New Synthetic Marijuana Products: Are They Medicine?

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Recent press coverage about synthetic marijuana products (commonly known as Spice and K2) is unsurprisingly leading more people to try them. Interestingly, the drug is catching on with sick people in Kansas, where medical marijuana remains illegal:

Spice is designed to produce profoundly similar effects to herbal cannabis, so it makes sense that patients are finding it helpful. There's still a lot we don't know about it, but cannabinoid research is generally associated with a number of promising medical applications and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that the drug has something to offer.

At the very least, I'd give more weight to the claims from sick people who say it's helping them than to the claims from police and politicians that say it's potentially deadly.

Update: Uh-oh, it looks like the prohibition effort in Kansas is moving faster than I thought:

Topeka — The Senate on Thursday approved a bill that makes illegal the substances in K2 that law officials say produce a marijuana-like high. The legislation now goes to Gov. Mark Parkinson, who has said he supports the ban. []

I suppose you can make something illegal pretty fast if you don't waste time on scientific research or rational discussion.

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They moved INSANELY fast to prohibit that synthetic cannabinoid. Being from NC, with no medical availability, I tried the "Breeze". For being untestable on drug tests, it wasn't that bad. Like puffing already vaporized herb. No THC, but CBD(?) or some other variant. They LOATHED the idea that it wasn't testable in standard drug tests, armed services personnel were trying it, supervised probationers, even kids. Obviously the last group is the most important as immaturely developed bodily systems, such as the endocannabinoid system, would pose a potential risk. As there are no recorded deaths from cannabis, a synthetic cannabinoid from a docotorate level class, which obviously had some unofficial testing as to its harm through use, could be safe. Or could not be.....better BAN it!

Ban a drug during the day, go home and drink one at night

and fake prayer to Jesus, who HATED hypocrisy, on Sunday

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