs on the black market. Experiences with heroin maintenance programs in Great Britain, Switzerland and the Netherlands, even the opiate clinics in the US early last century and methadone maintenance today, all show that addicts tend to cease committing crimes and generally become more responsible people once they gain access to a legal, affordable source. The 1992 60 Minutes report on Liverpool's former heroin maintenance program is very revealing on this point.

Pages on The Register have links you can use to e-mail the editor or reporter or to post your opinion. Feel free to post copies of your letter or correspondence back here.

- Dave Borden, DRCNet

Posted by dborden725 at December 18, 2004 05:11 PM

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