Human Rights Challenge: Responding to Extrajudicial Killings in the Drug War (UN side session)

This Thursday we are presenting "Human Rights Challenge: Responding to Extrajudicial Killings in the Drug War," side session at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting (CND), Vienna International Centre. The session is our first since being recognized as an accredited NGO by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) last year.

Vice President Leni Robredo of the Republic of the Philippines has honored us with a video to be presented there. The video and event were covered by TIME this morning.

Country and agency delegates to the CND or UN in Vienna, as well as UN-accredited NGOs and media, are able to attend the session. Here is the event flyer:

And here is Vice President Robredo's video.

We will post further video from the event this week, including the video sent by Thailand former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, Chairman of event cosponsor the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD), and of the full session.

Vienna International Centre
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Duterte is looking for any and every extrajudicial homicide he o

He is trying to hide his tracks.Your only defence is by posting these sites on line.

Dutete is growing ever more apprehensive over his role as slayer

This will follow him foor as long as his political career does.Duterte rid himself of many political opponents back when he was Mayor.He did this without juidicial oversight and for  LONG TIME AS DRUG CSAR.We ask any and all such information to be brought,carefully(do not place yourself at risk.)

The UN

The UN needs to shoulder some of the blame in all this.




The 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.


That "treaty" has enabled people like Duterte. It is the product of a failed idiology, and represents the dark side of having these types of unfettered international bureaucratic governing bodies.

My Country Philippines

To David Borden,

Not sure if this email will ever reach to you. But I make an appeal not to listen to Leni Robredo. I have heard that you watched her video portraying my Land to be dangerous and that people are hapless and helpless. I invite you to come to the philippines and see it for yourself. Do not just rely on fake news! This lady, Leni Robredo, has handlers that are trying to destabilize my country. We have a president that works really hard. Night and day, rain or shine. Truly love the people. Not corrupted. Put the people's interest above anything else. People these days don't live in the olden times where news are fabricated to destroy a person or a nation. We have social media where everybody is made aware of the real situation. You come here and you see the real situation so you will not be misinformed. Now I know you the founder of this organization and that you are really passionate about it. People here in the philippines are tired of drugs and the problems that occurred as a result. KILLINGS OF THE INNOCENCE, ROBBERY, MURDER, RAPE, ETC. You know, we dont want them no more. Our president is working hard to wage war against drugs. Our future are our children. Drugs destroy all of this. These criminals who have died didn't die of EJK or extra judicial killings. They fought back to police and making the lives of the police in grave danger. As a person high on drugs, what do you think they are capable of doing? Do they just yield and surrender? NO. They fight heaven and earth! Other drug criminals are terminated by their kind. I am sure you know/heard about MAFIA or other syndicate groups, don't you? They kill their own just to protect their interest. Though Duterte threaten to kill the drug criminals openly in his public speeches, he never said to kill them if they surrender properly. He said to kill them if the lives of the arresting police officers are in grave danger when they fight back with their guns. You know David, we don't want these drug criminals lurking our neighborhood. If you may please take them away from us if you really care about them. Petition them to your country. Who knows with your help you will find success in changing them. Mind you, the drugs they are taking are not from plants but rather made from chemicals that shrink the brain. Come to our country and talk to the ordinary people like me. Thank you.

I am a Filipino and this Leni

I am a Filipino and this Leni person does not represent me.

The statements she made here were not verified from official related government agencies thus they are hearsay and put my country in bad light.

Leni Robredo has an ongoing electoral protest and many Filipinos believe that she and her party cheated for her  to win the election.

Ever since she went into the VP office, i've not seen any substantial contribution from her for the Filipino people. Publicity, yes. But contribution to improve the lives of her countrymen, nothing.


Nice information. Thanks

Nice information. Thanks

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