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Statewide Women's Day of Action/Rally & Book Delivery to OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens

This action is part of a larger, national push (read below).  Please contact for more information.

The Women's Marijuana Movement is coordinating a nationwide Day Of Action on Oct. 5th to increase support for Proposition 19 in California, during which women all over the country will hold press conferences and rallies to spread the message that WOMEN feel cannabis legalization will make their communities safer and a better place to live, and to educate the public about the not-well-known-enough fact that marijuana is far safer than alcohol.  We have a page up on our website promoting the event here:

In California, women will hold their events outside of or near the offices of members of law enforcement who have formally come out against Prop 19, and they will deliver copies of the book "Marijuana Is Safer" to the opponents themselves.  You can see the full list of opponents here:

On campuses nationwide, female students will hold events, and/or table, and distribute information about the relative safety of marijuana and talk about why they feel Prop 19 or something similar in their own state would make their communities and campuses a safer place.

And in states other than California, women will be holding press conferences, small rallies, and events to talk about how they support California's attempt to legalize and how something similar in their own state would greatly benefit them.

In all cases, we have prepared the targets for action (in California), materials for distribution, and statements to read to any media who report on the Day Of Action.  Minimally, all an organizer or attendee needs to do is invite other supportive women to join them for about an hour (tops) around noon on Oct. 5.  Women are welcome and encouraged to bring their children.

This Day Of Action is intended to generate broad media coverage that women support legalization, change the way people think about the misconceived harms of marijuana, and ultimately increase support among women for Prop 19.  Polling is showing that while men are supportive of Prop 19, women are split.  You can check out our last marijuana-related Day Of Action and tremendous press it generated here:

Please let me know as early as possible if you're interested in organizing or attending an event for this Day Of Action, or if you have any questions.  Additionally, we are open to any ideas you have that you'd like to incorporate into or use for this Day Of Action.

Thank you!
Eva Enns
WMM Coordinator
SAFER Outreach Director

Tue, 10/05/2010 - 11:00am - 1:00pm
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703
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Prop 19 Takes Seven Point Lead in Latest Field Poll

In a dramatic reversal from just two months ago, California's Proposition 19 marijuana legalization initiative has opened up a seven point lead in the latest Field poll. In July, the Field poll had Prop 19 trailing 44% to 48%; the latest poll, released Sunday, has it leading 49% to 42% with Election Day just six weeks away.

This latest Field poll is in line with other recent polls, most of which show Prop 19 leading, though still short of the 50% plus one needed to guarantee victory on November 2.

The poll was taken by telephone between September 14 and 21 and conducted in English and Spanish.

Support for Prop 19 was strongest among Democrats (60%), San Francisco Bay Area residents (59%), the 18-to-39 age group (59%), Los Angeles County residents (58%), Coastal county residents (54%), and men (54%). Support for Prop 19 was weakest among Republicans (27%), Central Valley residents (30%), voters over 65 (36%), and residents of Inland counties (37%).

Prop 19 continues to trail among women voters (44%) and to trail slightly among Hispanic (46%) and African-American (47%) voters. It has the support of 50% of white voters.

Neither the Prop 19 campaign nor its opposition has engaged in statewide advertising campaigns as the clock ticks toward election day. But Prop 19 is benefiting from the massive media attention it has generated. More than eight out of 10 (84%) California voters have heard about Prop 19, and 50% of those say they will vote for it.

Marijuana legalization in California is within grasp this November. Get out the vote efforts will be critical as this race goes to the wire.

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Oregon Representative to Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bill

Supporters of marijuana legalization in Oregon failed to get the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act(OCTA) on the ballot this year, but now another path appears to be opening. State Rep. Peter Buckley (D-Ashland) has announced he will introduce a legalization bill. He said he expected a hearing in February.

Buckley told the Portland Medical Marijuana Examiner he was using OCTA as a starting point because it was "a good proposal." He said that with budget concerns and "the desire to make progress on this," the OCTA proposal was something for the legislature to consider.

Rep. Peter Buckley and family

OCTA would set up an Oregon Cannabis Commission to regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana -- but not hemp, which would be legal and unregulated. The commission would license commercial growers and processors, which would sell their product to the commission, which in turn would retail it in commission stores. Cultivation and possession for non-commercial use by adults would not be regulated.

Whether Rep. Buckley actually introduces the bill remains to be seen, and its fate in the legislature is murky. But OCTA activists aren't just sitting around waiting for the politicians to set matters right; they are already gearing up for an effort to put OCTA on the ballot in 2012.

It looks like, one way or another, Oregon is vying to be one of the first states to cross the finish line in the decades-long marathon to end pot prohibition.

Ashland, OR
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California Marijuana Initiative Could Help Propel Barbara Boxer to Re-election

United States
A ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in California could help propel endangered incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to re-election in November, according to a respected polling expert.
The Raw Story (DC)

What the Pot Legalization Campaign Really Threatens: Alcohol Industry Profits (Opinion)

United States
David Sirota, author of the best-selling books Hostile Takeover and The Uprising, believes our society is drunk off of alcohol propaganda we've had trouble separating fact from fiction.
Alternet (CA)

Stop the Lies About Prop 19 -- It Will Help, Not Hurt, Medical Marijuana Patients

A small but loud group of medical marijuana businesses are in the media claiming that Prop 19, California's "tax and regulate" initiative to legalize marijuana, would make marijuana less available to medical patients. Their arguments are demonstrably false, but the media has mostly given them a pass on it. I have a piece on Huffington Post today that calls them out. Check it out and then comment there and/or here.

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Arizona Firms Jockeying to Get Medical Marijuana Licenses

United States
More than a dozen companies are setting up shop in Arizona hoping to get into the business of selling medical marijuana. The Arizona law requires that the dispensaries be set up as non-profit corporations. But that isn't deterring would-be medical marijuana sellers who hope to snare one of 120 licenses.
Arizona Business Gazette (AZ)

California Marijuana Legalization Measure Has Nine-Point Lead in Latest Poll

Proposition 19 pot legalization initiative leads 47%-38% in the latest Public Policy Polling survey of likely voters. That's good, but not great, news for the campaign.

Good because nine points is a nice cushion six weeks out from election day. But not great because Prop 19 is still polling under 50% when it needs 50% plus one vote to win and because the race is closer than in the previous Public Policy Polling survey in July, when it led 52%-36%.

The poll is an automated phone survey of 630 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/- 3.9%. It took place last week.

victory in November? (chart from
Most, but not all recent polls, have shown Prop 19 leading. The Talking Points Memo Poll Average on Prop 19, which combines all the recent polls, has the measure leading 47.8% to 38.8%.

Telephone robo-polls have generated higher numbers than face to face interview polls, leading some observers to suggest some people may be more willing to embrace a controversial position like marijuana legalization in the facelessness of the robo-polls.

Prop 19 was supported by 74% of liberals, 47% of moderates, and only 27% of conservatives. 53% of men supported it, compared to only 42% of women, suggesting the campaign has not been able to overcome lackluster support in what it considers a key swing constituency.

Whites showed the strongest support at 49%, followed by blacks at 46%, Asians at 44%, and the large Hispanic electorate at 42%.

Six weeks out, victory appears tantalizingly within reach, but defeat cannot be ruled out. This sucker is going down to the wire.

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The Patients vs. The Powerful

Donate Header 20100921



Dear friends:

It is crunch time in Arizona.

With just six weeks to go in the medical marijuana ballot initiative campaign, powerful people in the state have joined together to prevent patients from using and acquiring their medicine legally. The campaign is working hard to keep pace but we need your help.

As a supporter of marijuana policy reform, you know how hard it is to change marijuana laws. Amazingly, we are now on the cusp of making medical marijuana legal for the citizens of another state. We cannot fail.

Working with individuals like the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, a group called Keep AZ Drug Free is spreading misinformation throughout the state. And now they have received a contribution of $10,000 from the Arizona Cardinals professional football team. The Cardinals get sponsorship money from beer companies and are using it to prevent patients from using a far less harmful substance! Disgusting.

We cannot let hypocrites like this succeed. We must match them dollar for dollar. If you can help us raise $10,000 for the campaign, they will be able to put more volunteers to work distributing materials and holding signs. And they will be able to mount a more aggressive earned media campaign.

Please make a contribution or $5, $10 or more to the Arizona ballot initiative campaign today. And celebrate with us six weeks from today when we defeat the powerful and make marijuana legal for the patients.

Thanks in advance.


Kampia signature (e-mail sized)

Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

Help us meet our mission

Raised in ’10:$2,521,885
Goal in ’10: $3,400,000

MPP will be able to tackle all of the projects in our 2010 strategic plan if you help us meet this challenge.

To contact MPP, please click here. Our mailing address is Marijuana Policy Project, 236 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20002. Any donations you make to MPP may be used for political purposes, such as supporting or opposing candidates for federal office.

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Prediction: Washington State Will End Marijuana Prohibition in 26 Months (Opinion)

United States
Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, opines on why he is convinced that Washington state will probably be one of the first two states to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol.
The Huffington Post (CA)

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